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Kenaston Crossroads
October - November, 2010



The Kenaston Trade and Craft Show. Saturday, October 23rd, 11:00 am  to 4:00 pm

A full house of booths and displays has been booked.
Food and beverages will be available during the show,
sponsored by Grade XII class, Kenaston School. 
Proceeds from the Trade Fair will be donated to the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.
Contact John to arrange for a booth: 252-2171. 

Get Your Kenaston Centennial DVD Set: The Kenaston "Heritage, Spirit, Vision" DVD is selling for $25.00.  This two disk set presents over 100 years of history, told from the perspective of each decade.  Contact Susan Anholt or Theresa Owen.

Kenaston Centennial Weekend DVD will be available later this month.  It is price at a very affordable $10.00, and hopefully will be available at the Trade and Craft Show.. 

4Cs Grand Opening

4C’s Grand Opening: Sonia and Les Howells are the new owners of the 4 C's Corner Store, formally Heather's Korner.  Welcome to our business community!

Sonia mentioned “Our grand opening is October 22, 2010.
We have popcorn, Lays potato chips, groceries, nickel candy, movies, culligan water, lottery, liquor, giftware, avon plus a gym, and tanning booth. Our hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 10:00am-9:00p.m. Friday and Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm, Sunday 10:00am -8:00pm.
We, and our staff, have a motto: ‘We aim to please at the 4 C's.” If we don’t have it we can get it, so just ask’”.

Highway 15 Improvements Update:  Highway 15 from Kenaston to the #2 is slated for upgrading within the next 5 years.  The Rural Highway Advisory Committee has named the #15 as an optional over-dimension access route for transport of over-size or over-weight freight. Some sections of the road will need to be widened. Whatever the designation, any improvement to this section of highway is long awaited and will be appreciated by local residents, businesses and through traffic.

Pitch-A-Palooza: Palooza events were first conceived by Nic Zdunich & Ellen Ouellette in the form of a Slo-Pitch tournament with the goal to get the youth involved in the community; while hosting an exciting, successful event that promotes and utilizes local businesses. We are always open to new events and new ideas (concert, sno-pitch, beach volleyball, fairs, etc.) and have the experience of two years of successful slo-pitch tournaments; so any ideas you may have; or if you’d like to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact either Ellen or Nic.

Pitch-A-Palooza 2010, which took place on August 7, 2010 in Kenaston, was bigger and better than last year’s. We had over 165 competitors, 11 teams and it was all thanks to the young people that put their heads together and worked hard for many months to organize and plan the event! Pitch A Palooza was able to donate 2 brand new sets of baseball bases to the Village of Kenaston, (valued at over $200.00) to ensure that everyone in the community is able to enjoy our ball diamonds as one of the many opportunities that Kenaston has to offer.

Pitch-A-Palooza would like to thank Nic Zdunich, Katelyn Sagen, and Sarah McVeigh; who each contributed many hours, and many months to ensure Pitch-A-Palooza’s success. Pitch A Palooza would also like to thank Brandon Stone for making the diamonds look so great for the games; Nikki Pavelich, and Amanda Holder for helping with last minute details and behind the scene duties throughout the day. Julio Urroz-Lezama from Social Prestige DJ’s for providing entertainment for the event Saturday night; Kenaston Hotel for working alongside us to through a bigger and better party then the previous year. And to our sponsors, F.E.A Contracting Ltd., and Guy Trucking Ltd., we could not accomplish what we wanted too without you, and anyone else who helped with the event, we thank you. To the spectators and community, we do this for you. Pitch A Palooza is a great event that keeps us involved, and we hope to see you in 2011!

Contributing to the Crossroads: As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads.  We like to see community spirit items, and recognition of our teams, clubs, students and organizations as well as our individual community members.  Contact Glen: 252-2711

Crossroads Distribution: You may have noticed we enclosed an email address request flier with this year’s municipal tax assessments from Village Office in order to reach more of the rural and village residents who do not receive the newsletter.  We are hoping to get an expanded email list so the Crossroads can be sent to more homes over the internet.

This Issue has been co-sponsored by:

Crossroads Sponsors

School Dates:

  • Monday, Oct. 11 – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 18 and 19 – Teachers Convention – No classes
  • Thursday, Oct. 21 – Open House - Supper/Kid’s Carnival – 5:30 p.m.

Senior’s Club:  Donations to the Senior Organization are much appreciated.  Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 2 pm.


Wellness Clinic Dates: October 25th, 10:00 a.m. at the Adam’s Center.
Flu Shot Drop-In Clinic: Oct. 15th, 9:00-12:30.

Remembrance Day Community Service: 10:30am – Kenaston Place


Village News:The Village of Kenaston council would like to inform village residents that there will be an increase of $15.00 per month for water charges which will be added on your January 1, 2011 water, sewer and waste management bill. The average bill will now be $144.00 every three months.  This increase is due to the extreme cost to upgrade the water treatment plant in order to lower the uranium level in our water required by the government.  This amount was discussed at the open community meeting in 2009 where the consensus was made to put in a partial reverse osmosis system in our water treatment plant.  Our water charges are still lower than many other communities in our area.  Pump Station construction is underway with completion expected by early Spring 2011.


Property Damage: Damage and inconsiderate abuse to personal property is something we all wish didn’t occur in Kenaston.  Most residents already keep an eye on neighboring property, but incidents occasionally do happen.  Although our Village has been better than most regarding vandalism, our continued vigilance is needed. 


Tomato / Potato Blight: Some things you should know:


Potato: Do not plant your own seed potatoes next season.  The spore lives in tubers over winter.  Buy certified seed potatoes for next year’s planting, and plan to change your planting location.  Check any of your stored potatoes often this fall and winter because there is a good chance they will not keep well.  If you do see spoilage BE SURE to get them outside where they will freeze – don’t wait until after spring temperatures have arrived to toss them out.

To avoid problems the potatoes should not be left in the ground, but dug on a warm dry day and left out in the air until they are well dried.  If possible do not bag them right away until you can see how they are keeping.  At the very least bag them dry, and watch them closely.

Certified seed potatoes: means the producer’s crop was inspected and met requirements that include set tolerances for key diseases. Ask whether late blight occurred where they were produced. Inspect them to ensure none have symptoms of tuber blight. Infected tubers used as seed or not destroyed from the previous crop are considered the primary source of initial inoculum for late blight. Plant only potatoes (tubers) being sold as ‘seed’. Do not use potatoes from your garden, even if you don’t think you had late blight. And do not use potatoes from a grocery store: there is higher tolerance for disease in ‘table stock’.


Tomato: Grow your own transplants or use those produced in an area where late blight did not develop on any plants inside or near the nursery greenhouse. Some strains of the late blight pathogen can infect petunia and some solanaceous weeds. The pathogen cannot survive on tomato seed, and does not survive our winters outside … but this is why managing stored potatoes is so important.

While cool, rainy conditions are especially favorable, late blight can develop in the absence of rain when relative humidity is at least 90%. Strains tolerating warmer temperatures have been occurring recently, primarily on tomatoes, enabling late blight to develop even during the mid-summer months.

The primary symptoms are stem lesions with white fungal growth developing under moist conditions. The fungal growth consists of thousands of microscopic spores. The spores can be dispersed by wind or splashing to healthy plant tissue, infecting the healthy tissue if it is wet for a few hours. Within a few days new lesions are produced. The disease can be very explosive due to the quantity of spores and the fast disease cycle under optimal conditions. Established lesions cannot be controlled, even with the most effective systemic fungicides.



Lynn Yelich
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