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June / July '08




Yard Sale: August 3rd and 4th 2008.  During the Sunday and Monday of the August long weekend, our community wide yard sale will happen again.  Call Susan Anholt at 252-2769 to get your name and sale location placed on the map which will be made available to our visitors so that no stops are missed. If you are cleaned out of sellable items from previous years then invite friends and family who are not from Kenaston to use your yard to take advantage of the traffic and highway advertising.  The more stops the better.  Remember, you can sell other things such as food, crafts, jewelry, art, etc, or promote your trade or services. 


New Street Signage for Kenaston:
A three year signage project is in the works by Village Council.  Signs and posts have been ordered to replace all of the existing street signs. Additional signage, have or will be, placed to point visitors to the pool, library, campgrounds, hall and arena. 40% of the project will be completed this year with the remainder completed within 3 years.

Veteran’s Centennial Park:


Our park has become the focus of town beautification again this year. With hedges trimmed, shrubs ordered, lawns fertilized and cut, flag replaced, and sprinklers on….. the summer’s work in the park has begun.  Thank you to Kenaston students from the grade 11 and 12 classes for help with the early clean-up and raking.

Kenaston Library: We now have a new Children’s Educational Computer. Our summer reading program “Laugh Out Loud” is coming up. Watch for posters.


Kenaston Condo: Let’s have that meeting!

Although phone-in responses regarding the Condo project idea have been limited, and thus might lead one to think we really don’t want a condo here ……. discussion around various tables suggest the contrary.  Several people have indicated that condo living in Kenaston is in fact a very good idea, and would welcome the option of living here when it comes time for a simpler and maintenance free lifestyle.  Whether buying in new or buying a pre-owned unit in the future…perhaps you are one of those people who think it would be nice if it was all in place by the time you are ready to make a move.  Let’s at least talk about it. For general discussion only please come for coffee at the Pavelich Farm on June 19th at 7:30 p.m.  Call Glen 252-2711.


Damaged Property:  Chamber is faced with a bill to repair the chain link fence at the Snowman Park that was damaged by a snow mobile during the winter.  A donation for repair costs from the person(s) responsible would be graciously accepted.

Real Estate Listings: Only one town owned lot remaining. Contact Glen Pavelich at 252-2711 to list your real estate on the Kenaston website or

email her at gene.glen@sasktel.net. Glen will put your pictures and real estate information on the Kenaston website for only $20.00, and if needed will assist you to take the digital picture required.  Our website works exceptionally well to sell real estate privately so don’t over look this selling tool if you have a house, land or business for sale in the Kenaston District.  We also display properties that are listed with a real estate company in order to assist you with your sale.

Next issue August/September. To support an issue of your community newsletter, please contact Secretary/Treasurer of the Chamber - Susan Anholt 252-2769. Contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711 to place your committee or community announcement in the newsletter.


Kenaston Crossroads: There are a number of areahouseholds who do not receive the Kenaston Crossroads because they block fliers from their mailbox.  Thus, we are leaving copies around town and also emailing the link to all those for whom we have an email address.  If you would like to be on this list please contact Glen.A


Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100



This issue is co- sponsored by

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& Kenaston Co-operative
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Announcements & Coming Events

  • June 15th – Davidson Healthy Lifestyle Fair
    2:30 – 6:30 plus evening presentation.  Talking to youth and parents about important issues.
  • June 19th – Condo Meeting, Pavelich Farm
  • June 25th – Last day of classes.  Awards at 1:30.
  • June 27th – Graduation.  Exercises at Kenaston Place 6:30.  Last day of School.
  • Pool Opens?

Graduating Class of 2008:
Justin Daryl Brown, Zabrina Jade Greke, Logan William Holder, Alexandra Rae Jewell, Valerie Marie Lowdermilk, Ellen Marie Ouellette, Nicholas Steven Prpich, Lucas Andrew Ringdal, Colton Thomas Rink, Courtney Ione Siroski


Important EMO News:  An EMO meeting will be called this month for anyone involved with Emergency Response in Kenaston. Carl Friske, Municipal EMO Advisor from Saskatoon, will be facilitating the meeting to discuss and coordinate Kenaston’s team responses.  Please watch for posters for the date and time.


DO IT! As tornado and severe weather season approaches it is extremely important for all of us to get our 72 hour emergency and evacuation kits in place.  This includes placing important papers and insurance policy folders together for quick access.  See the Kenaston website for family planning items and tips. Other excellent links for the 72 hour kit is: www.getprepared.ca, or  www.saskatoon.ca/org/fire_protective/emo/index.asp
Complete 72 hr. kits are also available at Costco.


Basic Kit: Flashlight and batteries, radio and batteries, spare batteries, first-aid kit, candles and matches / lighter, food and bottled water, clothing and footwear, blankets or sleeping bags, toilet paper and other personal supplies, medication / prescriptions, extra car keys, cash, important papers (identification for everyone), whistle, in case you need to attract attention, playing cards, games, all in a quick grab backpack or duffel bag.  Food: Items that won’t spoil, such as canned food, energy bars and dried foods (remember to replace the food and water once a year).

Community Picnic: Wednesday, August 13th



The Chamber will be sponsoring another Community wide picnic this summer.  This event is well attended, gets us together as a community and also allows us to meet everyone who lives here that we don’t know yet. To assist feel free to contact the chamber.

Community Clean Up Week: The Council of the Village of Kenaston will be having a community clean-up during the week of June 9th through 13th. Any garden scraps, wood or other organic material that you would like removed should be bagged and set by the curb for pickup on June 13. Non-organic refuse and material not bagged will not be picked up.


Energy Club:  Gene Pavelich is interested in starting a small club to gather and discuss ideas for alternatives to home power and heating.  Sharing research and know-how can give those involved more resources towards reducing costs and reliance on grid power, and adapting homes to new technology.  Call Gene: 252-2711.

Do you want to host an International Student?
If your family is interested in hosting a student, contact Mary Ellen Lowdermilk at 252-2716 for more details and updates as events occur. www.nusask.ca.

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