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April /May '08



Ladies Nite Out: Has winter gotten you down?  Do you need an evening just for you to lift your spirits? 

Kenaston School has the event for you!!!  Come to the “Ladies Night Out” – Sunday 13 April 2008 at Kenaston Place, 5:00 p.m.  Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m.  The event includes a delicious dinner, a fabulous fashion show, a toonie mocktail bar, and a great time for ladies only.

Call 252-2182 (day) or 252-2115 (evening) for your tickets ($20).


Sportsman’s Dinner and Blizzards Auction:
You don’t have to be an official sports fan to take in the Sportman’s Dinner.  This event is another opportunity to get together as a community, eat and participate in recognition of our athletes and teams.

Plan to attend the Sportsman’s Supper & Auction on April 19/08. It will be an evening of entertainment with a supper and auction items both silent and live.  The evening will include the Wall of Honour ceremony which is inducting Albert Hoffmann as a Community Builder.  As well, the 1997 PeeWee Provincial Baseball Champions will be added in the team category.  For tickets please contact Mike Menzies @ 252-2719.  See you there.


Yard Sale: Our community wide yard sale will go ahead as planned this summer, during Saturday and Sunday of the August long weekend.  If you are cleaned out from previous years, invite friends and family who are not from Kenaston to use your yard to take advantage of the traffic and highway advertising.  The more stops the better. 

Remember, you can sell other things such as food, crafts, jewelry, art, etc, or promote your trade or services.

The Earth Day Film Festival in Craik, April 25 - 27, 2008 is shaping up to be a fabulous event. Besides the screening of six excellent films, there is much more on the menu for people to enjoy. Local Food, Workshops (Eat Local, Going Organic: Idealism vs. Reality), and a Networking Fair (tables for browsing and networking). Some space is still available, a $50 sponsorship includes a table and 2 full festival passes. Email kelly@boilingfrog.ca
or call 306-734-5160.

This is a grassroots festival made possible with the support of many individuals and organizations in Saskatchewan. Thank you for helping ensure its success by forwarding this email along and making your plans to attend Craik's first Earth Day Film Festival.


Real Estate Listings:

Contact Glen Pavelich at 252-2711 to list your real estate on the Kenaston website or email her at gene.glen@sasktel.net. Glen will put your pictures and real estate information on the Kenaston website for only $20.00, and if needed will assist you to take the digital picture required.  Our website works exceptionally well to sell real estate privately so don’t over look this selling tool if you have a house, land or business for sale in the Kenaston District.  We also display properties that are listed with a real estate company in order to assist you with your sale.

Next issue June/July. To support an issue of your community newsletter, please contact Secretary/Treasurer of the Chamber - Susan Anholt 252-2769. Contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711 to place your committee or community announcement in the newsletter.

A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100


Kenaston Crossroads: There are a number of area households who do not receive the Kenaston Crossroads because they block fliers from their mailbox.  Thus, we are leaving copies around town.


This issue is co-sponsored by

ML Whittles
as President of Kenaston and District
Chamber of Commerce

and by

Pavelich Farm Bed and Breakfast

Pavelich Farm BnB
We are always happy to accommodate
your family and visitors.
see: www.pavelichfarmbnb.com



Announcements & Coming Events

  • April 13th: Ladies Nite-Out
  • April 19th: Sportman’s Dinner and Auction, Kenaston Place – Starts at 5:30.
  • April 25-27: The Earth Day Film Festival in Craik.
Spring Clean Up:  Community pride shows as we continue to maintain and refurbish our homes and properties.  Over the past year the Village has taken steps to improve some of our sidewalks and tear
down old buildings.  The Village budget cannot extend to clean up all sidewalks, property lines or highway frontages.  Anyone who is willing to take on a larger percentage of their frontage, or a little of the “public grounds” is invited to do so.  You might agree that mowing in front of and around the
arena, or a roadway, would make a great visual improvement.  You might see that a sidewalk needs to be de-sodded, some undergrowth pruned, or you might feel your energy would be best served by assisting a neighbour with much needed yard work.

Handyman and Yard Work:


There are some homeowners who are unable to do the work involved in household and yard maintenance and who might welcome a small business in town for clean-up, home and yard repairs, painting, etc. Hang up your poster with your hourly rate if this is a service you could provide. 


Are you new to Kenaston?  Welcome! Please be sure to take every opportunity to let people know who you are.  Local residents, we too should seize the many occasions to introduce ourselves to people we do not know.  An individualized welcome is one of the simplest and most effective ways we can use to demonstrate our community spirit.


Kenaston is Growing:  Rumor has it that Kenaston may be seeing the construction of 3 new homes this summer.  This is yet another testimony to the fact that Kenaston is part of Saskatchewan’s current growth.  If predictions are correct and our province has made its long awaited turn around, then Kenaston can expect to prosper, continue to support new businesses, and be a welcoming place for new and returning families.

Crossroads Sponsors are Needed.  We would like to line up our newsletter sponsors for all of 2008.  We generally have two sponsors for each issue. The cost is $30.00 for each sponsor. If you have been thinking about sponsoring an issue, or wish to sponsor again, please contact Susan Anholt. Thanks to Mason's, Rocking Hills Cattle Company, CJ's and Susan for kicking off the year.

Do you want to host an International Student?
Kenaston is one of six communities welcoming international students for the September 2008 school year.  We will have two or three students for the initial year of our international student program, and we have 2 homestay families arranged, but would like to have a few more. It is a wonderful opportunity to increase your cultural awareness, in addition to being paid $600 per month.  If your family is interested in hosting a student, contact Mary Ellen Lowdermilk at 252-2716 for more details and updates as events occur. www.nusask.ca.

Chamber: The Chamber welcomes the participation of anyone interested in the community and its business and/or economic development.  You do not have to be a business owner to participate.  Our membership base has slowly been on the rise with 2006 seeing a membership of 26; 2007 - 29 members and if everyone pays their dues, we will have a slate of 33 for 2008.  The yearly membership cost remains at $25.00.  You are cordially invited to the Kenaston Hotel the 4th Monday of every month, 12:00 noon for a 1 hour luncheon meeting.  Bring yourself, bring your ideas.


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