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The Kenaston Community Round Table Event

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April 5th - 9:45 A.M.
12:00 Noon
Kenaston Place

Join a round table to kick off the new Kenaston and Area Business Plan. Please come and make your ideas known.  The success of the event and the project efforts that follow will depend on your involvement.

Table 1 – Marketing Tools: website development and Kenaston promotional brochure, etc.

Table 2 – Kenaston and Area Business Development: attracting and retaining businesses, and capitalizing on existing opportunities, ie. highway traffic past Kenaston

Table 3 – Supporting Agricultural Initiatives: cooperatives, diversification, education, etc.

Table 4 – Expanding Tourism: Walking Trail ProjectTable 5 – Expanding Tourism: Water Tower Project

Table 6 – Kenaston School: projects to secure its future (International Student Program), and utilizing school facilities and teaching expertise.

Table 7 – Community Spirit: community newsletter, socials, recognition for individuals and businesses, fostering community pride.

Table 8 – Beautification: gardening and clean-up projects, cooperation with tourism efforts.

Only a few of the ideas have been listed under each roundtable heading.

Our Vision Statement: Kenaston is a beautiful, resilient, and thriving prairie community, which encourages an active business climate while embracing the values of rural life. 

Our Mission Statement:The Kenaston community will create a positive business climate that improves community prosperity by acting to:

  • attract new businesses and services while maintaining existing ones;
  • increase the population; and
  • enhance employment opportunities.
The Kenaston community will improve our quality of life by acting to:
  • encourage positive attitudes and increase community pride;
  • promote growth options that favor harmony and protection of our natural environment;
  • enhance the beauty and image of the community; and
  • encourage community participation and involvement.

A Little Background

The Kenaston and District Chamber of Commerce has begun discussing ways to initiate the task of town and regional development, since this is an issue foremost in the minds of all Saskatchewan rural communities.

In 2002 some of the initial projects we worked on were improvements to the signage on Hwy #11, development of website ideas, and becoming a member of the Louis Riel Trail project to erect a highway symbol.  We also decided to work with our Regional Economic Development Authority and take advantage of the strategic business plan assistance program. 

Also, in October, we joined with the Mid-Lakes Community Coalition to sponsor a motivational speaker event and hosted Monica Coneys at Kenaston Place.  The objective of this event was to generate interest and stimulate community discussion.  Using very creative presentation tactics, Monica was able to convey to us some of what was required to activate change in our community.

We met in November to continue the discussion process and develop our business plan. During this follow-up meeting, facilitated by Bill Nosen of the Economic Development Office, it became apparent that before we could act on projects we first needed to go through the important process of developing a mission statement and list of primary objectives. 

As a committee, called kenaston.ca, we finalized the Vision and Mission statements and presented them to Town Council, the Lion’s Club, and other Kenaston groups for approval. 

Because Kenaston is known for its innovative ideas and willingness to work, we hope we will finalize our goals and project initiatives through the round table event on April 5th.

It will take the inspiration of a common community vision to determine the future of our town and area.  Our past accomplishments attest to the fact Kenaston is a town with spirit and determination.  We have a great deal of which to be proud.  Let’s continue to work together to make this community prosperous, beautiful and vibrant.


Congratulations to Kenaston for another successful Dinner Theatre event.  What a marvelous display of community spirit, cooperation and talent.  Proceeds go to maintenance of Kenaston Place – yet another proud community accomplishment.

Newsletter Contributions:  Be sure to use your Kenaston Newsletter to announce your events, meetings, notices, etc.  If you put out a community flier, you may want to consider using the newsletter instead – Contact – Bryan Dilling – 252-2044

Chamber of Commerce – Meets the 4th Monday of each month, 12:00 noon at Azzer’s – Contact ML Whittles 252-2236 or John Boehmer 252-2713.

Website:  Our website address is www.kenaston.ca.   Our site is a means of promotion, but is also meant to be a user friendly community tool, for free announcements, buy/sell ads, business support and a source of useful Saskatchewan links.  The website is a work in progress, with many changes and features planned. Contact Glen Pavelich – 252-2711.

Calendar: on the Website – To help you plan your events, and see at a glance what is happening in Kenaston. Contact Susan Anholt – 252-2769. e

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