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October / November '06

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Autumn Action Day: This year Autumn Action Day will feature a few new highlights. We will be offering a Steak BBQ Supper starting at 5:00 pm, with advance tickets on sale now from the Co-op, Flatrock Meats and the Credit Union. Those who purchase their steak supper in advance will be entered into a door prize draw. Please help us determine how much food to prepare by purchasing your supper tickets before October 25. There will be tickets available at the door - but advance tickets would assist us immeasurably! Hamburgers will also be available.

The Beef-on-a-Bun lunch will be provided by the Kenaston School from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Help support the school and the Kenaston Chamber by treating your family to meals out all day.

Throughout the day silent auction items will be on display with the outcomes announced following supper. Special auction items to include:

  • A Christmas Tree
  • Framed Art Work, and more

Another special feature will be an on-going schedule of demonstrations to include:

  • The fire department's "Jaws of Life", defibrillator, and more
  • Tree Care" by Mason's Family Farm
  • Wreaths for Every Season" by Victorian Country

Kith'n Kin: The Lions Club sponsored the publication cost of the Kith 'n Kin History Book. A few hundred books remain unsold which ties up funds that could be used elsewhere for the community. Remember this Kenaston heirloom when thinking of gifts, awards or commemorations.

Itrack Update: The Village of Kenaston has been involved in the renovating of the curling rink to be finished by the end of the month. At that point we will sign a three year lease agreement with Itracks. When they move into the new building they will be advertising for new employees. If you are considering extra income please consider the job opportunities that Itracks has to offer.

The Village Council for the next three years is: Mayor - Dan O'Handley; Councillors - Brent Hartman, Mike Menzies, Kevin Mills, Leon Tomlenovich.

International Students Program: A few years ago an international student project presented itself to the Kenaston Chamber which would have brought to our school and community 60 international students, with a possible economic impact of an additional $750,000 annually. In a village with a population of 300 and a student body of 140, the magnitude of this project rendered it unachievable and so, with mixed feelings, the opportunity was shelved.

However, with the onset of new school divisions, this project is now being offered to the entire Sun West School Division. The 84 separate municipalities, villages, and towns which make up our school division could accommodate the necessary number of students with a program uniformly administrated under one school system. By banding together this joint, district-wide, project could help stabilize our rural schools.

A North American university degree is prized and sought after by many young people in Asian and European countries. In order to attend a North American university, fluency in the English language is a prerequisite. Attending the last year or two at a North American high school, honing the ability to communicate in English at all levels, and graduating with a grade 12 diploma, helps to ensure acceptance into university of their choice.

On October 3rd, 2006 all Rural Municipalities, Villages and Towns within the Sun West School Division were invited by the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce to attend a meeting at the MidSask offices. The objective was to consider and organize the framework for an international student program. The outcome was positive with 9 communities attending the meeting. The next meeting will be held in November when a decision will be made to either commit to this project or to give it up and allow another school division to benefit. Time will tell.


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Announcements & Coming Events:

  • School In Service Day: October 23rd - no classes
  • The Kenaston School Community Council Annual Meeting: October 23rd 7:00 pm
  • Autumn Action Day October 28th: 11:30 am to 7:00 pm, with steak supper starting at 5:00 pm
  • November 15: School Remembrance Day holiday

Terry Fox Run: The Kenaston School Terry Fox Run took place on September 29th, in memory of Mr. Mike Hertz. The run utilized the Bonnington Springs Trail (Mick's Way) and raised a total of $1,800 in Mick's memory for the Terry Fox Foundation. Following the run the new trophy display cabinets at the school were designated to Mick.


The School Community Council Annual Meeting: The purpose of this meeting is the formation of the community council for Kenaston School and the election of parent and community representatives. You are encouraged to attend to hear discussion and consultation regarding the structuring of this organization.


Real Estate: If your home, farm, acreage, or land is for sale be sure to place the listing with us so you can gain the national and international exposure that our website can potentially generate. Attracting potential buyers or renters from Alberta or outside Canada could become our best approach to selling farms and agricultural lands.

Village News: Village Council asks that everyone remove any unused vehicles or RVs from the street to make it easier to maintain the roads in the winter. Also this winter please remove your garbage bins from the street as soon as they are emptied.


Community Spirit: Our August long weekend yard sale event was a success. Prairie Treasures hosted 20 tables, and 9 households in Kenaston held sales at separate locations. With the aid of the community map specifying where to find the individual family sales, the weekend found the public happily moving about the entire town. Over 200 maps were issued to cheerful yard sale seekers and our billboards on Highway #11 brought in a significant number of visitors. The Chamber would like to thank those who participated with the initiation of a new great idea for Kenaston.

Next year we will want to repeat the event so you are encouraged to clean out your garage or basement and "get on the map".

Other events that need or deserve outside traffic can potentially be planned simultaneously to this one. The more booths and attractions this event generates the more people we can attract from the highway, neighboring communities and our cities.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue Dec/Jan. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00, or $60.00 if you wish exclusive sponsorship) please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769. If you have suggestions or announcements for the Crossroads please contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711. Remember, the Kenaston Crossroads is published on our website so you can email the direct link to family and friends.

Highway Signage: Chamber will coordinate an effort to have a highway community billboard in place for 2007 events. The billboard will list our website and advertise any and all of your community events. We anticipate the construction of a metal framework that would accommodate removable signage, which would be changed according to the upcoming events. Donations to the cost of the billboard would be appreciated since Chamber itself does not have funds. Tax receipts are available from the Village office.

Your Website: www.kenaston.ca continues to attract hundreds of visitors each month and has been doing the job it was intended to do - to represent and promote our community. Its other purpose is to be a community wide communication tool. We encourage community internet users to utilize the calendar of events, to help keep all of our events current, and to designate www.kenaston.ca as your browser home page. See our on-line index page for details. If your organization or event needs a special information page contact Glen 252-2711.

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