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August / September '07



Highway Signage 2007 - As you will have noticed our highway signage is now brightly promoting our August Flea Market Weekend. The Village has sponsored a sign to follow which will feature lots for sale, and following this will be postings for Autumn Action Day, and then Dinner Theatre. We now have the means to speak to the audience that passes Kenaston and bring regional attention to our events.

The middle section of the sign is for all community committees and organizations to consider using to post events that welcome the general public. To discuss design and costs contact Cora Greer or Bob Mason (544-2734), who will also arrangement with Darren Gasper and the high school students to have your lettering created. Thanks to Bob, Cora and Katrina for installing the signs and working with Waylyn Signs for the permanent top and bottom portions. Thanks again to to Darren Gasper for coordinating student power to update last years billboard and to Lowdermilk Welding for supervising the construction

The Condo Idea:


The reason we have limited housing available at the present time is due, in part, to housing prices and the cost of living in Saskatoon and other cities. This trend will only continue, as will the cost of retirement in major centers. The astronomical costs for first time buyers in Alberta is also setting up a renewed migration to the smaller rural setting. True to prediction the flow away from rural Saskatchewan is reversing. With this in mind those approaching retirement age may have good reason to reconsider leaving to be with family, and might instead invite family to come home. If you love living in Kenaston consider the option of selling your present home to newcomers in order to choose the ease of condo living right here.

Why not join discussions on the feasibility of a Kenaston condo. Share this idea with family and friends elsewhere, and help create the energy around the idea that could well lead to its reality. All or most units would need to be committed prior to any development, and a developer and contractors would need to take on the project. The condo would also need to supply the quality of living we are looking for and deserve, as well as a dining room for those seeking the condo as a Senior's option. When there is sufficient interest the Chamber will organize an evening of discussion and assist with contacting developers.

It may be that you cannot conceive of selling your home at the present time, but would like the condo to be available when you do. If this describes you then please contact Colleen Sekulich (252-2230) who will be keeping tabs on the interest ideas, and feedback.

Box 56 Kenaston, S0G 2N0

International Student Program (ISP)

The new website for the regional international student program is www.nusask.ca. The site offers information to potential student, and is also a useful promotional tool for our agent, Ken Ziegler.

The program has been approved for operational funding from the Rural Secretariat. An advertisement in the local papers for a Homestay/Farmstay Coordinator has been completed and resumes are on file. Upon execution of the formal Agreement between NuSask International Student Program Inc. and the Rural Secretariat, a coordinator will be hired.

Even though time is running out, NuSask is still hopeful of obtaining students for the fall session. Anyone interested in sitting on the Kenaston Homestay Committee please contact either M.L. Whittles or Cora Greer. Anyone interested in becoming a Homestay Family, also contact either M.L. Whittles or Cora Greer.


Kenaston will be 100 years old in 2010 which presents a good excuse for a community wide celebration and home coming. A planning committee needs to step forward to start the ball rolling as this is not a role for the Chamber to take, but instead would be an excellent opportunity for someone in the community, who wishes to exercise their organizational skills, to plan an event to make the town proud. Contact Susan (252-2769 or 252-2001).

Trade Fair: The annual Trade and Craft Fair (Autumn Action Day) November 24. To book your table please contact Chamber secretary Susan Anholt.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue Oct/Nov. To support an issue of your community newsletter, please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769.

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Announcements & Coming Events:

  • July 27: Farewell to Janice and Simon at the Café. 7:00
  • August 1st: EMO meeting, 7:00 p.m. Kenaston Place
  • August 5 & 6, 2007: Flea Market / Yard Sale Weekend
  • August 16: Welcome to Newcomers in the Park. 5-7:00.
  • November 24th: Autumn Action Day

Community Spirit: A Summer Barbeque event in the park will be held to get together as a community and to welcome newcomers. Kenaston has gained 29 new households since the "I Love Saskatchewan" picnic in 2005 and to be sure our new community members are properly welcomed and introduced, the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce is hosting a barbeque in the park on August 16th. Virgie Nordlee is our official welcoming committee and she and Mayor O'Handley will offer a community welcome, while the rest of us take the opportunity to put a name to the new faces, and join together with the community that is ours to enjoy.

Bring your family, friends, and most importantly, your new neighbors, to Veterans Park 5:00 to 7:00. A Toonie ($2) will buy you a burger and a drink. The planning committee consists of: Al Hoffmann, Derrell Hrynchyshyn, Diana Krpan, and Dan O'Handley. The Chamber would appreciate any and all corporate donations to subsidize the costs.

garage sale

August Long Weekend 2007: If you are now making plans to have a yard sale on the long weekend, you can still have your location posted on the yard sale map. The final version will be posted on our website, and also will be available from each yard sale location for visitors to follow. We have 9 yard sale locations so far and will accommodate the addition of last minute sales up until Tuesday July 31st. Remember this event offers an excellent opportunity to set up an advertising or promotional table for your business, organization or committee. Be sure to invite family and friends to Kenaston to help support the event.

Prairie Treasures Flea Market and Yard Sale hours:

  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 5th
  • 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday August 6th

1. Denise Sanderson - 314 3rd Street
2 Patricia Ann - 400 3rd Street
3 Diana Krpan - 318 4th Street
4 Fowler Family - 303 6th Avenue
5. Page Family - 69 Central Ave
6. Mary Ann Santha - 510 1st Street
7. Teresa Owens - 62 6th Ave
8. Roxanne Finnie @ Prairie Treasures, 6th Ave
9. Glen Pavelich @ Prairie Treasures, 6th Ave


An EMO Committee is Required!


A meeting has been called for Aug 1st, 7:00 at Kenaston Place. The recent emergency on Highway #11 at Kenaston involving hazardous materials should give us a much needed heads-up with respect to the need for an official EMO evacuation plan, with a full, and live practice drill. Gene Whitehead is the new EMO coordinator for Kenaston and requires a small EMO committee, from both the village and the RM, to meet and discuss organizational strategies.

Children are our community's most valuable resource. When driving in town, please slow down and keep our children safe.


Real Estate: Our on-line real estate page works. Up to now listings have been posted on-line free of charge, but Glen is hoping sellers will be willing to pay a nominal fee of $20 per listing, as other communities she manages are doing, and that the fee will not discourage anyone from placing their lot or house on the Kenaston website. All available real estate should be listed on-line as the internet is the first place people look when considering a move. To post your listing please contact Glen Pavelich, the www.kenaston.ca webmaster, to provide your information and pictures. Call 252-2711 or email Glen Pavelich. See the on-line real estate page for more details.

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