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June / July 2014

Annual Flea Market—Ole' Den Antiques:

Sunday August 3rd, and Monday August 4th. To book a table on the Ole Den grounds contact Denis or Tammy Powder. 

Ole' Den Antiques Grand Opening (formerly Prairie Treasures) will be having a Grand Opening as well as a Show 'n Shine on June 28 from 9 until 6.  The Show 'n Shine will take place between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. There will be discount cards to choose from for purchases at the store, and 5 to 50% off cards. The Show 'n Shine welcomes all types of cars, trucks, motorbikes, etc. Contact Ole' Den at 252-2366 for more information or email: oledenantiques @gmail.com

Summer hours: June 1- Mid Sept. 9-8 Monday to Saturday 10-8 Sunday. 

Ole Antiques, Kenaston
Brandan, Tammy and Denis Powder. 

Community Welcome Barbeque:  

The annual Welcome to New Residents BBQ will be held on Wednesday August 6th at Kenaston Place, 5:30-7:30.  This is the time to come to meet and greet our new village members as well as to participate in a community event.  Sponsored by the Kenaston Chamber of Commerce.  Costs: $3.00 burger and drink.  Max $10per family with school age children.  Newcomers free. Donations accepted.  Volunteers willing to help with the event please contact Susan Anholt.

Humilowich, Kenaston

New Business:

The Kenaston Chamber welcomes Hummer’s Burger Shack operating on the PeDe’s Corner.
Summer Hours: Open 10 am – 8 pm Daily

Bill and Lorraine Humilowich





KFD logo

For Fire Fighting & Motor Vehicle Accident Rescue. Help protect the lives and property of friends and neighbors, as well as travelers along Highways 11 & 15. Join and serve on: The Fire Team, The Rescue Team, or Both the Fire & Rescue Teams. Contact: Any Fire Department Member or come to a meeting at 7:30 pm Tuesdays at the Fire Hall.

Kenaston Fire Department

School News

School News:

June 6 - Elementary Track & Field
June 6 & 7 - High School Provincial Track & Field (Kenaston is sending 5 students)
June 16 - Awards Day
June 20 - Final Exams Start, and SRC Carnival
June 26 - Students' Last Day of School
June 27 - Graduation

Village News:

The Village nuisance ground is available for village residents to use for trees and leaves and any metal items at no cost.  The red bin is used for any other items at a cost of $25.00 per truck load. The key is available at the Village office during office hours only.  If it is an urgent manner only and needed after hours, please contact the village foreman, Joe Stacowich.

The Village Office would like to remind residents that alleys should remain free of vehicles, campers, boats, trailers etc. for utility company vehicles and emergency vehicle access.  These service people require access to alleys and are unable to contact owners of these items in an emergency case.  Utility companies also often trim trees in the alleys to access their services.  A note to owners of trees that hang in the back alley, they may not trim them the way you may want them. Please keep them trimmed the way you would like them.  Please respect the requirements of the utility and emergency service representatives.  - Carman Fowler, Administrator

Walking Trail Clean Up:  

Come out and walk the trail, and help with the annual clean up.  Meet at the west end of the trail (the old highway end) on June 17th, at 6:30 pm.  Bring clippers, saws for trimming as needed. 


Kenaston Library:


Kenaston Library Is very excited to announce The start-up Of a “Used Book Sale”. Purchase a blue bag for $10 and fill it up with your favorite books. Book donations will be accepted. Help keep our library open. Library hours-Mon 7-9 Wed. and Fri. 11-5. 

Also : Anyone interested in ordering a 2015 birthday calendar contact Vicki at 306-252-2003 and leave a message, or Faye at 306-252-2130.


Lynn Yelich MP


Lowdermilk Transport

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

It was a long time in coming but I do believe (I truly hope) that the warm seasonal weather has finally arrived.  Summer is so short as it is - and there is so much to do.  In the last edition of the Crossroads I spoke of the high possibility that growth is coming our way – just as it has to Dundurn, Hanley and their surrounding R.M.'s.  With the news of the school expansion and the arrival of an influx of new teachers to the community Council is feeling a sense of urgency.  Some of those teachers are going to want to live here – some are going to want to build here.  Are we ready?  NO.  Is that going to stop us?  NO.  And so the process for preparing for growth begins.

