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June / July '06



Have a Great Summer!
and don't forget to read a good book.


Community Spirit: Thank you: Village Council appreciates the effort made by many of our residents to create beautiful yards and frontages. Thanks to you Kenaston is a beautiful place to live. Keep up the good work.
Shop at Home: It's to our advantage, as Kenaston and area residents, to support our in-town shops and local services. See the Kenaston website for a complete list of what is available here at home. If your business and contact information is not listed call Glen Pavelich at 252-2711. Home businesses are also welcome to list and have a free business page provided.

Community Clean Up Week: The Council of the Village of Kenaston will be having a community clean-up during the week of June 12th through 16th. Any garden scraps, wood or other organic material that you would like removed should be bagged and set by the curb for pickup on June 19, 2006. Non-organic refuse and material not bagged will not be picked up.
Unkempt Yards: The Village of Kenaston has received complaints regarding unkempt yards and will be sending letters to various individuals regarding their uncut grass. After a one week grace period the Village will have the grass cut at the property owners' expense.
Your Loraas Garbage Carts: To prevent damage to the Loraas garbage carts and thus extra charges to the residents, Council asks that residents put their garbage carts away as quickly as possible after the garbage is picked up on Monday mornings.

New Business Frontage on 3rd Street: The office of the Saskatchewan Dental Assistants' Association, managed by Susan Anholt has moved its location from Hoffmann Insurance to 603 Third Street. This former residential property has been renovated and converted to commercial real estate thus extending our business frontage to the east side of the Credit Union.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue Aug/Sept. The Chamber is now accepting 2 sponsors per issue in order to cover complete cost, (both the copying and the postage) which is approximately $60 per issue. The newsletter will usually appear in your mailbox sometime during the 1st week of every second month. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00, or $60.00 if you wish exclusive sponsorship) please contact the newsletter team Glen Pavelich 252-2711, or Susan Anholt 252-2769.

Upcoming Wellness Clinic Hours:
June 20th, July 14th, July 19th.



Gardeners: New gardeners are most often looking for plants so if you are thinning out perennials in your yard, have plants to give away, or are wishing to swap or receive plants, please contact Linda Boehmer 252-2713. If you would like to coordinate a Kenaston plant exchange table at the August 6th & 7th Flea Market please let Linda know

The annual August weekend Flea Market held at Prairie Treasures has become a favorite summer event and we would like to acknowledge Ed Grant for developing an idea that brings people to Kenaston. This is perhaps a perfect weekend each year for households and businesses to also set up sale tables. With more booths and attractions this event could grow to bring in a larger crowd and lure tourist from the highway. This year those wishing to do a sale table are welcome to set up along 6th Ave. beside Veterns Park up to the Anglican Church, which Village Office will have blocked off to vehicle traffic. Table ideas: food (hot or cold), baked goods, garage sale items, raffles & fund raising, clothing/sporting goods/book or plant exchange, business merchandise displays, vegetable sales, fun for kids events, pony rides, etc. etc.

Expansion of the flea market weekend is not being coordinated so the onus is on those wishing to participate to make it happen, and make it fun. Any business or household is invited to think of ways to expand on this concept, advertise to attract patrons, and promote Kenaston. What you shouldn't do is hesitate. If you have an idea put it into action. Ed has already established the initial traffic, but you can supply this service in turn by increasing attendance through the customers you attract. It may take more than one year for the word to get around, but in time we could be hosting a town wide August weekend event. Email your ideas to Susan Anholt (sdaa@sasktel.net) and the Chamber will develop a community flyer with your table listed to advertise the weekend. If you as an individual or group would like to coordinate this idea please step forward.

One service Kenaston needs is for someone to produce a signature souvenir to have available for sale at our local shops. If you have an idea and can produce an item then you are encouraged to make it happen. Ideas: postcard photos, framed & matted photos, snowman or elevator memorabilia, or something unique.


Two sponsors have made this issue possible:

F.E.A. Contracting Ltd.
Victorian Country Gift Shop
Congratulations to our 2006 grads




Announcements & Coming Events
  • June 16th: Wall of Honor and Athletic Award Presentation. 7:00 Kenaston Place
  • June 20th: Annual General Meeting for the Kenaston School. 7:00
  • June 20th: Blood Donor Clinic 5:15 to 8:30
  • June 21st: Kenaston Credit Union special membership meeting, Kenaston Place 7:30
  • June 23rd: Elementary Track & Field Day
  • June 24th: Elly Ringdal Memorial Basket Ball Tournament. 9:00 a.m. - tennis courts.
  • June 27th: Last day of school. Academic Awards at 2:00 p.m.
  • June 30th: Kenaston Graduation Exercises. 7:00 p.m. Kenaston Place.
  • Aug 6th & 7th 2006: Flea Market - Prairie Treasures. 9:00 - 5:00.

The Kenaston Plan:

Report of the May 3rd Town Meeting. Chamber president ML Whittles reported on chamber activities, the projects accomplished since the last business plan and the need to focus on regional partnering. Russ McPherson, Business Development Officer, MidSask REDA/CF reiterated that growth around populated centers is a fact of life, so towns within a 100 km radius of a city can expect to see economic growth spin offs and rural development if they work together to remain viable, but good planning is required. For Kenaston this means continuing to improve our image through beautification, infrastructure repair, and maintaining our present population and our school. If Kenaston is a town where people want to live we will to attract families and entrepreneurs but we will need to reclaim all viable and potential properties for residential and business use. The Village coffers cannot finance the creation of new serviced lots, but land owners and the RM adjoining Kenaston are encouraged to look into land sale options. Some discussion focused on the upcoming plan included getting a website sign posted along the highway and working regionally as no one town can survive alone. ML reported that a new proposal for the international student program is being looked at by the new school division.

The Village reported on the loss of tax dollars due to the closure of the grain company operated elevators, on the achievement of the Itrack contract, on restrictions imposed on municipal garbage dumps, and on the application for an infrastructure grant. Our lift stations need to be overhauled and money has been put aside each year in anticipation of the expense. From 2002 to 2004 we grew by 4 new businesses. We have no $1 town lots remaining but are moving towards reclaiming old and vacant lots. We have purchased our library, so we now must expect the cost of upkeep. We bought a much needed new tractor. Phase II of the Centennial Park Project includes a water sprinkler system. A sidewalk repair project is in the works. We have entered a fire response agreement with Davidson.

A new company has come to town: Itracks is an organization which specializes in customer satisfaction surveys. In May Itracks reached a temporary agreement with Village Council and the Kenaston Parks and Rec Board to begin a three month trial period at Kenaston Place. This will ensure the arrangement will be beneficial for all parties involved before dollars are spent renovating the Curling Rink which would become the permanent home of the Itracks employees. Itracks is currently employing 12 people on a part-time basis and 1 employee as a full-time office supervisor. The Village of Kenaston is very proud to be Itracks chosen new location. Both parties look forward to supplying employment in Kenaston for years to come.

In order to have a qualified workforce, given enough interest, Carleton Trail Regional College (567-2885) will offer community members an opportunity to take a course at Kenaston School. This course will help potential employees learn, enhance or upgrade their computer/ typing skills. If you want to get some practice on your own you can try one of the following typing tutorials online. Try: Bruce's Unusual Typing Wizard at http://www.tucows.com/preview/374881 or KP Typing Tutor for basic practice drills at http://www.tucows.com/preview/199152


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