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December '06 / January '07

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Highway Signage: The idea for permanent highway signage, to advertise Kenaston events and town facilities, is a very good one. The project falls well within one of the 2003 Community Business Plan objectives which state that we really should do more to capitalize on the busy highway traffic. The effort made to paint and post highway signs for both the August Flea Market and Autumn Action Day paid off. We noted highway visitors to both events.

The signs to be constructed will be a metal frame, built to accommodate interchangeable billboard notices. Items such as our website, pool hours, public skating, campsite etc. could be posted year round, with upcoming events such Autumn Action Day, Kenaston Dinner Theatre, the Annual Flea Market, church events, arena events, etc. posted on an as-needed basis. We will need a billboard frame permanently secured on both sides of Highway 11 and potentially Highway 15. The cost will be significant and since neither the chamber or council coffers can finance the project we will need to see the project through as a community with a mission. Two donation boxes will be placed in Kenaston. If we all simply drop in a loonie or toonie a month, then Chamber will be able to get the project started much sooner. Watch for the boxes at the Credit Union and Co-op. They will stay there to remind us but we must keep up the habit on a monthly basis rather than let the presence of the boxes melt into the woodwork. If your family, your club or organization has funds to donate to the project take your donation to the Village of Kenaston for a tax-deductible receipt. If you do not need a tax receipt then take your donation to Chamber Treasurer Susan Anholt.

Merger of the Credit Union: The Kenaston Credit Union Limited, with membership approval, is amalgamating with Affinity Credit Union effective January 1, 2007. Joining Affinity at the same time are Lintlaw Credit Union, Milestone Credit Union and Prairie Diamond Credit Union. The Board and Staff wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and look forward to serving you in the new year.


EMO Revisited: Did you notice that both CBC & CTV television are now advertising a message from the Canadian Government regarding your personal emergency preparedness plan. See www.getprepared.ca. It should not escape any of us just how important this concern is becoming, and that the risks are many including biological, geological, meteorological, technology or conflict.

"Canadians face a number of hazards, from earthquakes in British Columbia, to blizzards in Nunavut, to hurricanes in New Brunswick. In addition to natural disasters there are other types of risks, such as power outages, industrial accidents, epidemics, major transportation incidents and the possibility of acts of terrorism on Canadian soil. We need to prepare for all types of emergencies." ttp://www.epweek.ca/guide/risk_e.asp Simply put there is no room for naivety or the false sense of security that a disaster will not touch us here in the middle of Saskatchewan. Without your own plan and emergency supplies in place you are putting yourself in the precarious position of total reliance on an emergency service system that may not be able to respond to a fraction of the need when the time comes. Each of us is responsible, by law, to be able to provide for ourselves for at least 72 hours (longer is of course better). Both village and municipal residents need to ensure sufficient preparations to supply your family in medical items, food & water stores, and heating options. We also should have a buddy system between families or neighbours, and full knowledge of the community/municipal evacuation or stay-in-place procedures. You may think that you are already fairly well stocked for a mere 72 hours, but you must remember that if your neighbors and friends are not then your own supplies will not hold out because we are a community willing to take care of one another…if we can. Get involved, talk about it and get a plan. See our EMO pages on line, or go to the village office for an information package.

The sponsors who made this issue possible:

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Happy Holidays from Jason, Crystal,
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Announcements & Coming Events:

  • December 7th: Dessert Theatre, Kenaston School, 7 p.m.
  • December 18th: Open house with Lynne Yelich at the Adams Center. 1-5 p.m.
  • December 19th: Elementary Christmas Concert, 7 p.m.
  • December 20th: Blood Donor Clinic
  • December 22nd: Last day of classes. Classes resume on January 8th.

Community Spirit: Autumn Action Day 2006, held on October 28 turned out to be a successful day. By show time there were 36 tables booked which was very close to a full house. Of special interest this year and an idea with room to grow was that of demonstrations. Vivian Brown demonstrated water colour painting throughout the afternoon. Victorian Country demonstration wreath making for every season, Kenaston & District Fire Department and Heartland EMS Davidson demonstrated defibrillation, immobilization and the Jaws of Life. Mason's Family Tree Farm demonstrated tree shaping and care and we wrapped up with Garth's buzz cut! Another new enhancement to this year's event was a silent auction; there were great deals to be had, thanks to the donations made by Chamber members.

The Kenaston School Grade 12's served a soup, beef on a bun, and pie to a great lunch crowd and the Chamber members served a total of 110 barbeque steak suppers. Thanks to telephone techniques of Toni Chasmar we had a full schedule for donated food & workers. Susan Anholt, Karinn Lewis and the scheduled workers, namely Yvonne Sinden, Anna Whitehead, MaryAnn & John Hodel worked the kitchen and prepared the supper. Cora Greer, Joanne Hoffmann, Glen Pavelich, and Marlene Millsap capably served the supper while Dan O'Handley, Albert Hoffmann, Brent Hartman, Garth Lewis, and Don George barbequed.


Council and staff of the Village of Kenaston would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy safe New Year.

Village News: During the upcoming holiday season Loraas Disposal Service Ltd. will be collecting residential and commercial waste on Saturday, December 23rd and Saturday December 30th, rather than on your usual Monday collection day. Normal Monday collection will resume January 8th, 2007.

Village council is pleased to announce that Itracks has signed a three year lease on the recently renovated curling rink lobby. Council would like to extend a special thanks to new Councilor and overseer of the project Kevin Mills. Council would also like to thank the Kenaston Lions Club for their generous financial backing of this project.

In discussion with Itracks management, the local employees have already matched the call completion percentage of their counterparts in the Saskatoon office. Applications are being accepted by Itracks for those interested.


SuperDraft Updates: Teri Sieben, the newly appointed office manager for SuperDraft, reports that there has been a good draft entry this year. She passes along a warm appreciation for the consistent and capable support from the SuperDraft staff which has kept this project successful.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue Feb/Mar. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00, or $60.00 if you wish exclusive sponsorship) please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769. If you have suggestions or announcements for the Crossroads please contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711. Remember, the Kenaston Crossroads is published on our website so you can email the direct link to family and friends.

Tip: See www.usedsaskatchewan.com. A new on-line site to sell used goods in Saskatchewan. Check it out.

New Business In Town: Terri Sieben and Debra Ouellette have started an important new business in Kenaston. Their company, aptly called "Well Seasoned", operates in conjunction with Kenaston Place, and can provide top notch catering for your function or special event. They will assist in your menu planning and accommodate your specific meal requirements. Contacts: Terri 252-2252, or Debra 252-2919.


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