The first week of June we are expecting a geo-technical company out.  They will be working at several different locations in the community – digging holes – analyzing soil – and providing the Village with a report as to what development and building requirements will be necessary.  We live over an underground lake – we need to do due diligence.  You will  see the geo-tec company around the old Legion and Gymkhana area, as well as the block heading west.  They will be around the tennis court area and between the Petro Can and the Co-op.

With this information in hand the block west of the old Legion will be surveyed and titled.  We will need to haul dirt to build up the block and the geo-technical report will provide us with the correct soil requirements.  This, we hope to have done this summer.  'The best laid plans'.... Well, you know how that goes.  In any event, that is the plan.
You will see the Village Foreman checking the water turn off valves in the community.  A budget of $10,000.00 has been set aside this year for ensuring that these valves are in working order.  This will continue on a yearly basis until all turn off values are taken care of.  

New water meters will be installed at all residential homes.  The meters we have now are well past their 'good for date'.  Fifty-five meters will be replaced this summer with the remaining meters installed over the next two years.

There has been no news as yet from the Ministry of Highways with respect to the intersection of #15 and #11 highways.  In the last article of the Crossroads I advised we were meeting with the Project lead from the Ministry and the consultants on April 1.  Sitting at the table with our Deputy Fire Chief, Ken Remmen, Emergency Measures Co-ordinator, Gene Whitehead, James Simonson, Community Planner from WaterWolf and the Village Council, our safety and growth concerns were expressed.  We were asked to put it into a letter and it moves up the food chain.  So, for all those watching this story unfold – that is the scoop so far.

Colleen Sekulich stepped down from the Chamber Beautification Committee.  Thank you Colleen for all your time and effort.  Veteran’s Centennial Park over the past few summers have been gorgeous.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Affinity Credit Union.  Management and staff have agreed to take up the trowel and responsibility for the Park this summer.  The Credit Union has always been a huge participant in helping out in the park, so it was a natural transition.  A transition much appreciated by this Council and the residents of Kenaston.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Community Spirit: 

Veteran’s Park - Thank you to the Affinity Credit Union for taking on the job of maintaining the flowers at Vetern’s Park for the summer.  They will also fund the flower purchases. 

Co-op Fund Raising Sponsored BBQ’s - On Friday, May 6 Kenaston School grades 9/10 held a burger sale sponsored by the Riverbend Coop (Kenaston Branch). This is the second sale the Coop has sponsored as a fund raiser for students and each time approximately $550 was raised. The Coop supplies the BBQ and product (at cost) and the students flip the burgers. 
Kenaston School is very pleased and proud to partner in this local event and really value the contributions the Coop makes to our young people and community.

Adam's Center
Kenaston Seniors News

The Seniors Club has been busy with up grading the interior of our center, now almost complete. 

Activities slow down somewhat during the summer but we are still around for coffee.

Affinity Credit Union has honored the seniors club with funding for activities. Tyler Pisiak presented our president Jeanette Holder with a cheque on May 26th at afternoon coffee time.

Just a reminder; memberships are now due.  Join and enjoy fellowship with your neighbors.  New memberships are welcome.  Contact Bev George 252-2838 or Jeanette Holder
252-2081 for more information.

Kenaston Wellness Clinic for foot care and othr health needs, for appointments call 306-567-2302.  First clinic Monday June 9th from 9am to noon at the Adams Centre.  Next monthly meeting will be held June 17th at 3 pm at the Adams Centre. Mary Ann Santha

Don’t just hang a poster.

If you have an event be sure to contact Glen or Susan to have your event posted on the Kenaston website, newsletter, and community calendar.  Our website is used by a wide sector of the community who also use kenaston.ca as their default browser page.  Therefore this, and the Kenaston FB page, are main communication tools and we invite you to take advantage of them.
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