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Kenaston CrossroadsFebruary March 2015, Kenaston Crossroads

On behalf of Kenaston Community Dinner Theatre


We regretfully announce that
Dinner Theatre 2015 is cancelled.
Our search for a director was not fruitful, and we would love to hear from anyone who would be willing to assume this important leadership role for 2016.
Any admission tickets won in 2014 will be honored in 2016.
The Committee

Ladies Nite 2015
Ladies Night in Kenaston

will be held on Saturday, May 2nd 2015.
The doors will open at 6:00pm.


The evening will consist of a cocktail hour with musical entertainment, dinner, more music, and fashions by Two Fifty Two Boutique.

Wrapping up we will have a special performance by "The Real Housewives of Kenaston".

Tickets are $30.00 and will be available at local businesses. Advance tickets only.

Chamber Updates:

2015-2018 Business Plan Is now posted on the kenaston.ca—Chamber page.

Amongst our on-going projects and reception to community ideas, a few of the 2015 Business Plan highlights are:

  • Replace the highway billboard to advertise services, facilities, housing, events and community spirit.
  • Post tourism signage on highway to advertise the Snowman Park, Water Tower and Veteran's Centennial Park.
  • Investigate the development of a "Welcome to Kenaston" structure at an appropriate location on Highway #11, and relocate the satellite dish to a secondary entrance into the community.

The 2015 Chamber membership fees of $25.00 are now due. Please submit to Susan Anholt.

Check It Out:

The Kenaston website has a new look.

Please check it out and see if it's not the perfect page to make as your default home page. Our website is one of our best means of communications—Help keep it current and useful.

Those who have businesses in Kenaston, or who are part of an organization or group, are invited to send us your updates for your respective pages. Look at the Business and Service Directories to find the link to your page.

Village News:

FOR TENDER: A residential house located at Lot 6 Block 5 Plan M2869 also known as 611 4th Street within the Village of Kenaston. The house will be sold as is. Sealed tenders marked "House Tender" shall be accepted at the office of the Village of Kenaston or by mail to Village of Kenaston, Box 129, Kenaston, SK S0G 2N0 until 4:00pm on February 10, 2015.

Please call Carman at 252-2211, Tuesdays, Wednesday, or Fridays for more details. The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.

CAREER OPPORTUNITY: The Village of Kenaston is currently accepting applications for the position of Water Treatment Backup Operator. The successful applicant will have a great work ethic, ability to work independently and as part of a team. Good public relations are essential. Duties and more info here or contact Village Office.

School News:

  • Feb. 2 – Semester 2 begins
  • Feb. 16 to 20 - February Break
  • Mar. 10 & 11 – Student Showcase (parent/teacher interviews)
  • Mar. 13 – Time in Lieu for Student Showcases – No Classes
  • Mar. 16 – Professional Development – No Classes


Kenaston Kodiaks Sr. Girls Basketball Home Games Monday February 2 - Kenaston vs Langham @ 6:30 pm

Kenaston Kodiaks Sr. Girls Basketball MIT 2015 Saskatoon Walter Murray Collegiate, Saskatoon SK.

  • Friday February 6
      • Kenaston vs Walter Murray @ 1:15 pm.
      • Kenaston vs Tommy Douglas @ 8:45 pm
  • Saturday February 7
      • Kenaston vs Bishop Grandin (Calgary)@ 11:30 am.
Adams Centre
Kenaston Seniors News

Our Christmas supper on December 10 was enjoyed by the seniors and guests. The supper was delicious and appreciated by all.

Thank you to the Zid Club for catering. New Years Eve proved to be a fun evening. We had a pot luck supper (fantastic food) after we played bowling, crib and Chinese checkers.

The Kenaston Seniors welcome newcomers to our community. If you would like to join us for coffee- we meet every Monday and Thursday afternoon 3pm. For exercises we meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at l0 am.

The wellness clinic will be held 9-12 on February 2nd and March 16th. For a foot care appointment call 567-2392.

We are hosting the winter games on March 10th playing snooker, 500 and cribbage. The games start in Hanley on February 19. The full schedule is posted at the Adams Centre.

Mary Ann Santha and Jeanette Holder

Lynn Yelich MP
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Kenaston PlaceKenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

Community Meeting Update

On behalf of Council, I wish to thank all of you who took the time to attend the Village meeting on the 20th. These open meetings give Council an opportunity to inform all stakeholders (meaning you) on issues that the community faces and the plan for moving forward. They also give you the opportunity to ask questions and/or bring your concerns to an open forum.

