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Jeff Straker
Harvest Wind-Up featuring Jeffery Straker

Saturday, October 17 at Kenaston Place - See Poster

Cocktails: 5:30; Supper: 6:30; Entertainment: 8:00 pm.

Tickets $30.00 each - From Kenaston Branches of Riverbend Coop and Affinity Credit Union, or call 306-252-2131

Get YOUR Tickets! to support Kenaston Place

Kenaston Fire Department Logo
Kenaston Fire Department urgently needs volunteer men and women for day or night time responses.  Please contact Ken Remmen 306-252-2767 or Gene Whitehead 306-252-2245

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Church News:

Starting in the next few weeks, St. Andrew’s Cemetery Committee will be constructing a stone grotto in the cemetery. The intent is to create a sacred space for the entire community to enjoy. Hopefully, it will offer a place to sit, reflect and pray to those who visit the cemetery.

In an attempt to link the past and present, stones will be brought from the farms in the area to be used to build it. Anyone wishing to bring stones is welcome to do so. There is a well marked area for them to be put. Stones from watermelon size to fist size are best.

Joy Pavelich and Lynn Yelich travelled to Croatia and brought back the statue which will be housed in the grotto. It is a gift from the Pavelich/ Schmit family in gratitude for the beautiful resting place for Eric Schmit who passed away in 2013.

If you are interested in contributing towards the cost of the grotto it would be appreciated. Please send donations to Linda Purves, Parish Council Chairperson, Box 213 or Theresa Owen, Cemetery Treasurer, Box 252, both Kenaston, SK, S0G 2N0.  Tax receipts will be issued.  Submitted by Patti Hertz.

This item is also on found on the St. Andrews Page

Village News:

There is a yellow Community Living clothing bin located by the Water Treatment Plant for all Village and R.M. residents. This bin is for any used clothing donations. The proceeds from the clothing collected supports intellectual disabilities.

Reminder to all Village residents—when there is a power outage or other situation causing the water to be off, there is an automatic Boil Water Advisory issued by our Environmental Project Officer once the water has been turned back on.  All updated information regarding the advisory will be posted on the website at kenaston.ca and the Kenaston facebook page or you can contact the village office at (306)252-2211 during regular office hours of Monday to Thursday.

Residents of Kenaston are asked to provide an email address or cell phone number to Village Office for contact during any emergency cases that may arise regarding water related matters or boil water advisories? You can send to kenaston@sasktel.net

New Village Lot for Sale - See Real Estate Page

Kenaston Real Estate - There are people looking to buy or rent homes in Kenaston. If you've thought of selling, now might be your opportunity to find a buyer. Please let the Village Office know—252-2211, and be sure to list your home or rental on our Real Estate page—(only $20.00). Send your listing details to glenpavelich@gmail.com See our real estate page: http://kenaston.ca/pages/realestate.htm

Kenaston Adams Center
Kenaston Seniors News

Kenaston Seniors welcomed community new comers at the summer BBQ.

The Seniors Club invites seniors to come and join in the activities including coffee Monday mornings & afternoons. Contact members for information on exercise.

Next Wellness Clinic is Monday Nov 23 from 9am to noon.

Staff from Affinity Credit Union brought snacks to morning coffee to kick off Seniors Week which is Sept 28 to Oct 3.

Submitted by Colleen Sekulich

Kenaston Businesses: Be sure to check out the on-line Kenaston Business Directory for a complete list of Kenaston businesses. We like to keep this list updated as much as possible. Contact Glen if you would like your commercial or home business information added. Services are listed separately.

Chamber Group Plan

Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

Special Program for farmers! If you operate a farm, large or small, look into the Group Insurance plan for employee benefits. Benefit programs help to retain employees.

Go to http://www.kenaston.ca/pages/chamber.htm and click the easy icon to request a quote.

Be sure to check out the on-line Kenaston Business Directory for a complete list of Kenaston businesses.  We like keep this list updated as much as possible. Contact Glen if you would like a listing or business page. Services are listed separately.

School News:


Kenaston Minor Hockey teams will be selling H5 Dough TOGO for team fundraisers.  Please contact players or parents for details.

