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Kenaston Crossroads
June / July 2013

Kenaston Flea Market

August Long Weekend 2013: Sunday August 4th
and Monday August 5th. 9 am to 5 pm.

Location: Just west of the corner of Highways 15 and 11. Contact: Ed Grant 252-2366 to book a table on the Prairie Treasures grounds.  Table cost $10

Yard Sales: If you plan to have a yard sale at your residence on that weekend you can add your location to the wall map at Prairie Treasures. Plan on putting out balloons or markers to draw people to your sale.

Kenaston Hotel:

Kenaston Hotel

Kenaston welcomes the new owners of the Kenaston Hotel and Bar. On May 29th the Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed  owners Sam and Amy Li, and Manager Leo Zhang by presenting a gift basket in recognition of the continued Kenaston business. 

The Hotel management and staff would like to welcome the public to the bar, grill and place to party and get together with friends. Their aim is to make a relaxed and happy atmosphere for everyone.  Stop in for a visit and see some of the changes in progress, including improvements to the property and a new family style menu.

Support Fund: There is a collection fund at the Coop to raise money for specialized equipment for Carrie Morgan.  Cash or cheques payable to Carrie Morgan.

Walking Trail Clean-up date: Tuesday June 18th.  Meet at 6:30 pm at Veteran’s Park with rakes, clippers, etc

Library News

Kenaston Summer Reading Program will KICK OFF all day Wednesday June 26 and run to August 23. This summer's theme is "Bon Voyage". Stop by to sign up and pick up your reading packet.



Friday July 12 1-2:30 Kenaston library will be hosting "Here and There and Everywhere" with story teller Danica Lorer. Everyone welcome Kenaston Wheatland Library.

Contact Vickie Fowler if you are interested in purchasing a Kenaston Wheatland Library Birthday Calendar for 2014.

Posies in the Park:

Thank you to Kenaston Lions Club & Kenaston Seniors Club for their generous donations. And to all the contributions to the jars placed at the Coop, Cafe, Jesse Mae's, Bar, Hoffman-Holder & Adams Centre. Thank you to students & staff of Kenaston School for cleaning the park. Enjoy the beautiful flowers from Brightwater Greenhouse on your stroll through the park! 

Kenaston Seniors News

The Kenaston Seniors Club have a new Executive.  President: Jeanette Holder, Secretary: Mary Ann Santha, Treasurer: Bev George, 1st Vice President: Frank Sagen, 2nd Vice President: Rosemary O’Handley.

The Winter Games Grand Finale was held in Colonsay on April 26th.  Congratulations to the Colonsay Seniors Club.

Crafts and fun time with the Kenaston Seniors and Kenaston School children was held on May 28th and May 31st.  Thank you to all the teachers for bringing the children and helping out.

Soon you will see a change at the Adam Center; we’re taking on a new look as we up-date the exterior of the building.  “Watch for it”.  Plans are also in progress for a new front ramp.
Quilting is on going at the center—a lot of beautiful quilts have been done by some very talented ladies.

Plans for our club’s 40th Anniversary in 2014 are underway.  If you have suggestions for this event, please let us know.
Saskatchewan Seniors Assoc. Inc. will be having a convention in Saskatoon on June 4th—6th.  Jeanette Holder and Mary Ann Santha will be attending and reporting back to our membership. 

The last Seniors monthly meeting for the summer will be on June 18th at 3 pm, and will commence again in September.  Please note that activities will still be at the center through the summer—snooker, cards, checkers, shuffleboard and games on the big screen.  Come out and enjoy some fellowship – and good coffee or tea! 

Secretary: Mary Ann Santha 252-2721.

Lynn Yelich
A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100




Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates

The days and nights of frigid temperatures, blizzards, shoveling out and dreary days are finally over, at least for now.  Unfortunately, the disappearance of the banks of snow around town brings a whole new set of problems.  Rough roads, crumbling sidewalks, some places without sidewalks, public property grass growing taller, dog owners not picking up after their pet, too many cats around and not enough chocolate.  The last one is my complaint but – well, you see where I'm going.  Council is well aware of our failing infrastructure and I want to ensure you that we are working on a strategic plan for our community moving forward.  I  am loathe to put this in writing just in case but – I hope we see some visual changes this summer. 

Well, we had our first boil water advisory - in my recollection.  Thank you to all of you who were so gracious to open your doors so late at night to hear the news.  We had no choice but to go door-to-door as so many people no longer have land lines and we do not have your cell numbers.  We could not risk not letting you know even if it meant getting some of you out of bed.  A policy and procedure is being developed in the event it should ever happen again.  A big thank you to Carman Fowler, our Village Administrator for organizing and participating in the blitz, her son Braeden Fowler, Brad Owen, Gene Whitehead, Leon Tomlenovich and yours truly.  A big thank you as well to Ben Collins who was here from Hanley to stop the siren and do what needed doing.  

This has been edited from the original posting in the June/July Kenaston Crossroads.
If you have an electric water heater you are advised to shut the breaker off to the water heater while the water is off.

We apologize for the inconvenience but a pipe needs to be fixed at the water treatment plant.  They hope to have the work completed within the above noted time frame but you know how it goes - 'the best laid plans'....

Please ensure that you take your garbage bins off the street in-between collection days.  If the bin is damaged replacement cost is that of the home owner.

I will once again close with a reminder that Council meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m.,  unless otherwise posted.  If you wish to bring up any issues to us, please request a spot on the agenda through Carman at least a week in advance of the meeting.  If you just want to observe a meeting, the meetings are open and you are more than welcome to attend.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Community Welcome Barbeque:


The annual Welcome to New Residents BBQ will be held on Wednesday August 7th at Kenaston Place.  This is the time to come to meet and greet our new village members as well as to participate in a community event.  Sponsored by the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce.  Costs: $3.00 burger and drink.  Max $10 per family with school age children. Newcomers free. Donations accepted.  Volunteers willing to help with the event please contact Susan Anholt.

School News:kids

  • June 7 - Elementary Track & Field
  • June  20 - Exam Week Starts
  • June 26 - Last day of school for
  • June 27 - Graduation - Exercises
    7:00 - Kenaston Place
  • June 28 - Report Cards/Teacher last day

Thank you to Kenaston School students and staff for their
annual spring cleanup to Village property. May 20th—30th.

clean up at the arena

Village News: The Village is currently accepting resumes for the Kenaston summer student position? Job includes such things as cutting grass, tree trimming, general maintenance, etc. Contact the office for more information or drop off a resume by June 18. See Poster


Residents are reminded to please cut the grass on the town property around their homes between the sidewalks and streets. The stipulation for maintaining your own lawns is a nuisance bylaw in place to make sure there are no unmaintained properties.

Don’t just hang a poster.

If you have an event be sure to contact Glen or Susan to have your event posted on the Kenaston website and community calendar.  Our website is used by a wide sector of the community who also use kenaston.ca as their default browser page.  Therefore this and the Kenaston FB page are main communication tools and we invite you to take advantage of them. You can always find contact info from the contact page tab at www.kenaston.ca


Crossroads Distribution:

Our growing list of email addressesEmail helps us reach more of the rural and village residents who do not receive the newsletter.  We are hoping to continue with this expanded email list so the Crossroads and other important notices can be sent to more homes over the internet. Those not on our list can send their email address to Glen at gene.glen@sasktel.net

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. To sponsor ($80) or co-sponsor ($40) an issue contact Susan Anholt: 252-2769