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April / May '07



Earth Day: April 22nd.
Visit the following website to review the real facts about climate change: http://www.climatehotmap.org/namerica.html
This year the SUMA conference (April 20th & 21st in Humboldt) will be covering topics such as Planning for Climate Change and the implications for Saskatchewan Municipalities, Municipal Planning for Sustainability, Implementing Steps for a Sustainable Future, and Preparing for and Managing Change. Keynote speaker, John Ikerd, will speak on Planning for Sustainability. Two excellent articles by Ikerd, regarding preserving the family farm to sustain rural communities can be found on our on-line Community Profile page, under the "Quality of Life" tab.


Shop Local: Why? Often times we think that thankfully 'others' are supporting the Kenaston businesses and keeping them viable, while in reality all of us are the only customers these businesses must rely on. By consciously deciding to support our Co-op, local trade's people, convenience store, butcher shop, gift shop, and other services we are doing ourselves as much a favor as we do for them. Maintaining the essential services that we have retained in Kenaston is very necessary to our future, and without them we can only look forward to the added time, mileage, and fuel cost it will take to get the products and services we need. Also, our existing businesses serve to attract new businesses and residents and add value to our sustainability in many ways. Our businesses recognize that they cannot meet all of our consumer needs. However, any of our at home purchases support their ability to carry a broad based product line.

Also: Ikerd, cited above, will tell us that despite all the depopulation of rural areas, trends will soon be turning around, not only because real estate and costs of living in the city will encourage families to look to the small communities, but because of the changing life style choices towards small town values and even, belief it or not, small mixed farming and sustainable agriculture.

Our community is close enough to a major center that we are prime candidate for an influx of new residents if we keep ourselves viable through our business and local products. Our proximity also, however, means we are close enough to be lured away too often for our own purchases. The Kenaston and Davidson on-line Business Directories offers a list of services that are value to our district. Let's do more than pay lip service to the survival of our community.

Lynn Yelich

Box 56 Kenaston, S0G 2N0

New Businesses in Kenaston:

  • Lowdermilk Welding and Machine Shop: 252-2716
  • Glen Pavelich - with a new focus on Alternative Health Consulting. www.glenpavelich.ca: 252-2718
  • Well Seasoned Catering: 252-2252; 252-2919

August Long Weekend: Our flea market and yard sale weekend worked so well last year, and with the addition of our new highway signage, we are looking forward to 'bigger and better' this year. Susan will again coordinate the map to be distributed from each sale location so our visitors don't miss a single stop. Be sure you are on it. Start planning your yard sale now. For single tables or craft ideas contact Ed Grant at Prairie Treasures for space on his grounds. Capitalize on the promotion of this event to show your product or service, or create a fund raising idea for your organization. Let's grow this event and have fun doing it.

Trade Fair: Concept: More Changes. The annual Trade and Craft Fair (Autumn Action Day) will likely be held November 24 in conjunction with the Provincial's Tournament for Senior Boys Volleyball hosted by Kenaston School. We believe that the tournament will create a great deal more traffic for the event and we are sure that our highway signage will be in place to market the event more successfully. If you have any feedback regarding this date, please talk to any member of the Chamber.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue June/July. To support an issue of your community newsletter, please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769. If you have suggestions or announcements for the Crossroads please contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711. Each issue is posted directly from our Community Page with links established to any articles cited.

Real Estate

Real Estate: Our on-line real estate page works. Place your property free of charge on our website (house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, whether in town or in the surrounding area). Land for sale near the Village of Kenaston boundaries is especially of interest to the council and chamber. Both organizations are willing to help you promote your lot as a potential housing or business site. Contact: Susan Anholt 252-2769.

This issue was supported by


The Kenaston Coop
*Spring Oil Sale on Now*


Muriel Wilson

Announcements & Coming Events:
  • April 14: Blizzards Awards Night & Auction. Kenaston Place. Contacts: Mike 252-2719, Darryl 544-2779
  • Kenaston's Beautification Committee would like to declare the week of May 7th as community cleanup week.
  • On Monday May 14, village maintenance staff will be picking up bagged lawn and garden scraps. If you have anything to be picked up it must be set out to the curb on May 14 by 10:00 a.m. If you have large tree branches that will not fit into a garbage bag or your household cart please contact the Village office to make arrangements for pickup.
  • June 3: The 4th Annual Ride for the 'Breath of Life': Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser Ride by Bikers. Leaving at 12 noon from the Husky Travel Center, Hwy. #16 West and arriving at the Kenaston Arena, for a short CF Program, Achievement Trophies, Prizes: Contact: Erna Hannah 252-2811 and see on-line link.

