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August / September 2012

Rink Beautification Project

curling rink

2012 is the International Year of the Cooperatives. To celebrate the year in Kenaston, Riverbend Co-op and Affinity Credit Union are donating paint to restore the Curling Rink building. As well, both organizations will be providing some of the volunteer labour for the project [thank you Affinity and Riverbend!].

The building was power washed on July 27 thanks to Ole Remmen, Lorne Anholt,  Jordan Roberts, Florence Greke, Crystal Zdunich, Dale Firby, Melanie Kerpan, Susan Anholt, Butch Millsap. Thanks to Joe Stacowich for providing the tractor.


The propose date for painting is August 10; with a back-up date of August 17 in case of poor weather or a second coat is needed. Please let Florence (252-2144) know if you can volunteer for either date.

Florence Greke, Manager, Riverbend Co-op, Kenaston

The Kenaston and District Business Plan has been updated and has been posted on the Kenaston website.  The plan can be found on both the Chamber page and Community Profile at www.kenaston.ca

peopleCommunity Meeting  Update: The community meeting on June 6th was well attended.  It was wonderful to receive feedback from the community members who came and who heard the updates presented by Village and RM council’s as well as the REDA and Chamber.  The data has been compiled and submitted to Village and RM Council for their input and consideration.  Thank you to all who supported the meeting efforts.

Real Estate: ontact Glen Pavelich at 252-2711 to list your real estate on the Kenaston website or email her at gene.glen@sasktel.net. $20.00  Don’t overlook this selling tool if you have a house, land or business for sale.

Susan Anholt awarded CNR Hall of Fame

Railway Hall of Fame

On May 31st Susan Anholt
was officially awarded “The 2010 Hero” by the Canadian Railway Hall of Fame.

An honorary plaque was presented by Michael Bourque, President and Chief Executive Officer, Railway Association of Canada.
Susan for the well deserved recognition and for putting heart and soul into a project that puts our proud community on the map yet again


cell phone

Alternate Phone Directory
The 2012 alternate phone directory is now available from Glen Pavelich.  Along with the regular names and phone numbers, this directory contains PO Box numbers, spousal names, and 2nd numbers for those who submitted.  If you would like a copy then submit your information and one will be sent to you via email.  The submission form is posted on Kenaston home page, or available at Village Office. If you did submit your information but did not get a copy please let Glen know. 252-2711 gene.glen@sasktel.net

Colin Finnie

Colin Finnie is Canadian Horseshoe
Champion for the 9th time!
Colin won all 15 of his games. This year was the first time the Canadian Championship was held in Saskatoon, and it attracted more than 100 participants.

Lynn Yelich
A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. To sponsor ($60) or co-sponsor ($30) an issue contact Susan Anholt: 252-2769

This issue was co-sponsored by:


GrillCommunity Barbeque:
Wednesday, August 8th, 5:30-7:30
at Kenaston Place
Cost: $3.00 per person, max $10 per family with school age children. 
Newcomers free.

We extend a warm welcome to all community members to get together with friends and neighbors on August 8th before we get busy with harvest or back- to-school preparations.  We especially invite all newcomers to the Village and RM to attend and be officially greeted by the community. Volunteers to help out with the BBQ and set up are needed. Contact: Susan Anholt. 252-2769.

FleaMarket2012 Annual Flea Market at Prairie Treasures

Sunday August 5th
and Monday August 6th.
9 am to 5 pm.

Just west of the corner of Highways 15 and 11. Contact Ed Grant 252-2366 to book a  table on the Prairie Treasures grounds. Table cost $15.


BalloonYard Sales: If you plan to have a yard sale at your residence on the August long weekend you can add your location to the wall map at Prairie Treasures. Plan on putting out balloons or markers to draw people to your sale.


Community Page

We have created a Kenaston Facebook page to communicate important updates and announcements to the community.  We would love to have all of our community “facebook” see and make use of the page.

Please go to the Kenaston Community” FB page and click ‘LIKE’ at the top so that any postings will automatically come to your status page. 
If you have an important community announcement to be added simply create a message from this page, or contact Susan Anholt, Theresa Owen or Glen Pavelich.

Village News

The paving of 4th Street, from Central Avenue to Front Avenue and the parking lot at Kenaston Place, in the Village of Kenaston, was financed by a member of the Ouellette Family and dedicated to the memory of :

  • J. Alphonse Ouellette, a long time Overseer and Councilor,
  • Stanley A. Ouellette a long time Councilor and Fire Chief,
  • and M. Josephine (Josie) Ouellette a life-long
    community activist.


Highway 15 Intersection
Village Council has analyzed all three intersection options and has favored Option #4. Their rationale is posted on the Kenaston homepage (see maps and info linked from homepage www.kenaston.ca). We invite you to contact the consulting team (AMEC) that held the public highways meeting on June 6th, because without significant and compelling input from our community highways may go with the cheapest option. Option #4 (the preferred)
although the safest for the community is apparently the most expensive because of the access roads that are needed.

Vetern's Park, Kenaston

Walking Trail and Park Cleanup 

On July 4th volunteers Bob Mason, Colleen Sekulich, Toni Tweet, Glen Pavelich and Susan Anholt did a timely and much needed cleanup of the walking trail. 

Susan and Colleen also spent 2 hours trimming trees at Veteran’s Park.