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August / September 2014

2014 Flea Market—Ole' Den Antiques:

Sunday August 3rd, and Monday August 4th, 9am - 5pm. To book a table on the Ole Den grounds contact Denis or Tammy Powder.  If you are having a yard sale be sure to post your name on the map at Ole’ Den and also put balloons at the street edge to draw people to your sale. The Powders will be running the Flea Market exact way that Ed has done it in the past and will be having their own table there.  There will be collectibles, antiques, flea market items, baking, perogies, cabbage rolls, buns, jams, sauces, baby potatoes freshly picked, toys and MORE!!

Pancake breakfast both mornings put on by
the Swimming Pool Board!

Car Show, Ole Den, Kenaston

The winners of the well- attended Show 'n Shine held on June 28th were:
1st place  Bernie Niska—1934 Pontiac, 2nd place—Darren Williams—1959 GMC truck, 3rd place Gary Nichols—1928 Ford
Model A.



Community Welcome Barbeque:


The annual Welcome to New Residents BBQ will be held on Wednesday August 6th at Kenaston Place, 5:30-7:30.  This is the time to come to meet and greet our new village members as well as to participate in a community event. 
Sponsored by the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce.  Costs: $3.00 burger and drink.  Max $10 per family with school age children.  Newcomers free. Donations accepted.  Volunteers willing to help with the event please contact Susan Anholt.

Tornado In Kenaston - July 2014

Tornado in Kenaston, Saskatchewan
Photo by Bob Aussant


On Saturday, July 5th the Village of Kenaston was spared the destruction of a tornado that narrowly missed the village limits.  Unfortunately the Province of Saskatchewan and Environment Canada Weather Office does not have an effective Tornado tracking and notification system at the present time.  This creates the risk of fast moving funnel clouds forming tornados that can reach a populated area quickly and without sufficient warning.  We remind rural residents who often have a better view of approaching weather and residents of the Village who live on the edges of the community to be vigilant when a Tornado watch and or warning is issued and report the sighting of threatening funnel clouds or tornados on the ground to local authorities as soon as possible.  

To report approaching threatening funnel clouds immediately call:   Gene Whitehead – Emergency Measures 306-567-7930  and/or Ken Remmen, Deputy Town Fire Chief  306-567-8240.   In all cases of a tornado on the ground, call 9-1-1 first to report and then if safe, call Gene Whitehead and Ken Remmen.This action on the part of our local storm watchers allows local emergency officials and responders to activate warning functions currently in place.  At the present time, the means of warning are the fire department vehicle sirens being sounded with emergency vehicles being driven through town.  When this happens take cover immediately in your basement or in a room in the center of the house if a basement is not available. 

A general alarm siren is in the process of being installed at the fire hall which will serve in the future as a public warning alarm. The sound will be a rising and falling siren alarm when functioning.   

Gene Whitehead – Emergency Measures Coordinator


Kenaston Cemetery

St. Andrew's Cemetery:

Due to the recent tornado damage, which occurred July 5, 2014, a number of local volunteers have been very busy helping with their time and equipment, to save the damaged evergreens, repair the gate and tombstones, and remove damaged trees. Special thanks to Remco Memorial, Regina, for the crew they sent and who donated their time and equipment to replace heavy tombstones.  Monetary donations received towards the tornado damage have also been very much appreciated. We are grateful to everyone that has helped in any way.

Theresa Owen, Treasurer, St. Andrew's Cemetery



The Summer Pool Schedule is posted on the Kenaston Home Page. See PDF.  Support the Swimming Pool Board at the upcoming Pancake breakfast both mornings of the Flea Market—Sunday August 3rd, and Monday August 4th. 

See the Fund-raising Proposal
for reviving the diving board, installing a waterslide, and upgrading the facility.  Contacts: Neal Sanderson 561-7703 or Elaina Gilmette 252-2791.


Village News:

A reminder from the Village of Kenaston office that all village residents are responsible for maintaining and pruning any bushes, trees, shrubs, etc. located on the residents property hanging over the village sidewalk or property, to a reasonable height allowing others the ability to walk on the village sidewalk or property.

Carman Fowler, Administrator


Kenaston Library:

Euredka”  is well under way with 46 local children, and Clearspring hutterite children registered. It will run all summer long with prize winners being announced at the end of August.