Community Spirit: This year dinner theatre was a lot less work for the community, but despite the fact that we were not out in full force preparing the meal, and doing dishes, we supported the event through our help with appetizers, setting up, desserts, and as waiters and hostesses and by our attendance. Thank you Kenaston! With the addition of musical interludes, and two short plays instead of one; this first-rate production set the stage for new possibilities for this important weekend in Kenaston. The co-ordinators Heather Mills and Deanne Bleakley did and excellent job to organize the event, the caterer and our volunteers. Kathy Enns capably took on the role of play and entertainment director which entailed coordinating all aspects of the two plays as well as finding the local entertainment. Both teams focused on accommodating ongoing change and we thank them for working so hard to keep our dinner theatre refreshed and alive. Thank you to all who helped and to our sensational stage talent.

Kenaston Sign

The Highway Signage project is now a community effort. The Kenaston School will be working to create the lettering and artwork for our two highway signs, and under the supervision of Lowdermilk Welding will manufacture the framing. This is a perfect example of our community utilizing our own resources to get the job done.

Thanks goes Darren Gasper who will coordinate the team of students. Please keep dropping a loonie or twoonie a monthinto the donation jars at the Coop, Café, Credit Union, or CJ Superstop. With your help we can all get our highway signage project working sooner to create essential traffic for our events and functions

International Student Program (ISP) Plans for the ISP are moving ahead. The project has been named "NuSask International Student Program Inc".
Thanks to the financial support of twelve municipalities, the schools of Kenaston, Davidson, Lucky Lake, and Eatonia are planning to have international students. The Sun West School Division wishes to limit the number to 10% of the Grade 10 - 12 student body so Kenaston can have 3 international students for now. The objectives of the project are to: enhance the schools, bring outside money to our communities, provide our students with new experiences and increased cultural awareness, create international business opportunities, and offer NuSask's ISP to the rest of rural Saskatchewan in future years.
ISP students are responsible for their own spending money, clothing, school fees, and the cost of extracurricular events.

Several Kenaston families have indicated an interest in hosting an ISP student. Homestay families will receive $600 per month and must: provide a private bedroom with a desk, have the home inspected by the Housing Coordinator, have a criminal reference check for all adults in the home, have a written contract between family and ISP student, supply breakfast and lunch materials, and a prepared supper, provide laundry services, take turns driving teams for sporting events as you would for your own child, incorporate the homestay student into the family, and be aware of and respond to homesickness.

For more information contact M.L. Whittles 252-2236 or Cora Greer 544-2734.

Business Pages on the Website: Every business and service in the Kenaston district, whether home based or commercial, gets 1 free page on the Kenaston website. To post your information contact Glen 252-2711. If you haven't checked your page in a while please review it for needed changes or updates.

Since its inception in April 2003 our website has received approximately 16,174 visitors - with 58% being unique or first time visitors, and 42% repeat visitors.



Earth Day: is becoming a global celebration of the planet we live on and have, until recent times, taken so much for granted. It is evident that we can no longer live here without a full and conscious awareness that what we once assumed is ours to plunder … isn't. As was documented this past week on the National news major cities around the world are preparing themselves for the dramatic changes ahead. It now seems as though every aspect of our lives is being thrown back at us in some way for reappraisal, from identifying our self worth based on our consumption and consumerism, to our reliance on fossil fuels, or to our buying food items that have been grown in one area, shipped across the county for processing, and then trucked back again for local consumption. This all gets to be more and more unacceptable, and we can only hope that continued demand for ecological responsible products will drive the boardrooms of the world to rethink non sustainable practices, while here at home we analyze our lifestyle choices that support it. In the end however we may all be feeling the changes on many levels such as the price of gas, the availability and price of imported products, more responsible water usage and sustainable resource management. The potential of our individual choices is huge, and when it comes to creating change, it's the only thing that matters.