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June / July '07




Is it time for Condo for Kenaston?

Prices for housing and the cost of living in Saskatoon and other cities will continue to rise, and the non-sustainability of city and suburban lifestyles is fast becoming an important issue. True to prediction housing outside the city is increasing in market value as rural living regains popularity. If you would like to stay (or return) home, why not join discussions on the feasibility of a Kenaston condo. (Share this item with family elsewhere).

If you are tired of cutting grass and maintaining a house perhaps it is time to consider selling your family home. In Kenaston we need to think of an alternative way to enhance our population and available housing. A condo would alleviate your household worries and open up your current home to new young families, which is a really good thing. This topic came up during the 2003 public meeting for business ideas in Kenaston, and is still an idea worth consideration.

If this idea is going to gain any merit it obviously needs expert input. All or most units must be committed prior to any development, and a developer and contractors would need to take on the project. The condo would also need to supply the quality of living we are looking for and deserve. Other communities have done it. Take the time to check out this website. Why Build a Condo: http://www.ced.ca/Why_Build_A_Condo.html

Those interested in condo living and willing to at least meet to talk about the investment into a condo development project should contact Colleen Sekulich (252-2230). We hope to collect a group of names by July 1, 2007. If there is sufficient interest the Chamber will assist the group with contacting developers. But what you can't do is say I'll wait to see what happens…. If you have even remote interest you must speak up and let it be known.


The Highway Signage project is now complete and the Kenaston School is working to create the lettering and artwork for our Flea Market Weekend signage. This is a yet another project accomplished which started from a good idea that simply needed some coordinating.

When the signs go up remember that this was a community project and it took time, effort and team work to realize. Keep dropping a loonie or twoonie a month into the donation jars at the Coop, Café, Credit Union, Hoffmanns Insurance or CJ Superstop. With your help we can all pay for our highway signage and get working on the next project.


Box 56 Kenaston, S0G 2N0

International Student Program (ISP)
It is with the greatest pleasure that we bring you news of the international student project which was initiated by the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce several years ago. A nonprofit corporation, NuSask International Student Program Inc. was officially launched in April of 2007. Stakeholders and shareholders of this joint and regional venture are the Town of Davidson, Town of Eatonia, Village of Beechy, Village of Kenaston, Village of Lucky Lake, R.M. of McCraney #282, R.M. of Rosedale #283, R.M. of Victory #226 and the R.M. of Canaan #225.

Our agent, Ken Ziegler of Great Plains Corporation (GPC) spent time overseas on business during the early months of 2007. In order to offset expenses, we had hoped to 'piggy back' on this trip. We did not have enough of a commitment to this project from the municipal leadership of the region at that time and were unable to enter into a contractual arrangement with GPC.

For those unfamiliar with this project, Ken Ziegler is an international corporate solicitor in Saskatoon. As an owner of Great Plains of Canada Capital Corporation (GPC) he has established agents throughout Europe and Asia. I invite you to visit www.greatplainsofcanada.ca. Ken has planned another trip for this fall and we will be ready this time. Unfortunately, that means we may or may not see students this fall, although things are beginning to look up. We are working on a Power Point Presentation to send to his contacts overseas and we are developing a website.

We have the funds required to enter into an agreement with GPC, but we are limited in our operating funds. To this end, we had applied to Western Diversification for an operating grant for the initial start up of this project. We were turned down as we did not fit their mandate. However, they liked the project and made a few telephone calls on our behalf and we have sent in our application to the Rural Secretariat. Normally, it takes up to three months before a project is either accepted or declined. We have been advised we will be hearing from them by mid-June.

We are exceedingly hopeful that our application will be met with favour. If we obtain this funding, we will be hiring a Homestay Coordination to assist and streamline the program. The time has arrived when running things on strictly a volunteer basis is over. This person will work with all homestay committees. Anyone interested in sitting on the Kenaston Homestay Committee please contact either M.L. Whittles or Cora Greer.

