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Kenaston Crossroads - Bi-Monthly Newsletter
October – November ‘08

Kenaston Crossroads



Our Community BBQ at Kenaston Place
was Successful, despite the downpour.


Welcome Speech Reiterated:

We would first like to acknowledge the wonderful turnout for this community barbeque.  Thank you all for coming.  The Chamber of Commerce is happy to coordinate this annual event and wish to acknowledge our sponsors: Affinity Credit Union, Millsap Fuel Distributors and the Kenaston Lions Club.

To the newcomers in our community, on behalf of all Kenaston residents, the Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you and we hope you don’t mind if we take this occasion to shake your hands and say hello. We are happy to have you here, proud that you chose this place to live, and hope that you are finding yourselves at home.  We hope you find us a peaceful, friendly and a welcoming community and we encourage you to get involved as this is the best way to really move in and take pride in your new community by helping to shape our future together.  Kenaston has several volunteer organizations that welcome members: EMO, Lion’s, First Responders, Senior’s Club and others. Little by little newcomers who participate in community events and who support community services will learn the names and faces of many residents, but this annual BBQ event is a chance for us to say an official hello and to put a name to the new faces for ourselves. 

Surprisingly, although you may think you stand out as  ‘new in town’, many of us are unsure of how long a stranger face might have already been here and thus are hesitant to make an introduction - assuming that the introduction, in fact, is long over due. 
Virgie Nordlee is our official welcoming committee and is someone most of our newcomers get to meet.  She distributes the welcome baskets and keeps a record of new residents each year.  Most newcomers also get to know the staff at the post office, and our stores and services, as well as the town office personnel.  If you go to the arena during the winter you are sure to meet the families here who support our hockey team, and if you are a parent you will easily get to know our teachers, school staff, and other parents.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank all members of the community that have taken the time to attend. Your presence exemplifies your welcoming spirit and your interest in our community and the folks that call this place home.  

Bingo:  The Kenaston Bingo operated by the Parks and Recreation Board has held its final bingo. Our thanks to Lee Humilovich, Anne (Pavelich) Willner and Bill Humilovich who began our bingo on February 13, 1984. It should be acknowledged that throughout the years bingo proceeds have supported projects such as the school playground, campground and swimming pool and that it has survived through the volunteer efforts of the entire community. We must also thank Joan & Stan Sekulich, Joanne & Albert Hoffmann, Violet Siroski, Connie Schwab, Elaine Haduik & Alice Hill for their management services over the years. Thanks also to Albert Seifert for his dedication as caller. All of the area bingos have shut down over the last several years as well as all of the Saskatoon bingo’s with the exception of one.  Bingos have been replaced by VLT’s and Casinos.  Congratulations to the workers for this very long run of community service.

Kenaston DVD Project: Historical photographs of Kenaston are currently being put into a DVD format and the script is being finalized. If you have any old picture of places/events that you are willing to share with committee, please see Susan (252-2001). Now is the last call!
Has been linked from the Kenaston Website Community Page.  Post Your Own Free Classified by City or Province.


If you are not using the Kenaston Community Pages as your default browser page….. why not?
See: www.kenaston.ca
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Co-op News: There is a lot happening at the Kenaston Co-op this month!  We are quickly approaching our amalgamation with Riverbend Co-op on November 2nd.  Remember after that date you can use your Co-op number at any Riverbend location: Kenaston, Outlook or Beechy and earn patronage.  And a reminder that Riverbend has a full pharmacy department that can fill all your prescription needs and also earn you equity!
As you’ve probably noticed, there has been some site work around our fuel pumps.  We are very excited to be adding a cardlock to our site.  And we will be celebrating Co-op Week October 12-19.  Stop by and check out some Co-op Week specials throughout that promotion.  Equity and Cash Back… why shop anywhere else?


This issue is co-sponsored by

Kenaston Coop

Co-op Week October 12-19


Rocking Hills Cattle Company
Sell your Cattle & Grain Direct to the Feedlots. 252-2636



Newly arrived residents have exciting things happening for both our pub and our café.  These are examples of how new residents add to the community just by arriving and diving in with great ideas and new energy.  All of our area businesses are posted on the website. We also have a bi-monthly newsletter to keep us up to date and reminded as to what is going on, and we encourage you to utilize these avenues of communication. 

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes all membership. If you have a business or just want to take part you are most welcome to join the chamber, and if you have any entrepreneurial ideas please know that you may use the chamber as a sounding board, for support and encouragement. 

Our newly arrived are easily recognized because we’ve adorned them with leis.

ML Whittles: President,
Kenaston and District Chamber of Commerce



School Announcements:

  • October 17th: School Pictures
  • October 30th: School Community Council Annual Meeting.  Meet the staff night. 7:00
  • SchoolNovember 10th: School Remembrance Day Program
  • November 19th: School Parent Teacher Interviews.
  • The School Magazine campaign is now on.  Call any student for an entry form for subscriptions.

Autumn Trade and Craft Show: Plan on attending our “Trade and Craft Show” on October 25th at Kenaston Place.  The doors open at 11:30 a.m and lunch will be available any time after 11:30am. 

We have a full house again this year for booths, and hope to have a great October day.  There will be face painting, hand massages plus more.  We will also hold our silent auction throughout the afternoon.

Our barbeque steak supper will begin at 4:30pm through to 7pm. Be sure to get your advance tickets at the Co-op, Flatrock Meats or SDAA. 


Birthday Bash: The 2010 committee has created an overall plan for the weekend of July 2, 3, & 4, 2010. Please follow the 2010 link on the Kenaston website to check it out.  We are open to ideas for the weekend so please talk to someone on the committee... Susan Anholt, Dee Guy, Theresa Owen, Cory Ouellette, Reagan Prpich, Melanie Kerpan, Ivana Yelich and Lynne Yelich.

Kenaston Café:  The café is still awaiting some final repairs. Hai and Lei would like to thank Kenaston for its patience while the café has undergone renovations and equipment maintenance.   On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce we wish Hai a speedy recovery from his recent illness.

Adam’s Center: Many thanks to the Adam Center Seniors for continuing coffee hour while the café is closed. The community has greatly appreciated your show of community spirit.

Kenaston Recipe Book - October 15, 2008 is the final date to submit recipes. Every Kenaston resident should strive to be immortalized in this production!  Recipe sheets can be picked up on most bulletin boards downtown or downloaded from the Kenaston website community page at www.kenaston.ca. You could likely complete the document, save it and email it to Reagan as an attachment.  The book will be pulled together and ready for sale in the spring of 2009.  We will be preselling books prior to placing our order so watch for posters.

Real Estate

eal Estate Listings: Contact Glen Pavelich at 252-2711 to list your real estate on the Kenaston website or email her at gene.glen@sasktel.net. Glen will put your pictures and real estate information on the Kenaston website for only $20 - $25 and, if needed, will assist you to take the digital picture required.  Our website works exceptionally well to sell real estate privately so don’t over look this selling tool if you have a house, land or business for sale in the Kenaston District.  We also display properties that are listed with a real estate company in order to assist you with your sale.

SBLA: Business Loans at 4% interest are available to small businesses through the federal Small Business Loan Association (SBLA).  Glen Pavelich is treasurer for an association based out of Saskatoon, set up to administrate loans from $5,000 to $15,000 for its members. Call her for stipulations and details 252-2711.

Kenaston Crossroads: There are a number of area households who do not receive the Kenaston Crossroads because they block fliers from their mailbox.  Thus we are leaving copies around town for pick up around town, and we are also emailing the link to all those for whom we have an email address.  If you would like to be on this list please contact Glen.