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Kenaston Crossroads

June - July 2010


centennial2010 Centennial Celebration Update:

Registrations are coming in from across Canada.  In order to confirm meal numbers with our caterers we will need to have breakfast, dinner and brunch tickets purchased prior to June 20th. Please understand that this is a firm deadline.

If you want to know who is coming, the ongoing registrant list is posted on the Centennial page on the website and is updated weekly.

If you have space for campers in your yard, kindly let the Village office know so they can redirect our visitors. 
Our parade will line up according to the decades of our history; bring your cars, trucks, tractors, horses, bicycles, unicycle, stilts or whatever you can muster.  Pre-register your entry with Cory Ouellette so that she can coordinate and announce the parade (252-2115).

If you are setting up a booth for the “Taste of Kenaston” noon lunch (on Central Avenue), or display/sale tables, let Susan Anholt know so that we can advertise you properly (252-2001). 

The variety night has openings for those talented souls in our midst.  We also need clothing from the 1900 – 1950 eras for the fashion show.  If you have talent or clothing; call Tracey Taylor (252-2172). 

We will need volunteers for almost everything!  Call Susan Anholt. (252-2001)

BaseballKith’n Kin Ball Games at the Centennial Party: Notice we didn’t call it “tournament”. We want the ball to be like an old fashioned picnic – everyone can play from Grandparents to kids. There is no entry fee and therefore no prizes. You can keep score if you want to.  It is just a chance to socialize and play.

Please bring your community spirit to the diamond, but kindly leave all other “spirits” till after the games.  The number of games and times will depend on the number of teams. We want everyone who wants to play to have the opportunity. Contact Melanie Kerpan 252-2226.

garbageThe Walking Trail Annual Clean Up will take place on June 8th at 7 pm. You are welcome to joint the Chamber members on the trail or find a cleanup project elsewhere in the village.  Bring your rakes, spades and clippers. 

We can be proud of our well manicured village, but more can be done to enhance our residential or business lots.  It has been noted that some lots require tree and shrub trimming, others clean up and repairs.  Please help to ensure garbage is picked up, lawns are mowed, and clutter is put away.  Report any areas you have noted that require attention to the Village Office. The Village will be continuing with sidewalk improvements, including desodding, and the  maintainence and beautification of Centennial Park.

barndoorsAttention Farmers and Ranchers: You can join the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce as a farming business.  One of the advantages to members is a reduced credit card rate, and an excellent small business group insurance plan.  See the Chamber page on the Kenaston website for more details..

thumbsupThe Buy/Sell/Trade Forum on the Kenaston website:  The Kenaston Buy Sell forum is a good idea even though no one has used it yet….. Eventually many of us will want to post something there to buy, sell or even give away.  We want the forum to be for local users only, therefore each account must be verified before your posts can be added. Glen will approve the accounts as they come in, but, if for some reason, you suspect your particular email might not be recognized and mistaken as spam you can send an email to Glen just to let her know your registration is pending approval.  The account sign up is simple and easy to do, and we do not want to deter any legitimate users. With our village portion of the yard sale event not likely to happen this year, the buy/sell forum might come in handy.  Once you are registered as a user you can continue to post, and administrate your listings, free of charge at any time

Crossroads: Our newsletter has been reaching more people as we are emailing it to a growing list of subscribers.  If you have not received your newsletter by email then we likely do not have your email address or you have changed it. Please advise Glen Pavelich at gene.glen@sasktel.net if you wish to be added to our email list.

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Riverbend CO-OP Customer Appreciation Barbeque will be held in conjunction with the CTV Home Town Tour. Come out for the annual CO-OP barbeque on June 3rd from 5-7 p.m. at the Snowman Park.


CTV will be broadcasting their 6:00 news live from Kenaston during the CTV Home Town Tour.


ML Whittles and Dan O’Handley will host the CTV news team during their tour.  CTV wants to have the public visible during the broadcast, so we are happy the CO-OP has offered to hold their annual barbeque in conjunction with this visit. 

Come out to show your support and appreciation for our CO-OP and our community.

A 2010 Centennial Celebration registration table will be set up at this event to give local residents a convenient place to get registered. See Registration Form pdf 

Kenaston School

School News:
Congratulations to the 2010 Kenaston Graduates: Michael Baars, Megan Blenkinsop, Brooks Collins, Jorden Holder, Daniel Karpan, Riley Lowdermilk, Michael Moore, Monica Moore, Brandon Stone, Nicholas Teichroeb

Senior’s News: President of the Senior’s Club for 2010-11: Jeannette Holder.

Remember to bring your Kenaston memorabilia to the Adam’s Center for the Centennial Celebration history display.

Kenaston Blizzards

Blizzard Hockey Reunion: Kenaston Arena - July 2nd
(Optional afternoon of Golf at Davidson Golf Club)

Friday July 2nd - Registration, Happy Hour, Barbeque Supper, Blizzard Program, Dressing Room Tour, Memorabilia & Photo. See www.kenaston.ca for registration details.  Contact: Barry Firby bfirby@sasktel.net

Dinner Theater Update: This year’s dinner theatre was a huge success on all levels.  Not only did we have an outstanding performance, but the volunteer crews did a wonderful job.  Thanks to the set up & decorating crew, appetizer team, dessert team, bar tenders, hostesses, waiters, meat carvers, cast food, dinner support crew and dish crews; the back room performance was flawless!  Up on the stage the performance was hilarious and extremely well executed!  The quality of the performance can be attributed to our local talent and the dedication of our directors, Melanie Kerpan and Kathy Enns. Thanks to Gene Pavelich for his time and talent with sound and photography. As well, our caterers “Well Seasoned” and “Zdunich & Company” served delicious dinners.  Kenaston Place is booked for April 1-2, 2011. 

There were three bow-ties that went astray, if you have one of them kindly return it to Susan Anholt.  Thanks so much!


Business Improvements:
Our Co-Op
has offered to make arrangements for business improvement supplies, based on their stock.  Those interested should contact:
Florence Greke – 252-2144.

The Kenaston Trade and Craft Show has been taken on as an individual project by John Boehmer.  He will be organizing the event for the fall and has Kenaston Place tentatively booked for October 23rd.

Vandalism:  A cash reward is being offered by the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce for information that can be substantiated regarding vandalism in the village.  We all need to participate in a community watch.  Confidentiality will be ensured.  Please contact M.L. Whittles with information.

Lynn Yelich
A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100


Real Estate – A reminder to anyone selling real estate in or around Kenaston that you can put your property for sale on the Kenaston website for only $20.00.  People looking to buy a rural property do look at the community websites, and a good number of our recent sales have resulted from our on-line listing.  Contact Glen Pavelich – 252-2711 or email gene.glen@sasktel.net.