Kenaston, Saskatchewan

Kenaston Crossroads - Bi-Monthly Newsletter

August / September - 2005



Centennial Celebration BBQ: The Kenaston Chamber of Commerce will be participating in the "I LOVE SASKACHEWAN CAMPAIGN" being promoted across Saskatchewan. On September 1st, along with many other communities in this province, we will have a Picnic/BBQ at our Veterans Park from 4:30 - 7:00. $1 hamburgers and $.25 drinks will be available to purchase. Bring your family and lawn chairs. The event will also feature a Sidewalk Sale Day - from noon to 5:00. Anyone with items to sell may put up a table along the main street starting at 11 a.m. Wear your "I Love Sk "Tee-Shirt to the event for media pictures. They can be purchased from Co-op, Hoffmann Insurance, Victorian Country, Village Office, and the Credit Union. Proceeds from the sales will go towards community enhancements.


New Year's Eve: Our dance committee has organized a Semi-Formal Dance to take place at Kenaston Place this New Year's Eve. You can purchase your tickets from any Chamber or committee member, or at the "I Love Saskatchewan" BBQ on September 1st. We are pre-selling the event to ensure a sell out attendance and we expect a fun and festive night of dancing right here at home on New Year's Eve. We will have ballroom dance demonstrations, a buffet luncheon, and full bar service. Tickets will be available to adults only at $30.00 per couple (or $15.00 each) and will not be sold at the door. The committee consists of, Joanne Hoffmann, Toni Tweet, Marg George, Elaine Feltis and Glen Pavelich.

Kenaston's Centennial DVD: Nick Zdunich and friends are working on a DVD that will reflect the 100 year history of Kenaston. The DVD will contain interviews, photography, film clips, music and narration. The DVD will review each quarter century from the perspectives of family/community activities, religious, youth/school, sports, business/farming/ community infrastructure, and technology. Call Nick, Dee Guy or Susan Anholt if you have video footage of a special event, film clips, audiocassettes, news clips or photo albums of special events (for example, Gus and Marlene Millsap have lent us their album of the Olympic Torch event in 1988). Talk to someone on the committee if you would like to get involved!

Business Committee: The Business Development Committee is investigating a proposal for an independent living complex in Kenaston. We will be issuing a survey to gather your responses regarding the need and desire for such a project. As opposed to moving to Davidson, Outlook or Saskatoon, an independent living facility would enable our senior's to stay here at home. Many have already stated this would be their preference. Watch for the survey this fall.

Kenaston Snowman

Tourism Campaign 2005: Kenaston has four tourism projects in progress: restoration of our water tower, construction of a pavilion displaying a piece of antique machinery used to build the Louis Riel Trail, the walking trail (Phase III), and a "school marm" highway symbol representing our prairie heritage. With your help these projects can be completed. The Water Tower requires an additional $2,500. With your immediate support this initial project can be completed this summer as our centennial project. A tax deductible receipt will be issued for all donations (payable to the Village of Kenaston).

2005 Autumn Action Day: Saturday, October 22nd. Contact ML Whittles to book your booth, offer suggestions, or to volunteer your musical or skit performing talents.

Environmental Tips: ONE TONNE CHALLENGE:

  • Use fans as your first line of defense against summer heat, rather than air conditioning.
  • Clean the air conditioner's filter so it uses less energy
  • Turn off sources of heat (lights, electrical equipment, etc); and do baking, washing, drying early in the morning or evening.
  • Keep blinds and windows closed to keep your home cooler.

Kenaston Crossroads: To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00) please contact the chamber of commerce. Next issue October/November.

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Announcements and Coming Events
  • I Love Saskatchewan BBQ & Street Fair: Sept. 1st
  • First Day of School: August 29th
  • Autumn Action Day: October 22nd

Beautification: Appreciation goes to the Kenaston Beautification Committee and the Village of Kenaston for an excellent job of enhancing and improving the look of our Veterans Park. The new flower beds and landscape care have added much to our image and attractiveness. Thanks to all who assisted with labor and flowers. Contact: Dee Guy.

" Appreciation and recognition also goes to the Kenaston Post Office for their new look in progress. Roxanne and Yvonne have plans for on-going improvements and are excited by the creative potential.

" Our business sector looks superb. Thank you Heather's Korner, Credit Union, Co-op, Kenaston Café, Hoffmann's Insurance, Victoria Country Gifts, Flatrock Meats, Guy Trucking, CJ's SuperStop, Millsap Fuels, Prairie Treasures and Village Office for taking such pride. Your efforts really show.

Highway Signage: It is very important that any business with a sign on the Highway 11 sign corridor keep it in good repair and up to date. This is the first impression we give to visitors and our signage corridor should present a bright, well-kept image. Please, help promote Kenaston with attractive signage.


Community Spirit: Kenaston and District Chamber of Commerce nominated Barry Firby as our "Community Hero". CBC supported our nomination and their interview with Barry was broadcasted on CBC Radio's "Gallery in the Summer" on July 30th. (For the brief presented about Barry)

Our Snowman needs a hand. Eventually the snowman will be holding a hockey stick, but if there is someone who has the skills to craft a new hand please let the Chamber know of your talents, and/or suggestion. An industry-molded hand will cost in the range of $2,100, so we are looking for a creative option to return a hand to our mascot. Contact Susan Anholt.


Real Estate: See the many new real estate listings now on our website. Place your house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, whether in town or in the surrounding area, free of charge on our website at www.kenaston.ca. Land for sale near the Kenaston village boundaries is especially of interest to the council and chamber. Both organizations are willing to help you promote your lot as a potential housing or business site. Contact: Susan Anholt 252-2769.


Community Profile on our Website:
Our Website is designed to promote our community. If you know of, or can find, a business looking for a new home please direct them to the community profile at www.kenaston.ca , and let the Chamber of Commerce know so we may make contact the business in person.

If you are interested in starting a business here at home, come to the chamber as part of your strategy for getting started. The chamber meets to plan for Kenaston's future and is very willing to support and help promote your business.
ML Whittles: 252-2236.


Website, Calendar & Newsletter Submissions/suggestions: Contacts Glen Pavelich 252-2711, Susan Anholt 252-2769. Make the user-friendly Kenaston Website your Home Page. Find out how at www.kenaston.ca.


EMO Tip of the Month: Recommendations to prevent heat illness include


dot Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid beverages containing alcohol and caffeine, as they actually make the body lose fluids.
dot Avoid the heat, limiting outdoor activity to morning and evening hours.
dot Limit physical activity and pace yourself carefully.
dot Never leave children or any individual that has difficulty looking after themselves unattended in a parked car.
dot Where possible, spend time in an air-conditioned environment at places such as malls and other public buildings.
dot When the temperature starts to exceed 30 degrees, electric fans lose their effectiveness - a cool bath or shower may be needed to cool off quickly.
dot Persons who live alone, have difficulty in caring for themselves, or who are immobile and unable to relocate to a cooler environment, are also at high risk for heat illness.
dot It's important to check on relatives, friends and neighbors at risk to ensure they are not suffering from the heat.
dot People who engage in vigorous physical activity when temperatures and humidex readings are high are also at risk of heat illness, particularly if inadequate or insufficient fluids are consumed and rest periods in the shade or cool areas are not taken. Even healthy athletes have been known to suffer heat illness.
dot Sunburn can impair the body's ability to regulate temperature. To avoid sunburn, use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or higher, wear light colored clothing, a wide brimmed hat, and avoid exposure if possible, as sunburns impair the body's ability to regulate temperature.