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Kenaston Crossroads - Bi-Monthly Newsletter

December ‘08 – January ‘09





2010 Birthday Celebration:

Will you be sending Christmas Cards
to family or former Kenaston residents?  If so, please pick up copies of the "Kenaston 2010 Information Sheet" from Roxanne at Canada Post to send along! This sheet is also available at www.kenaston.ca on the homepage.



With Thanks: The Water Tower restoration project got off to a great start in later October, thanks to Al Fiissel and Claude Vaugeois of Bladworth.  Changing some of the siding has made such an improvement in the appearance of this attraction.  Our thanks to Gene Whitehead for ordering the siding; Gord Cowan for hauling siding; Lorne Anholt for the use of his trailer; Arlo Guy for hauling some stain; Kevin Mills for making a scissor lift available; RM of McCraney for providing some manpower and space to stain some of the boards; Joe, Mark and the Village of Kenaston for providing the town truck for refuse as well as dumping it as required; and Michael Pavelich for moving cement blocks on short notice.  Thanks also to Susan Anholt for project administration.  We have all of our painting supplies ready to go and will pick up where we left off around May 15, 2009.

SBLA: Business Loans at 4% interest are available to small businesses through the federal Small Business Loan Association (SBLA).  Glen Pavelich is treasurer for an association based out of Saskatoon, set up to administrate loans from $5,000 to $15,000 for its members. Call her for stipulations and details 252-2711.

Wellness/Seniors Centers: Remember donation to our Wellness Center or Senior’s Center qualifies for tax receipts. 

Autumn Trade and Craft Show: The Trade & Craft Show was very successful.  Our display tables were completely sold out to vendors – from Kenaston, Saskatoon, Outlook and other areas.  The traffic through Kenaston Place was excellent and vendors reported they were pleased with the day. 
The Grade XII class served the noon luncheon and the Chamber members held their traditional steak barbeque at the end of the day.  We were pleased to have a reporter from the Western Producer drop by and subsequently produce a full page spread in their November 6 issue.

EMO Update: Blizzard Season is now upon us.  It is quite likely that we will need to assist those forced from the roadways again this winter.  You can help by offering supplies and/or billeting. It would be useful to know in advance who can offer lodging, and for how many.  Please contact our ESS coordinators Carol Lewis (252-2249) or Cathy Enns (252-2310) to register your information.
In October the 4 Section Captains for Kenaston met with EMO Coordinator Gene Whitehead to clarify roles and duties. The Section Captains are: Zone 1: Gwen Badgley; Zone 2: Joanne Hoffmann; Zone 3: Leon Tomlenovich; Zone 4: Al Bleackley. Section Captains have duties to perform during evacuation and other emergency events, but they will also assist the ESS coordinators to find billeting in their zones during blizzards that bring stranded travelers to Kenaston. See www.kenaston.ca  EMO page for more information on the Kenaston Plan.

EMO Sections




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Shirley Hartman

AVON for Christmas




School Announcements

  • Dec. 2nd: Dessert Theatre, 7pm
  • Dec. 17: School Christmas Concert, 7:00 pm
  • Dec. 19th: Last Day of Classes
  • Jan 5th: Classes resume, early dismissal
  • Jan. 22nd: Exam Week
  • Jan. 29th: New semester
  • Feb. 16th – 20th: February Break

Shop Locally. 
Kenaston needs your help to
keep our stores and services viable.

Riverbend Co-op (in Outlook, Kenaston and Beechy) has been lowering prices on literally thousands of everyday grocery items; all in an effort to compete for your food dollar!  We want you to shop locally, and feel we are very competitive with city pricing, so come on in and compare.  As less and less dollars go through our registers, we have less and less buying power with suppliers.  The more we can have local shoppers spending their money at home, the greater chance we have of competing.  We want and need our local grocery, confectionary, hotel, restaurant and pub, so show your support!
Jack Nicholson, General Manager
Riverbend Co-operative Assoc. Ltd.

Kenaston’s Colin Finnie: Seven times Canadian National Champion for horseshoe pitching. 


Colin deserves community applause and recognition for his phenomenal achievements.  Colin brought home the National Award for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, and most recently in August of 2008. He has also placed 5th and 6th in the World Competitions throughout his horseshoe pitching career. Competitions have taken Colin to Red Deer, Wyoming, and North Dakota to name a few.  Congratulations Colin from the Kenaston Chamber for giving our home town yet another claim to fame. 

Kenaston Crossroads: There are a number of area households who do not receive the Kenaston Crossroads because they block fliers from their mailbox.  Thus we are leaving copies around town for pick up around town, and we are also emailing the link to all those for whom we have an email address. 
Please contact us with your email address so we can add you to our list gene.glen@sasktel.net 252-2711.


Yea!… Dinner Theatre talk is a buzz. 

We are in discussion with a potential director with initial contact with the former cast.  If this progresses an organizational meeting will be held. Watch for posters and we’ll see you there!



Old Hall

The Legion Hall MUST be immediately moved from its present site to make way for more residential lot development.  Kenaston also has 3 other town lots for sale which gives us the potential to receive 8 new families.  This is exciting growth for Kenaston.  Please contact the Village office for further information on any of these lots.
Does the Legion Hall building have potential for other use in Kenaston – perhaps a museum? This was a former school house and thus does have a historic value.  If there is any interest in saving this building on a new location with a new purpose, please talk to Mark, Dan or anyone on Town Council immediately!

Real Estate
Real Estate Listings: Contact Glen Pavelich at 252-2711 to list your real estate on the Kenaston website or email her at gene.glen@sasktel.net. Glen will put your pictures and real estate information on the Kenaston website for only $20 - $25 and, if needed, will assist you to take the digital picture required.  Our website works exceptionally well to sell real estate privately so don’t overlook this selling tool if you have a house, land or business for sale in the Kenaston District.  We also display properties that are listed with a real estate company in order to assist you with your sale.