Kenaston, Saskatchewan

Kenaston Crossroads - Bi-Monthly Newsletter
February / March '07


Monday, February 5, in Kenaston

  • 12:00 Luncheon for Prairie Women on Snowmobiles 2007 Tour. The Anglican, Evangelical & Catholic churches will provide a lunch so bring your donation and join the PWOS at Kenaston Place.
  • 1:00 Itrack Grand Opening - Join us, the community is welcome and invited.
  • 2:00 Itrack Open house
  • 2:30 - 4:30pm: Old fashioned Skating Party - Hot Chocolate and coffee will be provided. (Hot chocolate sponsored by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce)

Women on Snowmobiles is a cavalcade of women volunteer snowmobilers who will ride across Saskatchewan, passing through many cities and towns in eight days and covering approximate 1,800 kms. Numerous sleds and riders will join them throughout the ride. Prairie Women on Snowmobiles Inc. was formed when two friends, one a breast cancer survivor, asked her friend to snowmobile across Saskatchewan to raise funds for breast cancer research. Together the two planned, organized and implemented PWOS. The goal since conception has been to have this Mission go across Saskatchewan each and every year to raise funds for breast cancer.

Dinner Theatre: This year Dinner Theatre will be different. We thank our coordinators and director for taking it upon themselves to be innovative in keeping the Kenaston Dinner Theatre alive and refreshed. Two short plays will be presented, and interspersed by variety show acts. There are openings for local talent to perform and you are invited to contact Cathy Enns to find out more about her ideas and theme. The meal will be catered which was a very important decision to be made, and one that has talked about for several years as those who attend the planning meeting are aware. This year we all get to sit back and enjoy the evening without kitchen duty. Please encourage friends and relatives to visit home during the dinner theatre weekend. Let's keep our attendance strong and supportive so our Dinner Theatre can continue in its fame.


ZID: The ZID organization would like to remind us that they still do catering to functions and events. Contact ZID president Pat Taylor 252-2777 to book their services.


SuperDraft has an updated website. See www.superdraft.com for draft progress, entry forms, updates and winnings.


Our Environment "Air pollution is closely linked to choices we make individually and collectively around the production, distribution and consumption of energy. It is amazing to realize how our driving habits, to cooking our foods to shopping, bathing, laundry, lighting and food habits - contribute to creating air pollution and smog as they all involve energy use directly or indirectly. The connection between energy and air pollution is simple: the more energy we consume, the more extraction and processing of fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) is required, the more releases of pollutants in the air in the process."


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Announcements & Coming Events:

  • February 5th: Prairie Women on Snowmobiles, Itrack Grand Opening and Community Skating Party
  • February 12th to 20th: MidWinter School Break:
  • February 21st: 6 p.m. Dinner Theatre Ticket Sales
  • March 24th & 25th: Dinner Theatre

New Community Page: You may have noticed that the www.kenaston.ca home page has changed. The direct domain link (kenaston.ca) now goes to a Welcome Page for visitors, which is appropriate since we want visitors to get the highlights of our site at first glance and not be confused by the various off-site links. The new community page allows us to develop a more comprehensive communication tool that's just for us. If you are not using it please let us know why as we may be able to accommodate you by linking to your most used on-line locations. See details at www.kenaston.ca. Contact: Glen Pavelich 252-2711.


Highway Signage Project. The donation boxes for the Highway Signage project are now in place. If we all drop in a loonie or toonie a month, then Chamber will be able to get the project started much sooner. Watch for the jars around town at the Co-op, Hoffmanns, CJ's, Café and Credit Union. They will stay in place to remind us that we must keep up the habit on a monthly basis. If your family, your club or organization has funds to donate to the project take your donation to the Village of Kenaston for a tax-deductible receipt. If you do not need a tax receipt then take your donation to Chamber Treasurer Susan Anholt.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue April/May. To sponsor an issue of your community newsletter (approximately $30.00, or $60.00 if you wish exclusive sponsorship) please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769. If you have suggestions or announcements for the Crossroads please contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711. Remember, the Kenaston Crossroads is published on our website so you can email the direct link to family and friends.

Walking Trail: Shirley Huggins has generously offered a variety of trees (in the sapling stage) for the walking trail. Before we can accept her offer we need to plan a watering strategy. We need an individual(s) to make a commitment to weed, water, mulch (or Round-Up) for at least two summers. Beyond that we need a wise individual to determine what tree to plant where and also worker bees to do the planting. If you can fulfill any of these roles, contact Susan Anholt

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Water Tower Project - January, 2007
The Water Tower Fund Stands at $7,576.65

Our water tower, the only "lighthouse style" water tower remaining in Saskatchewan is one of five wooden water towers in Saskatchewan remaining on their original site. The restoration budget will be in the area of $8,000 to $10,000. Once restored, the water tower will be tourist destination and available to house a summer business that seeks a unique structure and historic ambiance.

To date, thanks to the donors who have contributed to our projects, the water tower fund stands at $7,576.65. The Chamber plans to restore this building in 2007 (Frank Masich & Gene Whitehead will coordinate the project) and we are into the final countdown financially. Any and all donations are needed and would be appreciated!


Frank Masich ($600.00)

Lynne Yelich, M.P.
Millsap Fuel Distributors
Glen Hamre
Matt Yelich
Lynn Yelich
Guy Trucking
Lorne & Susan Anholt
Al Hoffmann Insurance
Clarence Ouellette
Gerry Ouellette
Kenaston Credit Union

GOLD DONORS ($250.00)
Joe Zeman
Millsap Fuels
Blue Green Recycle Team

Colin & Roxanne Finnie
Florence Brown
Linda Purves
Jeff Sanderson
Dawin Taylor

Vickie Wiesner
Joe & Dorothy Nizinkevich
Karl & Joan Greggersen
Bev & Lorie Dyck

Pearl Breadner

Kenaston Lions Club - $3,987.87
SK Parks & Recreation - $2,500.00
Molson - Local Heroes - $1,000.00

To support "Tourism Campaign 2007" projects in Kenaston
Make cheque payable to the "Village of Kenaston" and send to PO Box 129, Kenaston SK, S0G 2N0
All donations over $10.00 will automatically receive a charitable receipt.

See Contribution Form