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Emergency Preparedness Starts With You

Kitchen Oil Fire - YouTube

In your day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility. Yet natural disasters, technological or environmental accidents, or service disruptions can strike any community at any time.

Emergencies caused by floods, tornadoes, chemical spillspower, power failures during the winter can affect us all. Expect the unexpected and plan for it.

Knowing what to do is your best protection in any emergency, and knowing what to do when a disaster strikes will help you better control the situation and be in a better position to recover more quickly.

The EMO pages on this site are provided as reference pages for the Kenaston and District Communities as part of our on-going emergency planning efforts. You will find "Kenaston specific" instructions for you and your family under "Before", and "During an Emergency", and under "Kenaston's EMO Plan".

The Information for these pages was extracted in part from the Public Safety And Emergency Preparedness Canada

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness
and Self-Help Advice for Families and Individuals
Be Prepared, Not Scared