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News from the Village of Kenaston :

  • For the last three years the Village of Kenaston has applied for funding under the Canada Saskatchewan Infrastructure Program. This funding would be used to upgrade the two sewage lift stations. The project is necessary in order to comply with current regulations as this infrastructure was constructed in 1961. New lift stations will benefit public safety and environmental protection. If the Village is again denied access to funding under this program, Council will still be taking some measures to improve these lift stations, but not on the same scale. 
  • On July 11, 17, and 24, 2003, Highways and Transportation completed a survey regarding our campground / rest area. The response was very positive; 94% rated the rest area good, 6% fair, and no one rated it poor. 
  • Council would like to ask residents to please set their garbage carts out the morning of garbage pick-up, and have the carts removed from the street by that night. Snow removal is much easier with the carts removed. Also we have had some carts vandalized that were left on the street. The person or persons in possession of the cart are the ones that are responsible for the safekeeping of the cart. 
  • The Village of Kenaston would like to thank those who participated in the 2003 flower campaign. Plans for 2004 will be out in a future newsletter. 
  • Also a special thanks to everyone who had Christmas lighting on their houses. It sure brightens up the festive season. 


  • In an effort to revitalize our community, the local Chamber of Commerce worked with a variety of people to develop the Kenaston Community Business Plan which was approved last year by the community. 
  • Using that plan, the residents of the Kenaston Community have been busy for the past year and a lot has happened – almost entirely by volunteer help!
    • The International Students program has been implemented in cooperation with the Davidson School Division.
    • Speakers at Autumn Action Day (Al Sholz and Don Campbell) talked about building our community, protecting our rural quality of life, and considering alternate agricultural methods.
    • Autumn Action Day exhibitors increased by ten percent.
    • The kenaston.ca website and the 'Kenaston Crossroads' newsletter were created.
    • The web address was painted on Guy's elevator.
    • Residents were involved in beautifying the community.
    • A Kenaston theme was selected and a sign bearing that theme was erected at the entrance to town.
    • A walking trail was constructed.
    • Improvements to the water tower and a highway symbol for the Louis Riel Trail are being planned.
    • Highway signage has increased to promote local businesses and services.
  • There are many groups in Kenaston working hard for the betterment of the community, including local businesses, the municipal councils, Lion's Club, Super Draft, Kenaston Dance Guild, Kenaston Housing Authority, Dinner Theatre Committee, Local School Board, and others.

Be impressed. Our community is growing in size and beauty. 
Ask how you c an help.

Happy New Year from the Board of Directors,
Staff and Management at the Kenaston and District Coop.

Your Coop has made some changes recently with the implementation of a scanning system for our food department. The purpose for doing this is to improve service levels at the checkout and assist us in stocking shelves. We hope you will find this system more convenient. 

Just a reminder that the regular price for all items can be found on the shelf label located under the product. If you cannot find a price or have any questions about pricing, please ask one of the staff; they will be more than happy to help out. 

New to the grocery department is bagged ice, in the freezer by the pumps. 

From the hardware side, we now have a selection of livestock panels (Hi-Hog). Also there is a selection of mineral tubs available from the feed department. If you have any questions, ask Bill. 

Marlene Roberts was the winner of the Christmas turkey, and the Kid's Club colouring contest winners were Lacey Zdunich and Brittany Prpich.

In closing, congratulations to all members as your Coop has completed another successful year. Sales exceeded $2 million, and net savings were $124,000. Remember to keep shopping Coop and save.


The Kenaston library has been a hub of activity with all sorts of new displays and contests for readers of all ages. In December the library was decorated with a Christmas tree (courtesy of the Mason Family Farm), and posters drawn and coloured by Elementary students. The theme was 'A Christmas Gone All Wrong.' The local library board selected winning entries and awarded prizes. Candy canes were sent out for the children at the Clearspring Colony, along with many books of interest

January featured a dinosaur book display in the children's section; grown-ups were given a taste of 'Chicken Soup for the Soul.' Now that February has rolled around, the library is all decorated for Valentine's Day with hearts and ribbons and Teddy Bears. A new Valentine's book display has been set up, as well as a ' Hollywood ' display for the movie star readers. Take a guess at the number of jellybeans in the jar when you sign out your books. A winner will be announced on Feb. 11.

If you thought you knew it all – guess again! This spring the Kenaston library will participate in Wheatland's semi-annual book exchange program. Soon there will be a large new selection of adult paperbacks to choose from, with subjects ranging from romance to science fiction. If we don't have it, you don't need it! Actually, if you really do need it, and we really don't have it, specific titles can be obtained from other branches through interlibrary loans.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts by purchasing a Community birthday calendar. There are still a few 2004 calendars left for anyone wishing to purchase one. We also appreciate the financial contributions and the many donations of books, magazines, and prizes made by members of our community.

Don't forget that we have two public computers available with high-speed internet access.

Hours of operation: Mon. 7-9 pm , Wed. and Fri. 12-5 pm .

Branch Librarian: Faye McVeigh, 252-2130. www.wheatland.sk.ca; kenaston.library@wheatland.sk.ca 


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