I know this project can work. It just takes time and effort. Now that most of our ducks are in order, when the students come, we will be ready. I believe that after one successful year, we will also see other communities coming on board. For those in the community who have signed on with the homestay/ farmstay program, you will be contacted in the very near future. (ML Whittles)


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Announcements & Coming Events:

  • June 8th: Elementary School Track Meet. Weather permitting
  • June 15th: Wall of Honor Kenaston School - 7 pm
  • June 23rd: Elly Ringdall Basketball Tournament
  • June 27th: School Academic Awards 2:00 p.m.
  • June 29th - Kenaston High School Graduation Exercises 6:30 p.m. Grand March 8:00 p.m.
  • August 5th & 6th 2007: Flea Market/Yard Sale Weekend

Community Spirit: The walking trail gained 32 new trees in mid-May. Ray and Shirley Huggins donated several pines, mountain ash and willows, all of which were planted on the west end of the trail. Planting was undertaken by Bob Mason Cora Greer, Susan Anholt, Jesse Ouellette, Dylan Friend, Jordan Phillips, Alanna Remmen, Rachel Zdunich and Rick Whittles. The Village of Kenaston provided a grass whip to open up the planting sites.

Veterans Park has had its spring makeover thanks to Dee Guy and Dan O'Handley. Ray Enns trimmed the shrubbery, Village staff did general cleanup and Dee and team readied and planted the flower beds and pots.

New Businesses in Kenaston:

  • Tom Didur: Top Gun Carpentry, from renovations to shingling. 561-7476
  • Diana Krpan: - Coastal Vacations, and Norwex Enviro Products. 252-2024
  • Lisa Didur: - LMD Recruitment Horizon, (medical doctor recruitment to Saskatchewan) 567-7476

August Long Weekend 2007: Start planning your yard sale now. For single tables or craft ideas contact Ed Grant at Prairie Treasures for space on his grounds. Capitalize on the promotion of this event to show your product or service, or create a fund raising idea for your organization. Please get your name to Susan a.s.a.p. so she can coordinate the map to be distributed from each sale location. This year the map will also be placed on the website.

The community wide yard sale concept is becoming a popular and successful event in other communities across Saskatchewan. We are seeing more and more urban and rural communities select a standard weekend and go all out to produce a first class sale. The possibilities are endless - from an actual garage sale, a product you craft or manufacture, food sales, information, promotions, etc.


An EMO Committee is Required!
An official EMO committee is being established to meet and discuss organizational strategies. The committee will be made up of members from town and the RM. Following the ground work town meetings will be held and various roles and officers will need to be put in place. If you are interested please contact the new EMO Co-ordinator Gene Whitehead. 252-2245

Trade Fair: The annual Trade and Craft Fair (Autumn Action Day) has been confirmed for November 24 to coincide with the traffic generated by the Provincial Tournament for Senior Boys Volleyball hosted by Kenaston School. To create more traffic for the event our highway signage will be in place.

Kenaston Crossroads: Next issue Aug/Sept. To support an issue of your community newsletter, please contact Susan Anholt 252-2769.


Real Estate: Our on-line real estate page works… as a matter of fact there are no residential homes available at the present time. Place your property free of charge on our website (house, land, acreage, farm, building or lot, whether in town or in the surrounding area). Contact Susan Anholt with your listing.

May 9-07. Commentary by Paul Martin: "There's probably nothing harder on decision makers and communities than closing schools and health facilities.
But, while difficult, it's one of those realities that we have to face now and then. The reality, though, is that decisions made, consciously or unconsciously, in the years running up to a closure are often overlooked and are probably responsible for the ultimate choices.

Those decisions relate to economic development. Communities that are not growing are the ones that lose things like schools. In the end, communities that don't invest in their own future have unpleasant choices imposed on them.

It's just not reasonable to expect everyone in the province to invest in a community that is not willing to do that for themselves. When you look at the communities that lost schools this week, many don't even belong to a REDA so economic development - the force that builds a community so it will have kids to fill a school - has not been much of a priority for them. Now they are paying the price."