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February / March '06

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2006 Kenaston Dinner Theatre
Ticket Sales: February 22nd at 6:00 p.m.
$25 per person
After the 22nd tickets will be available at Heather's Korner
Theatre Dates: Mar. 25th & 26th

The Play: Bull in A China Shop is a humorous murder mystery about five lonely ladies and their devious plans for attention.This Year's coordinators are Heather Mills and Deanne Bleakly. The director isKathy Enns assisted by Cindy Carss. The actors and play committee volunteers are having a great time creating this event for you, with the anticipation of strong ticket sales and attendance.

The planning is on schedule and conveners have come forward to coordinate the meal. Waiters and hostesses are needed. Please call Shirley Sanderson at 252-2744 to help fill the positions. You can help advertise by sending out our on-line announcement by email or by distributing or displaying a poster.

Ladies Nite Out: Congratulations to students and staff for an excellent evening of entertainment. You have shown us yet again how our school adds value, talent and community spirit to Kenaston.

Community Spirit: Our New Year's Dance was a Hit. The music selection and ambiance was perfect, the food and dancing superb, our guest dancers applauded, and the evening spent among friends the absolute best ever. Perhaps we can reestablish dancing as a regular event in our community.


Our Snowman Park: The snowman's hand and hockey stick have been ordered and will be added in the spring.

Chamber Membership Dues: It's membership renewal time. Kenaston needs you to be involved with its future planning through a chamber membership, or simply by your interest and participation in Chamber projects. You do not have to be a business owner to be a member. The Chamber is an excellent way for new members to the community to share and contribute to our vision. If you would like to attend our meetings call ML Whittles 252-2366..

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Announcements and Coming Events:

  • February 22nd - Play Ticket Sales, 6:00 pm
  • March 13th - Annual Coop Meeting and Dinner
  • March 25th and 26th - Kenaston Dinner Theatre, Bull In A China Shop.
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Tourism Campaign 2005:
We have applied for a Farm Credit Canada AgriSpirit Fund grant to undertake the water tower repairs. Project initiatives are planned for this spring.Donations are always gratefully accepted. Tax deductible receipts for any donation over $10 can be issued for donations toward a chamber project. Contact Village Office - 252-2211

Real Estate: We have many homes and properties for sale in Kenaston and area at this time. We would like to fill our vacancies with new families wanting the quality of life Kenaston has to offer. Send our real estate (www.kenaston.ca) page to any one you know who is considering a move. We are within commuting distance. If you know of other on-line sites where we might list our real estate page please feel free to do so. Remember you can list your property (house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, in town or in the surrounding area) free of charge on our website. Your local realtor-assigned MLS number can also be posted with your listing on the Kenaston page. Contact: Susan Anholt 252-2769.

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Upcoming Wellness Clinic Hours:
February 13th & 28th; March 13th & 7th; April 10th & 24th; May 8th & 23rd

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue April/May. The newsletter will usually appear in your mailbox sometime during the 1st week of every second month. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00) please contact the chamber of commerce



Kenaston's Business Plan 2003 - 2006: The time frame of our first business plan is winding down. Much of the initial four-year plan has been accomplished, although admittedly some was overly optimistic. However, it is said that if you don't plan your own future it will get planned for you, so it has been with this in mind that we have taken steps towards a viable future under our own terms. The community of Kenaston, with its compliment of people and facilities, is worth the effort it will take to ensure that we find a "new sense of purpose(1)" to maintain a healthy population and thereby support our services and our school. In the future, if we are to survive, our community will change and we need to support that change is okay.

According to a recent lecture by Mark Partridge (Canada Research Chair in the New Rural Economy) we must depend on commuters, at least in part, to sustain our population base. As housing in our community and area comes available it would be exciting and ideal to have those homes and farmsteads purchased or occupied by new families rather than sit vacant. Kenaston is close enough to Saskatoon to be within commuting distance for those families who, although employed in Saskatoon, seek a community lifestyle and an escape from the high cost of city life. A vibrant Kenaston with services, warmth and spirit can attract families to surrounding farm land and acreages too.

As family numbers increase, so too does the potential for entrepreneurship and service based businesses, which in turn, attracts more population. The chamber and council understand the importance of promoting Kenaston to attract families to your real estate, and all projects undertaken are geared toward keeping Kenaston attractive to potential home owners and businesses.

As Partridge also points out "The declining population of rural Saskatchewan is not unique to this province but a part of a general pattern in the Great Plains region of North America that extends to west Texas." Partridge is currently investigating the underlying causes of different community growth rates across Canada by assessing the alternative roles of economic opportunities, quality of life, and government policies with the aim of improving local governance arrangements.(2)" Small communities, he says, are increasingly unable to go it alone and must work with other communities to achieve results… and the long-term sustainability of communities depends on achieving a high quality of life.

When it comes to having a voice in political and funding issues, regional collaboration on projects and proposals is becoming an essential mandate. SUMA, SARM, the Mid Sask REDA, and a newly formed MLCC all stress the need to develop regionally. Chamber and Council's are working towards regional cooperation in order to participate in any potential projects that may develop.

In Kenaston, our initial four year business plan has encouraged the Chamber to keep informed on opportunities for the community. We have successfully structured a strong community communication and marketing tool. We have initiated positive tourism growth projects. We continue to enhance our image through beautification projects and promote a welcoming environment for new businesses and regional services. We enthusiastically encourage community spirit and support for all of our existing businesses and services.

During 2006, interested individuals will need to gather formally and informally to make plans for 2007 - 2010. If you can bring an encouraging attitude to the table, please consider joining in to create the new business plan. We cannot wait for "that someone else" to see us through. As with any other community in our region it will require a strong, proactive approach in order to survive and your Chamber, having limited volunteer hours, is receptive to your energy, input and ideas. Our 5 project teams are business, tourism, community spirit, beautification and the school.


1) "Sense of Place" - John Ikert
2) Mark Partridge

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