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Kenaston Crossroads
April / May 2012

Kenaston Dinner Theatre 2012:

Another successful and well-attended Dinner Theatre was held March 30 and 31 at Kenaston Place.  The evening began with appetizers and cocktails, followed by the meal catered by “Well Seasoned” and ended with a hilarious production of “Hounds of the Clackervilles”.  Kathy Enns and Melanie Kerpan directed the play and Gene Pavelich handled lights and sound.  The performance was well received and the actors are to be commended on a job well done.  Also to be commended are our many volunteers who worked long hours both evenings and without whom an undertaking like this would not be possible.  Thank you for your commitment to our community.

The community would also like to thank Susan Anholt for the many hours over the many years that she has
organized and managed this event.  Her contributions are much appreciated.  The organization of Dinner Theatre will now be handled by a guild.  Melanie
Kerpan will be next season’s chairperson.  If you are interested in any aspect of Dinner Theatre, please let her know.  (See full write-up & pictures).

Kenaston BlizzardsCommunity Awards & Blizzard Auction:

This event will be held on Saturday, April 14. Cocktails are at 5:30 with dinner, awards and auction to follow.  This year we will be celebrating the Senior D Provincial Championship. 
Watch for posters!

Distance Learning Center at Kenaston School

A comprehensive report by Darren Gasper Principal Kenaston School / Sun West Distance Learning Centre

(For future reference the above link will also be posted on the Kenaston School Page.)

How do I find these courses? You can find more information by visiting our website at www.sunwestsd.ca/distancelearning or by calling us at 252-2182.

Seniors Club News:

The Regional Winter Games are underway. Kenaston Seniors will host the games on April 4, beginning at 10:00 a.m. The Grande Finale will be held in Davidson on May 3. Tickets for this event must be ordered by April 26.

The pool tables, quilting machine and exercise equipment continue to be well used. The Valentine's Day cupcake afternoon had 22 people in attendance.

SSAI Walkaton will be held from April 1 to May 15. During this time, seniors are encouraged to participate in a variety of physical activities, which can be converted to miles. Forms are available at the Adams Centre.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Adams Centre on Tuesday, April 17 at 3:30 p.m.

Community Page Announcements:

The Kenaston website is available for all community members to use.  If your group or organization has an announcement of any type, please contact Glen to have it posted.  Event announcements can also be published in the Kenaston Crossroads. 
Glen 252-2711, gene.glen@sasktel.net.

Real Estate: If you have a house, farm, business, or land for sale don't foget to have it posted on the Kenaston website. If you are using a Realtor they can have your property and MLS listing posted on the Kenaston site for you. Contact: Glen Pavelich - 252.2711.

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. To sponsor ($60) or co-sponsor ($30) an issue contact Susan Anholt: 252-2769

Crossroads Distribution:

Our growing list of email addresses helps us reach more of the rural and village residents who do not receive the newsletter.  We are hoping to continue with this expanded email list so the Crossroads and other important notices can be sent to more homes over the internet. Those not on our list can send their email address to Glen at glenpavelich@gmail.com


This Issue has been co-sponsored by:

Millsap Coop Sponsors


Cell phone

Kenaston's Alternate Phone Directory
Response extension:

Because the Post Office is not permitted to give out box number information, we have decided to create a secondary directory which will contain PO Boxes, second phone numbers, spouses name, etc. and make it available to area residents.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit your additional info using an online form: This link is also posted on the Kenaston Home page and form can be picked up at Village Office. Please offer to fill out this form for others you know, if needed. The more responses the more useful the directory will be.

Food Safety Course:

Food Safety

Does your seniors, church, community club, school, or local recreation facility have certified people? Successful completion of this training program fulfills the Saskatchewan regulations requiring anyone serving food to the public to be qualified in food service sanitation.

The rules have changed and courses need to be repeated at a regular interval. The cost is $40.00 per person. With sufficient enrolment, we will attempt to arrange a course in Kenaston. Call Susan Anholt and leave your name by April 30th

Vickie and Tim Holder

A Chamber Welcome Basket goes to: Hoffmann Holder Insurance.

See the new Hoffmann Holder website and online services at: www.hoffmannholderinsurance.ca (which is always available from the business page on the Kenaston website).

Spirit Research Project:

Spirit Group
The well-being of rural communities matters. The extent to which people experience peace, joy, healing, and acceptance is critical to quality of life. Communities grow and flourish as a result of hope and happiness. There is very little research information available about what nurtures these qualities in rural life. Please participate by giving us your perspective online at the following link: Spirit Research Project.

And/Or if you would like to discuss your ideas and the ideas of others in our area, please fill in the contact Information so one of the research leads can set up a time for you to participate in a 2 hour focus group discussion.


Kenaston Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteers are need, particularly for daytime hours. We need fire fighters, first responders (see Ken Remmen), and drivers capable of driving split axel vehicles. Training nights are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm throughout the year. Drop in to the fire hall and check us out! Contact: Ken Remmen (252-2767) or Gene Whitehead (252-2245)

Business Opportunities:

Investors Group is seeking a sales representation in the Kenaston area. If this is of interest to you, contact ML Whittles (252-2236) who will be able to refer you to the contact person.

Homecare workers: Davidson Health Centre is looking for casual homecare/special care aids. Preferably someone having completed, or in the process of completing, the required training. Anyone interested in this position, who does not have the required training will have 2 years to complete the training while on-the-job. If interested, contact Gwen Ehr, Homecare Co-ordinator, 567-2801.

Village News

The Village is offering the old Legion Hall for free to anyone who is willing to move it. It must however be claimed by April 27th, 2012 and be off site by June 30th, 2012. This piece of Village property is designated for future residential development. Call Carman at Village office if you have questions or want to arrange a viewing.

Kenaston Public Cemetery: Plot costs have been increased to $200.00. Cemetery Contacts: Garry Miller (Phone 252-2842) or Wallace Collins (252-2814). Recycle Bins:

This service is paid for by the Tax Payers of the Village of Kenaston. Rural Residents wishing to recycle please report to the Village office and pay a minimal user fee to access this service.
Lynn Yelich
A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100