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April / May 2005


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Real Estate: The recent public meeting to discuss Business Development in Kenaston identified the lack of available real estate and housing a limiting factor to promoting Kenaston to new families or potential businesses. Our on-line Kenaston Real Estate page is a free advertising space for Kenaston and area residents to list their property for sale, while at the same time serves to attract new members to our community. Please take the time to place your listing of house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, whether in town or in the surrounding area. Land for sale near the Kenaston village boundaries is especially of interest to the council and chamber. Both organizations are willing to help you promote it as a potential housing or business site. Real Estate Page contact: Bob Mason - 544-2734.


Beautification: The community survey identified that beautification is important to us and this shows by the pride we take in our property. Residents are encouraged (and appreciated for any efforts taken) to improve private lots and business fronts. Town clean up is April 25-28th. Road side pickup will be provided by the Village. Look for improvements to our signage corridor along highway #11 this spring. Also watch for additional in-town signage to help direct visitors to our pool, town hall and Bonnington Springs Campground.A dedication ceremony will take place in late May or early June to rename our park to Veterans Centennial Park. You are welcome to participate in planting new flower beds - Contact Dee Guy 252-2737.


Tourism: April 30th will reveal if Kenaston was successful in acquiring a grant from the FCC Agri Spirit Fund. Activity at the Water Tower will be a sign of good news.

Chamber: The Chamber members would like to recognize and thank John Boehmer for his 10 years of service as president of The Kenaston and District Chamber of Commerce. The new president is ML Whittles who is to be commended for her drive and promotional work while she held the secretarial post for the past 4 years. New members are welcome and encouraged. Contact ML Whittles: 252-2236.

EMO: Block leaders are still needed to complete Kenaston's EMO phone-fan out and evacuation protocols. Contact Colleen at 252-2230.

Environmental Tip: The water softener product "Potassium Chloride is environmentally friendly. "The use of potassium chloride in water softeners instead of sodium chloride can diminish the perceived environmental impact of brine discharge because potassium chloride is considered a healthy nutrient for both humans and plants". http://www.watertechonline.com/article.asp?IndexID=6635189


Our Newsletter and Website: If you think our community newsletter could go a long way towards improving communication and information exchange, many others agree. Sponsorship and/or donation of your time and dollars could put more pages out more often. With adequate funding we could issue a monthly newsletter with information, notices and updates from the chamber, school, town and RM councils, our various clubs and committees, along with calendar of events and more. To accommodate the school our newsletter would need to be issued to Hawarden and Bladworth and the cost of the project would average $125 per issue.

Get your cameras clicking this summer! The Kenaston website needs new pictures, both scenic and features within the community that promote who we are and all that we offer. Submit to Glen Pavelich.

Be informed: make the user-friendly Kenaston Website your Home Page. Find out how at www.kenaston.ca. Website, Calendar & Newsletter: Glen Pavelich 252-2711, Susan Anholt 252-2769.

School Plus: Community and school members are working together to integrate the school and the community to enhance student learning. If you would like to be involved or learn more, the next meeting is April 26th, 3:30 at the school.

EMO Tip of the Month: Be Prepared! Plan a Food Kit: The individual household plan, preparedness kit, and family buddy system are proactive ways for each family to prepare for a regional or personal crisis. Families should plan to be self-sufficient for many reasons, health epidemics, quarantines that prevent travel to our major centers, international crisis, interruption to food and fuel supply, environmental or natural catastrophe. Food items that can be stored: powdered/canned/UHT milk, canned meats, peanut butter, canned/dried beans, beef jerky, grain/cereal/rice/noodles, bottled water, canned/dried fruit, canned/dehydrated vegetables, soups, sugar, oils, flour, salt, herbs, tea, coffee, baking supplies.
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Announcements and Coming Events

  • New Businesses In Kenaston: The opening of FlatRock Meats is expected by mid May. Watch for further opening announcements.
  • Children's Festival: June 1st
  • 2005 School Graduation: June 30th
  • Boating Safety Course: Kenaston School - April 25th, 6-10 p.m. $40-45. You will receive your pleasure craft operator's card - good for life. To register call Carol Butcher - 252-2289



Survey & Business Meeting Results:
Suggestions for businesses in Kenaston have indicated that we would like a meat market, so FlatRock Meats, soon to open on main street, will fill that need. We wish them much success. The survey also indicated that a bakery and trades such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry would be supported here. Other suggestions include a farmer's market, hardware store, entertainment venues, photo lab, pharmacy, clothing retail, computer store/tech, second hand store, and others.

On February 8th the Kenaston Business Committee presented to a public forum a summary of its efforts and insights to date. The committee itself cannot start a new business; therefore it organized the February meeting to ask community residents and businesses what the committee could do on their behalf. Besides research and fact finding, it was determined that the committee could follow up on leads regarding potential new businesses, support business and entrepreneurial ideas, and promote Kenaston through the website, community profile, highway signage, etc.

Our website is designed to promote our community. If you know of, or can find, a business looking for a new home please direct them to the www.kenaston.ca web address or let the Chamber of Commerce know. If you are interested in starting a business here at home, come to the chamber as part of your strategy for getting started. The chamber meets to plan for Kenaston's future and is very willing to support your business interests.

If Kenaston is to continue as a prosperous community, maintain resident numbers, and ensure the viability of our school, it must attract new families whether they commute to work, or start a business in the area.

The more we love to live here and create what we value, the more others will be attracted to our quality of rural life, which futurist predict may become a global trend. Although entertainment is limited, volunteerism and community spirit are perceived as high.

Housing was one of the foremost topics. We need to investigate land for sale in, or near town. Although the row housing units have maintained a vacancy rate, this is not indicative of our ability to attract new families who would be looking for more suitable and larger housing.

There was also discussion regarding the potential for the development of a Seniors' independent living complex by expanding the lower rental units with a common lodge for meals and recreation. What about a condo? Would you stay here in your early senior years if you were able to sell your existing home to a new family and move into an exclusive, all services provided, luxury condo? If we can't build out, perhaps we can build up? What do you think of these ideas?

On-going business committee meetings are held throughout the year and our present projects are to investigate housing options and an independent living facility. Business contacts Glen Pavelich 252-2711, Cora Greer 544-2734, Mike Menzies 252-2160, ML Whittles 252-2236, Cathy Holder 252-2714.

Dinner Theatre: Thank you to everyone who participated in "Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak". The play and dinner event went off without a hitch ….as usual …and there are many people who continue to make this possible. This year the teaching staff took charge of the meal and they are to be congratulated for an excellent menu, presentation, and seamless organization. Our acting crew, as committed as ever, did triple duty this year since only 5 actors commanded the stage for the full 2 hours. Many thanks to Al and Joanne Hoffmann who have convened and chaired the organizing committee for several years now, and to the entire planning, directing and acting staff.

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