Kenaston Preschool. If you have a child born in 2011 and would like to register them for preschool please contact Reagan Prpich at 252-2525

Kenaston DLC Construction

Have U seen the new DLC?

It’s not a house.  It’s not a hospital.  It’s not a figment of your imagination.  The large, beautiful Mindful Grey and white building that now stands to the south of Kenaston School is in fact the new Sun West School Division’s Distance Learning Centre.  This 15,000 square foot facility is well on track to be completed by December 2015 at which time the school’s 40 employees, which include an amazing team of teachers and support staff, will move in.  Offices, recording studios, packing and shipping facilities and a variety of multi-teacher open concept work spaces span the two floors.  “At the moment, we have some teachers working from Kenaston School and some at the curling rink. We are all looking forward to having the whole team under one roof!  At the same time we can give Kenaston staff and students their school back,” said DLC Principal Jade Ballek. 

And while DLC teachers are patiently waiting for construction to wrap up, they are busy responding to current distance education demand.   “We have over 115 courses registered for the 2015-16 school year which represents over 2500 students across Saskatchewan.   About 500 of those students reside in Sun West School Division while the others are learners from outside the region that are looking for educational opportunities not currently available to them at home,” said Ballek.  “We’ve grown 75% over last year and that’s really exciting for us.”  .....Continued next column

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Kenaston EMO and Kenaston Seniors Club

Kenaston PlaceKenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

This summer saw a flurry of activity in our community starting with a general Village clean-up of overhanging tree limbs and bushes which were obscuring visibility for drivers and impeding our walking traffic.  Road signs have been replaced; gravel has been laid and graded a few times; we continue ensuring the water shut off valves are in working order; grass was cut all summer and generally we looked GOOD.

Many of our sidewalks are past their 'good for' date.  At this time it is cost prohibitive to replace the sidewalks, but yet, something should be done before they disintegrate even further.  The Village Administrator did a little research and advised that a few small urbans were having asphalt laid over their existing sidewalks.  A test block was laid on 3rd Street the beginning of September.  The asphalt is 1/3 the cost of a cement sidewalk and we hope to budget for 3 blocks next year if approved.  This would continue until all the sidewalks are rejuvenated in this way.  New sidewalks will have to wait until some of our other infrastructure needs are addressed, but they are on the list.

The same company that laid the sidewalk also used hot mix to fill those horrible pot holes we all lived with this summer.  Council wishes to thank you for your patience and will see that pot holes get on the 'to do' perpetual spring maintenance list.  The hot mix should last a few years but the good word is – the asphalt company will be here again next year if we move forward with the sidewalks. In a perfect world, this is the goal. 

There are a few water meters left to be installed this fall and Sheldon will be around when he can.  Next year is the last of our 3-year plan for new water meters for the community.  If you have not yet received yours, it's a'comin.

That is all of the visible work which has been accomplished this summer and on behalf of Council we wish to thank Sheldon and Bryce for the awesome clean-up job they did for us.  Behind the scenes Council has put their energies towards sustainability and infrastructure.

As we are all aware we have had another waterline break which has been fixed, but not without its problems.  Council wishes to thank our Administrator, Carman Fowler, Councillor Leon Tomlenovich and Sheldon for going the extra mile to see that water disruption was as limited as possible.  Infrastructure, water and sewer issue are at top of our list, and will continue to be an on-going discussion at the Council table.

In order to move forward a ‘Community Plan’ is a MUST.  To the Village, this includes a plan for the infrastructure, service agreements for any developers that come our way, business and housing retention and development.  The Distance Education Centre and Sun West School Division is an important partner in developing this Plan, as well as our two surrounding rural municipalities.  We have been fortunate for retain the services of Tim Cheeseman.  Tim is a senior community planner who was employed by the provincial government for many years and is now an independent consultant.  He was and is continuing to work with both Emerald City and White City; two cities who have grown exceedingly quickly and had many growing pains as well.  Council thanks WaterWolf for providing this expert to our community.  Consultations should begin in the next week or two, depending on everyone's busy schedule. I would suggest that anyone who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Finally, but no less important, on behalf of the Village of Kenaston, we wish to thank the Honourable Lynne Yelich for her tireless work over the years on behalf of us, Saskatchewan and Canada.  You hold the key to our community and our hearts. 

