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December ' 05 / January '06



Ten Reasons to Dance at Home
This New Year's Eve

New Years

1. Excellent dancing music for an adult crowd - polka, waltz, jive, two-step, plus any old way you like. We have booked a highly recommended and mature DJ who specializes in adult dancing music. (Remember DJ's can make a better event since some bands can be difficult to dance to, and you can't beat full orchestra sound.)
2. A large dance floor and lots of room to spread out and dance your heart out.
3. But when you need a rest - dancers from Saskatoon have been invited to demonstrate ballroom steps and will provide great entertainment throughout the evening.
4. It's cheap - only $15 per person, and only 10% above cost cash bar. You get to bring a plate of hors d'oeuvres… (By bringing a plate to help stock the food table we can keep our price down to covering our rental fees only).
5. You will be close to home, so you can avoid winter highway travel.
6. Our event will be adults only, no door crashers, no brawls, all tickets pre-sold.
7. You can celebrate with your friends here at home, perhaps rather than host at your own home.
8. You get to support the community and Kenaston Place.
9. You can help us establish adult dances again here in Kenaston. A successful event could mean more dances in the future.
10. You get to dress up a little, (but don't worry, you don't need to rent a tux, or a gown…. Just dress nice as you would for any new year's event or special nite out).

Tickets: Joanne Hoffmann, Toni Tweet, Glen Pavelich, Elaine Feltis, Marg George, ML Whittles, Jason & Crystal Zdunich, Roy Sinden, Heather's Korner. No tickets will be sold at the door.

We are investigating a senior's complex … but we need to know what you think. If you are over 50… you will be receiving a call from the Chamber business committee. Please think about the 5 questions below:

1. Are you, at this time or in the foreseeable future, considering a move?
2. If yes, where would you consider moving to, and why?
3. Are you aware of the Home Care available from the Heartland Health Region?
4. Below is a list of possibilities that potentially could be provided in Kenaston. What would you be interested in using?
a. Individual independent living units
b. A nearby facility with a kitchen which serves meals, meals on wheels program, transportation for appointments, in-town transportation, whirlpool, recreation, common area, exercise facilities, laundry staff, house cleaning staff, a room for incoming health professionals, hair dresser, etc. You tell us.
5. If Kenaston could meet your needs would you remain? If no, why?

The survey is being done to ascertain if an "independent living" facility would be utilized in Kenaston. Many of our seniors are forced to move to larger centers such as Davidson, Outlook or Saskatoon. It is our aim to see if there is something that can be done to keep our seniors at home longer.

You can call us if you wish - ML Whittles 252-2236, Glen Pavelich 252-2711, Irna Hannah 252-2811.

snowmanOur Snowman Park. Did you notice our new fence at the Snowman Park? Easy maintenance, easy to mow around, and should last for a very long time, with potential for shrub and floral embellishment. The snowman's hand and hockey stick will be added in the spring of 2006.

Upcoming clinic hours: December 13th, January 4th, 16th. 30th from 9:00 am to 10:45 am. For more information on services provided call Darla at 252-2008 or see the webpage under services on www.kenaston.ca.

A safe and merry Christmas to you
and your family.




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Announcements and Coming Events

  • Elementary School Christmas Concert December 15th, 7:00 p.m. - School Gym
  • Last day of school semester - December 20th. Classes resume on January 4th.
  • New Year's Dance: December 31st, 9:00 pm, Kenaston Place SAD Ladies Nite Out (Student's Against Drinking and Driving). Supper and fashion show, February 5th, Kenaston Place, $20.00 - Contact Carol Lewis
  • League Curling - Hanley: Sign up sheets on the bulletin board an the Hanley Community Centre or call Jack Haroldson 544-2874, or Chuck Tweet 544-2824. More info at www.kenaston.ca


Community Spirit: Our first and very successful Kenaston & Area Community Christmas Party happened on December 3rd at Kenaston Place. We hope to encourage this event each year as an event for businesses with their staff as well as for individuals and families. By pooling our resources for a joint Christmas party each year we can feature top notch entertainment for community enjoyment, and keep business Christmas party budget spending here at home. Thank you to all who came out to support this night out in Kenaston.



Tourism Campaign 2005: Watch for our Water Tower Raffle: Tickets available around town or from any chamber member. Proceeds to go towards Water Tower repairs in the spring of 2006. Prizes include the picture of the water tower on display at the Kenaston Credit Union, or a down filled comforter. $2 per ticket, or 3 for $5. Tax deductible receipts can be issued for any donations toward a chamber project. Contact Village Office - 252-2211.


Real Estate: Our real estate page works. Place your property free of charge on our website at www.kenaston.ca (house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, whether in town or in the surrounding area). If you have listed with a local realtor the assigned MLS number can also be posted with your listing on the Kenaston page. Contact: Susan Anholt 252-2769.

Kenaston Website: Our Website is designed to promote our community. It is also designed to serve as a user-friendly community communication tool, with many useful links including weather, internet banking, google, phone directory, remote Sasktel email. When away from your home computer just remember www.kenaston.ca to access your familiar start up page. Each issue of The Kenaston CrossRoads is posted on our website so you can e-mail the link to friends and family who have moved outside the community to keep them in touch with home. Contacts Glen Pavelich 252-2711


Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue February/March. The newsletter will appear in your mailbox sometime during the 1st week of every second month. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00) please contact the chamber of commerce.

One Tonne Challenge: Did you know The Government of Canada now provides grants for homeowners who complete energy efficiency up-grades to their homes. Only homes that have been evaluated using the EnerGuide for Houses service will be eligible for grants. The EnerGuide service provides a thorough basement-to-attic assessment of your home's energy use. You can have an evaluator come to your home for $150.00 plus travel costs. The use of energy from fossil fuels is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Canadians are being asked to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne per year through the One Tonne Challenge. By using less energy, you can make your contribution to help protect our environment. Call Sun Ridge Group in Saskatoon, http://www.sunridgegroup.ca/grants.htm

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