We opened with Ryan Johnson and Aaron Biberdorf, on behalf of the Kenaston School, giving the great news that they foresee the continued growth of the distance education centre and they anticipate a growth of approximately 60 new teachers. Sigh of relief, not all 60 at once, maybe 10 a year as the school continues to grow. Not all teachers will want to live here, but we are counting on some of them doing just that.

Please do not pump your basement or property drainage into the Village sewer system.

As was discussed in detail during the Village meeting on January 20th, it is very important that all residents cooperate with the above request. The Village lagoon system is at capacity from normal household sewage and no additional extraneous water can be sent there for property or basement drainage. We cannot afford a second lagoon which would cost the Village in the range of $3 million. Therefore the Village requests that alternate methods are found to run off sump-pump drainage. Please talk to ML, Carman or any council member if you have question or suggestions.

Growth and growing pains are upon us and we should rejoice. This has been a discussion item at the Council table for over two years now and steps have been and are being done to ensure that Kenaston remains a strong, sustainable, vital and growing community. We welcome serious and constructive input and all council meetings are open to the public. If you wish to address Council, please call Carman (306)252-2211 and ask to come as a delegate\delegation. If you just wish to observe, you are more than welcome.

From the reaction we have received regarding the implementation of 'blue bins' and the recycle program – I would say it is as good as a done deal. I am personally looking forward to the addition of the blue bin to my yard. Makes life so much easier. A big salute to Florence Greke for bringing this to Council's attention. Any and all suggestions from the community are appreciated and always will be given serious consideration.

One of the toughest challenges facing our community right now, is the #15 highway and where the Ministry of Highways has designated to it go. Council, the EMO Coordinator, the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief all see it as a safety issue. There are other considerations to be had, but by far and large, safety is up front and centre. We asked for community support in our endeavours to change the Ministries road option in a way that addresses the safety issues, as well as hopefully giving us back the 5 – 6 lots lost to us by their decision.

You did not let us down and for that we thank you. A suggestion came forward that the community residents have a petition circulated showing their support for the initiatives of the Council for resolution of this matter. It is virtually impossible doing much planning until we know about the road. This petition is going around NOW. Volunteers will be bringing it door-to-door. If you miss their call, you can sign the petition at any of the businesses in town as well as the village office. Anyone from the rural service area who wish to sign are encouraged to do so. We are after all, community. We will ensure regular updates on this matter.

As a community we need to reduce the amount of sewer water filling our lagoon. We are asking for the co-operation of the community in ensuring that sump pumps are not leveraged into the sewer system. Placing the hose from the sump pump through a hole in your basement wall (maybe same hole as your dryer vent) to the yard is neither difficult, nor expensive.

If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to visit our website at www.kenaston.ca. There you will find updates and maybe some answers to questions you may have. The web page is a communication tool which we hope to take more of an advantage of in the future than what we have in the past.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

You can email ML Whittles if you wish to communicate your ideas, comments or suggestions for village improvements.

Also: please check the Council tab on the Kenaston website for minutes as well as some of the more important bylaws and policies.


Community Spirit

Please let our welcoming committee know if you receive any new neighbors.

An on-going list of our new residents is kept so that none are missed and they can be acknowledged during our annual community BBQ.

Also please let new residents know of our website, and that the sign-up form to receive the newsletter can be found there on the 'newsletter' page.
Contact: Theresa Owen 252-2028.

Canada to celebrate 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017


We are encouraged to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation. If you would like to plan an event for Kenaston let us know. Federal grants are available. Please contact ML Whittles or Susan Anholt. If there is interest a committee could be convened with representatives from the various community organizations.

Community Spirit:

GroupCongratulations and appreciation to the Village of Kenaston for hosting an excellent and most informative meeting on January 20th. From all indications it was very well received because beneficial and honest reporting invites both awareness and participation.

Agatha Rupich spoke on behalf of all to express gratitude to the Village Council and Mayor for their service and commitment.

Chamber Group Plan

Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

Special Program for farmers! If you operate a farm, large or small, look into the Group Insurance plan for employee benefits. Benefit programs help to retain employees.

Go to http://www.kenaston.ca/pages/chamber.htm and click the easy icon to request a quote.

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. (Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Alternate Phone Directory:

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