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Community BBQ and Welcome

Wednesday August 12th
5:30—7:00—Kenaston Place

Kenaston will hold its annual BBQ to welcome new residents to Kenaston. This event has become a favorite community spirit gesture, and we hope you will plan to attend. Our new residents will be invited by letter as we want each to receive a personalized invitation. Pass the word and let Theresa Owen know of any new neighbors you know of.

Thank you to our sponsors: Millsap Fuel Distributors and Kenaston Lions Club.

Kenaston Flea Market 2015

Flea Market Sunday Aug 2nd & Monday Aug 3rd and William Holder Memorial Show 'n Shine Monday Aug 3rd

Flea Market is 9:00 am to 5:00pm daily. Show 'n Shine is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. All events will be at the original highway #15 site. The Ole' Den store downtown will also be open all weekend.


The Swimming Pool Committee will be hosting a pancake breakfast both Sunday and Monday mornings. —including a 50/50 draw. Proceeds go to the pool. There will also be a BBQ on Sunday including smokies with sauerkraut and hot dogs. The swimming pool will also be hosting the BBQ on Monday sponsored by Cervus Equipment Peterbilt —also with prizes and draws.

Community Yard Sales to be held on Sunday (and or Monday).  Please put out your balloons for all to see and sign up on the 2015 Yard Sale sheet posted at Ole’ Den.

Kenaston SnowmanCommunity Spaces:

The Chamber submitted a few grant applications in the spring in the hope of securing funding to enhance our community spaces. We envision cement picnic tables in the Veteran's Centennial Park, Snowman Park and at the Kenaston Swimming Pool. The pool application included park benches and some cement work. All tables and benches will have a permanent base to ensure that they will not need to be moved during grass cutting. So far one application has been successful, one denied and we await a third notification. Grant announcements will be forthcoming. The chamber will gratefully accept donations from the community to move these projects ahead. Those wishing a tax-deductible receipt can direct their donations through the "Village of Kenaston".

Thank you Lynne Yelich

Village News:

There are people looking to buy or rent homes in Kenaston. If you've thought of selling, now might be your opportunity to find a buyer. Please let the Village Office know—252-2211, and be sure to list your home or rental on our Real Estate page—(only $20.00). Send your listing details to glenpavelich@gmail.com See our real estate page: http://kenaston.ca/pages/realestate.htm

Adams Center Kenaston
Kenaston Seniors News

The Kenaston seniors welcome new members. Please contact us if interested.

Our Monday coffee time at 9:00 am continues during the summer. We have had the wheelchair ramp built with positive feedback.

The exercise program will start again in September.

The next regular meeting is September 22nd.

Submitted by Jeanette Holder

Ride For Trena 2015
Saturday, August 29th.
The rides starts at Petro Canada at Grasswood. Registration 10:00 am. $20 per hand for the poker run. To buy Ghost hands contact Erna Hannah at 252-2811. BBQ Lunch in Kenaston at Snowman Park, sponsored by Kenaston Swimming Pool . Hamburger and pop $5.00. The ride then goes to Dakota Dunes. Prizes and draws done at Dunes. Ride ends at 4 pm. See Facebook Page "Ride for Trena". Proceeds go to the Patuanak School. See Facebook Page


Harvest Wind-Up 2015
featuring Jeffery Straker

Saturday, October 17 at Kenaston Place Cocktails: 5:30; Supper: 6:30. Entertainment: 8:00 pm

Save the date and watch for further information.

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Kenaston PlaceKenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

I cannot believe it is the end of July already! Where has the summer gone – please slow down Mother Nature – we are enjoying the sun and warm days and I, at least, don't want it to end.

Sheldon and Bryce have been busy trimming trees, mowing lawns and generally making us look good. Our business street will be fixed soon and Council will work on seeing that this happens in the Spring from now on. Policy and procedure relative to roads, sidewalks, etc. will be developed over the winter, learning from any issues raised this year.

We have studied the various types of sidewalks some of our neighboring communities have opted for. Watrous is using an asphalt cap right over the existing sidewalk. The cost effectiveness of this decision is worth the risk. If the community likes the sidewalk, we will continue with this practice.

Enjoy the warm weather - it won't be long before we are talking about the snow.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Veteran's Centennial Park — Work Evening

A second work evening is planned for Veteran's Centennial Park on Wednesday, July 29 at 7:00pm.

If you have ideas for park improvements, come with your ideas. Proposals for extensive changes will need to be submitted to the Village Council for approval; but the development of a long term strategy would be a valuable initiative!

Hillbilly Boogie—July 31 – August 2

4th Annual. $60.00. Location—9 miles east of Kenaston

See Hillbilly Boogie Facebook Page for poster.

  • Friday night
    • 40 oz. Philosophy
  • On Saturday
    • Mud Fling & Tough Truck
    • CMAS Star Search Finals
    • Performers: Kelsey Fitch & Wyatt, Lane Shields, Lexie T. Danielle Boullet, Erin Hill, Michael Lander
  • The Sunday lineup:
    • Mandy Ringdal, Off the Grid, Neon Blue, Will Ardell
    • Sunday Nite: Brody Siebert, and others
Dawn Brown - Bayda Enterprises

Community Spirit

Dawn Brown is the new operator of the Petro Canada station.

Her business name is Bayda Enterprises.

Dawn was presented with a Chamber welcome basket in July.


Walking Trail:
Bonnington Springs Trail is off limits to recreational vehicles
such as quads, motor cycles, etc. The trail is for foot traffic or cycling only.

Kenaston Business

Put your Kenaston Business on the new FaceBook Page.
This FB page is a great place to let others know of your new, home or small business, and to advertise your specials or let others know of your products. Click here and do a like!!

Dinner Theatre Tablecloths

The Kenaston Community Dinner Theatre owns table cloths that are occasionally rented by locals for use at Kenaston Place. The cloths are laundered by committee members and friends. If anyone would be willing to help out with this task, please let Susan Anholt know. Another alternative would be for someone to take on the responsibility of laundering the table cloths for a fee per cloth. If this would interest you, please contact Susan Anholt (306-252-2001) to discuss the options.

Chamber Group Plan

Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

Special Program for farmers! If you operate a farm, large or small, look into the Group Insurance plan for employee benefits. Benefit programs help to retain employees.

Go to http://www.kenaston.ca/pages/chamber.htm and click the easy icon to request a quote.

Be sure to check out the on-line Kenaston Business Directory for a complete list of Kenaston businesses.  We keep this list updated as much as possible. Contact Glen if you would like a listing or business page.


FaceBookLogo“Like” Our Facebook Page as one of the easiest ways to stay up-to-date on community happenings or important announcements.

To have your community content added to our FB page contact Theresa Owen, Glen Pavelich or Susan Anholt OR 'message' from the Kenaston Community FB page.

Your announcements and notices can also be added to kenaston.ca so be sure to send them in.

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Alternate Phone Directory:

A reminder to keep your information on the alternate phone directory listing updated. See the on-line form

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Kenaston Chamber Meetings

Kenaston Chamber meets the 4th Monday of the month, for a one hour lunch meeting, at the Kenaston Hotel. Everyone is welcome to attend, and join the Chamber. Membership is $25. a year. Lunch is pay for your own, off the menu. Next meeting is scheduled for August 29th, come see what it's about!


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