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Kenaston Crossroads - Bi-Monthly Newsletter
February – March 2009

Kenaston Crossroads


On both a personal level and as President of the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce, I wish to apologize to the Clear Spring Colony.

In our last Crossroads a report was given and a thank you handed out to everyone who had helped, in any way, with respect to the Chamber’s ‘Water Tower Project’. All were thanked that is, with the exception of the Clear Spring Colony, Mike Wurtz and Herman Decker in particular. It was a total oversight and one which we thoroughly regret but what is done cannot be undone. All we can do is apologize and move forward as the friends and neighbors we are.

Kenaston Watertower

Further, the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce wish to acknowledge that without the Clear Spring Colony lending their Cat Telehandler Forklift this summer, the shingling undertaken by Jeff Sanderson would have been an insurmountable project! Mike Wurtz, on behalf of the colony, gave us the forklift to use and Herman Decker took a full day away from work and home to operate it for us.
We have until the end of June, 2009 to complete the Project and we are hoping the colony Cat Telehandler Forklift will be made available to us once more.

Apologies have been made face to face but both a public apology and an acknowledgment of what the Clear Spring Colony has meant to our ‘Water Tower Project’ was absolutely necessary. So, an exceedingly big THANK YOU to Mike Wurtz, Herman Decker and the Clear Spring Colony for their help and generosity.

SBLA: Business Loans from $5,000 to $15,000 at 4% interest are available to small businesses through the federal Small Business Loan Association (SBLA).  Contact Glen Pavelich 252-2711 for stipulations and details.


WaterWolf Update: The Village of Kenaston, together with its neighbors, the R.M. of McCraney and the R.M. of Rosedale all belong to a regional organization.  Since inception in 2005, WaterWolf has grown to 14 R.M.’s, 22 towns and villages, 5 resort villages and Whitecap First Nation now coming to the table. Russ McPherson, WaterWolf’s Project Manager, is moving this grassroots group towards a formal regional planning commission with all the tools necessary to build a template for the future. The group will decide in time what is important to them and how to go about funding what they need, i.e. Regional water technician (coming soon), building inspector, community planner, etc. With a group the size of WaterWolf, the eventual projected costs to belong to this group are going to be affordable for all. The WaterWolf Planning District goals are best laid out in the draft ‘Growth Management Plan’ that was presented to the stakeholders for their approval & input in the spring of 2008; (the entire Plan can be viewed at www.waterwolf.org ).

The Waterwolf Open Houses held in the Fall of 2008 has brought interests, concerns and opinions to the spot light. While there were definite trends emerging on some issues, priorities vary across the region. Listed below is a sample of was learned:

  1. There is a general interest throughout the region for light industrial development. 
  2. There is a concern about the lack of accommodation and adequate conference facilities. 
  3. People are quite passionate about nuclear energy, pro or con, although the vast majority are in favor.
  4. More recreational facilities are required (example: marinas, campgrounds, boat launches, etc.) 
  5. Eco-tourism and back country outfitting were themes that emerged, especially in the southern part of the WaterWolf region.
  6. Most felt the river and the lake should be developed. 
  7. The built features in order of importance are Gardiner Dam, Lake Diefenbaker, SkyTrail, and the Marina at Elbow.
  8. Separation of the South Saskatchewan River & Lake Diefenbaker with Intensive Livestock Operations was deemed to be more than 3 miles, but the vast majority indicated they would like to see ILO’s set back from our water resources at a distance greater than 3 miles.
  9. Intensive Livestock Operations, followed by Nuclear Development and finally indiscriminate development, rounds out the “Top 3” things that people do not want to see developed in the area.

The next WaterWolf Planning Workshop for the municipalities will be held on Monday, February 23/09 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 in Outlook at the Legion Hall.


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Community Member
Patti Hertz


  • Friday, Feb 13 - Movie Afternoon (with popcorn) Seniors Centre 2pm
  • Wednesday, Feb 18 - Kenaston Seniors hosting District Senior Winter Games
  • February 23 – Waterwolf Meeting. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 in Outlook at the Legion Hall.
  • Tuesday, February 24 - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Noon Lunch Senior Centre
  • Tuesday, February 24 Ticket Sale for Dinner Theatre
  • Friday, Feb 27 Movie Afternoon (watch for posters) or phone Jeannette 252-2081
  • Friday, March 6 World Day of Prayer at 2:00pm - 2009 Theme is "In Christ there are many members but one Body" - hosted by Anglican Church
  • March 28th & 29th Kenaston Dinner Theatre – Kenaston Place.


School News

  • Feb. 16th – 20th: February Break and Te



THANK YOU SUSAN ANHOLT: Members of the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce want to recognize and thank Secretary / Treasurer Susan Anholt for her ceaseless commitment to the Chamber's community efforts.  We are grateful for her leadership, her organizational skills, and the sheer amount of time she devotes to every aspect of Chamber administration. Both a doer and a thinker, Susan initiates, keeps operations on task and in motion, and sees projects to completion.  She identifies and applies for funds and grants to improve our community. Susan does an extraordinary amount of work for Kenaston as a whole.  Thank you Susan.
Pass along your recognition of other outstanding community members to the Crossroads. 


Yeah… Dinner Theatre 2009 in Kenaston

We are thankful for the commitment by organizers and volunteers to see Dinner Theatre 2009 a reality. The play ‘Chickenheart’ is described as ‘a hysterical medieval melodrama… better than ‘Braveheart’.

The play will be directed by Melanie Kerpan, and the balance of the event coordinated by Susan Anholt. It is now up to us as a community to support the event and assist ticket sales. Not only does our Dinner Theatre help with the cost of running Kenaston Place, but it is also one of the important ways we get together as a community, enjoy a night of laughter and good food with family and friends. 
Ticket sales begin on Feb 24th at 6:00pm at Kenaston Place, and then will be available from Heather’s Korner – 252-2210. Thank you Heather.  Please be sure to purchase your tickets in advance.
Volunteers are still needed in every capacity. Please call Susan.

Wellness/Seniors Centers: Remember donation to our Wellness Center or Senior’s Center qualifies for tax receipts. 


Village News:  The Village of Kenaston council would like to remind people that the landfill is to be used only for metal and organic material such as trees or garden scraps.  All other refuse is to be thrown in the village red bins for a small fee.  Please inquire at the village office.  Anything other than metal or organic material is not allowed in the landfill by government regulation.

Chamber Membership Dues:  Although the Saskatchewan Chamber recommends a fee of $150 for chamber memberships, Kenaston remains at $25.  Our membership fee is an important source of income for various operational expenses, but we value the membership and involvement of our many Kenaston and area businesses more.  Your input and willingness to help with our community projects is what makes a Chamber organization possible.  Please get your membership cheque to Susan Anholt.

Emailing Our Newsletter: 
Without our newsletter, small as it is, Kenaston would have little communication for the things that are important to keep up on.  We would like to get our newsletter and other important updates into your homes more easily, so are asking for an expanded email list in order to do so.  Send us your email address or drop a note into one of our bulletin board envelopes around town.