We continue to get in a lot of new books and displays. Right now Miss P has her Graduation Class of 2014 display up for everyone to stop and take a quick look. Library on the hill hours: Monday 7-9 pm, Wednesday 11-5  and Friday 11-5

Lynn Yelich MP

Alternate Phone Directory: A reminder to keep you information on the alternate phone directory listing updated.   Also if you have changed your email please send the update for newsletter distribution to glenpavelich@gmail.com

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

It is a well-known fact that there is a huge infrastructure deficit in our Province.  This growing problem is not only prevalent in Saskatchewan, but nationally and internationally as well.  Kenaston is not immune to the issues of aging infrastructure.  In order to sustain what we have we need to find out what the costs will be to maintain, operate and enhance the level of service presently enjoyed, and what the replacement costs will be in the future.
Asset Management – 'The combination of management, physical, financial, economic, engineering and other practices ... applied to physical assets ... with the objective of providing the required level of service ... in the most cost effective manner.'  Not a sexy topic, totally boring - but absolutely essential if a proactive approach to the future is going to be taken. 

The Goal of Asset Management is to meet a required level of service in the most cost effective manner, through the creation, acquisition, maintenance, operation, rehabilitation and disposal of assets.

The Benefits of Asset Management are improved stewardship and accountability of municipal finances and assets; improved communication and relationship with service providers; improved risk management; and improved financial accountability and providing services from infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

The Village of Kenaston council has chosen this path to ensure that services can and will continue to be provided – both now and into the future.  The first two services being looked at is water and sewer.    With the assistance of engineers, consultants and IPWEA (Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia) we participated in a 3 day training course in June.  Our Administrator, Carman Fowler and I devoted our attention towards the water service in Kenaston.  Using an internationally accepted asset management program, NAMS, the cost of maintenance, operation/enhancement and eventual replacement of our water lines and water treatment plant were scrutinized.  We now have the ability to develop an Asset Management Plan and make long term financial plans for this service into the future.

With a first go of the water system Asset Management Plan for the Village under our belt, we hope to have the same completed for the sewer system prior to the end of the year.   Eventually, there should be a assessment of the all the assets and services provided by the Village, and a plan moving forward.  This is not an instant fix but finding the bottom line and creating a financial plan and yearly budget for the future, is not debatable.  Doing nothing, is not a plan.  We have the potential for growth but if we cannot maintain, operate, enhance or replace our infrastructure, how can we even consider growth.  The two must, at the very least, go hand in hand.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Community Spirit: 

Walking Trail and Snowman Park—Trimming and Clean-Up
 Took place June 17th.  Those who came and helped out: Susan Anholt, Bev George, Florence Greke, Crystal Zdunich, Victoria Wiens, Lorne Anholt, Colleen Sekulich, Coby
Knippelberg, Vicki Holder, Agatha Rupcich, Tim Holder.

A big shout out of thanks to Kevin Mills and Brent Hartman for removing the canopy structure from Snowman Park. The structure had become very dangerous due to broken welding.

Sign Replaced  The replacement sign for the east end of the Bonnington Springs Trail "Mick's Way" has been ordered at a replacement cost of $968.00  Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted and can be receipted by the Village of


Adam's Center

Kenaston Seniors News

Forty years ago, in 1974, the seniors of Kenaston started the Kenaston Pensioners and Senior Citizens Organization Branch (PSCO) #113. Edna Adams donated the cinderblock building naming it the “Adams Centre”.  The club had over 100 members the first few years.  In 1981 the name was changed to the Kenaston Seniors Inc.  So to acknowledge our anniversary, we had thank you cards made and sent to people who once were part of the history of Kenaston Seniors Club.  Members who joined from 1974-1977 were Pearl Holder, Mary Sagen, Tryphena Anholt and Phyllis George. 

The Heartland Health Region is starting a volunteer drive program at Kenaston.  If you would like to volunteer to be a driver or request a ride please call Susanna at 567-2303.  A foot care and wellness clinic is available at the Kenaston Seniors Centre, if you need an appointment call Heartland Health office at 567-2302.  The next clinic is August 18th at 9 am.

The Kenaston Café is closed from July 24th to August 9th so the Seniors Center will be open during this time for morning and afternoon coffee.

Kiley Zdunich's Bridal Shower
August 4 at 2:00 p.m. at Kenaston Place.

Don’t just hang a poster.

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