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

DCL continued ...

So What Does a DLC Teacher Do? 

In this new type of learning environment, a teacher’s role varies considerably from one who teaches in a classroom, face-to-face with students.  Because many of the courses in demand don’t exist in an online-compatible format – or sometimes they don’t exist at all – educators at the DLC are responsible for both the development of course content and delivery of those classes to their students.  Development activities may include editing, merging and/or transferring existing content onto the school’s content software, Moodle.  It may also mean crafting language, creating videos and building entire courses from scratch.  “Developing is different than face to face teaching; we have to think outside the box in order to keep things fresh and engaging,” said Melanie Kerpan who, after 33 years of teaching in Kenaston School, has spent the last 5 working at the DLC.  “Developing courses for learners at a distance is an exciting, creative challenge with a huge learning curve!  And I love it!” 

Once built, the course is housed on Moodle, a portal from which each distance learner can access their registered courses, read or print off relevant materials and watch educational videos. Because online learning is very much student-driven and each student works at his/her own pace, the teacher’s core responsibility is to be accessible and attentive when questions arise. At that time, the teacher and student can communicate using Skype, phone, or email and together work towards a solution.  

As per usual, the teacher is also responsible for assessing, marking and providing feedback to students about their work. 

And What’s Different for the Student?

As for the distance learner, they too must be prepared for change in the learning environment; there’s a different style and pace of learning that some are better equipped to deal with than others. Some students want to work faster than the typical classroom pace while others, due to any number of environmental, social or personal reasons, may work at a slower pace. Regardless of speed, distance students must be self-starters and must function well in independent situations. If students are part of a school in another Sun West division, they will work on their distance courses during the normal school day and in a designated distance learning space at their school; a trained Educational Assistant helps them schedule and submit their work, and assists in reaching out to the teacher for content related questions.  Students not registered with Sun West must self-identify the times and places that work for them. 

Who is Leading This Team? 

Because it is a separate institution with over 115 different courses, a non-traditional delivery mechanism, a host of educators and a totally different student base, the DLC has its own team of administrators to lead them on this exciting journey. 

Jade Ballek - Jade has worked with curriculum, assessment, instruction, and technology infusion for over 20 years, having been a classroom teacher, lead technology teacher, Learning Coach, Learning Consultant, and is currently Principal of the Sun West Distance Learning Centre. Jade received her Master’s in Education: Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan and since, has been very involved in online learning. In past years, she has supported initiatives throughout the Sun West School Division, including the implementation of a blended learning action plan during the 2014-15 school year.  Jade and her husband raised four children in the Outlook area.  She is also the brains behind the viral twitter activity “Hashtags on Lunch Bags” and #SaskatchewanFarmWife.

Aaron Biberdorf – Aaron has worked at Kenaston School for the past 8 years.  He began teaching senior sciences and eventually became the Vice-Principal of Kenaston School and the DLC three years ago.  Currently, Aaron teaches Computer Science 20 with an emphasis on programming video games.  He has been an actor in the Kenaston Dinner Theatre for 6 years and played various roles like the waiter Cary DeMille and the barber Bob Burr. Aaron and his wife, Brittany, have two children, Ian (2 yrs) and Louisa (4 mo.).

Kurtis Heath - Kurtis Heath has been a teacher at the Kenaston School for 16 years, and Vice-Principal of the Distance Learning Centre for the past two years. He has coached Volleyball for most of his time here.  Kurtis, his wife, and three children live in Saskatoon.

Kimberley Johnson - Kim is no stranger to Kenaston and the Sun West Distance Learning Centre, having been a teacher here since the Fall of 1989.  Kim and her husband farm in the Hawarden area and their four children attended school in Kenaston. What is new is her role as Vice-Principal in the DLC, supporting teachers and learners in the K-6 area. “My new position has involved transitions and challenges but a strong Admin team and staff have assisted in the process,” says Kim. “The DLC is an exciting and vibrant workplace and I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

Visit www.sunwestdlc.ca and click on the Staff tab for a complete list of DLC teachers.

Submitted by Tanya Ringdal - DLC Communications


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