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Blizzards Sportsman's Dinner and Auction
Saturday April 16, 2016 Kenaston Place

5pm - Cocktails;
6pm - Pork Tenderloin Supper provided by members of Kenaston Rec Board & community volunteers;
7pm - Local Athlete Recognition Blizzard Awards;
8pm - Live & Silent Auction NHL Calcutta 9pm-HORSE RACING! Guaranteed $1000.00 to the winning horse!
Tickets $25 at the door or call to reserve: Paula: 252-1311. For more information: Dean: 252-2275 Jon: 252-2072. All supper proceeds will go towards maintaining recreational facilities in Kenaston. See Poster

Ladies Night Out - 2016

Ladies Night Out 2016
Saturday April 30th. Cocktails 6pm, Supper 7pm.
Live Music: Firey Fiddle of Maigan Delouw.
Comedy by the Real Housewives of Kenaston. Dance performance by Sizzlin' Salsa Dancers.
See Poster Tickets 90% sold—$40 available from the Kenaston Coop. See Poster

Kenaston Cookbook

Kenaston Swimming Pool
/ Library Cookbook

is now available from the CoOp and Kenaston Library, and will also be sold from a booth at Ladies Night Out.

The cost is $20.00. Be sure to get your copy in support of the Kenaston Swimming Pool and Library. The cookbook is a fund raising project for improvements to both facilities.

Thank you to all who submitted recipes and who purchased ads.

Kenaston Superdraft

Super Draft Appreciation Night

Come Learn How to Fill Out a Draft and Support our Communities Largest Fundraiser That Maintains the Operation of our Recreational Facilities


Saturday April 9th - Kenaston Rink Lounge 6:30-10pm. Free snacks and great prizes will also be available! Guaranteed $300.00 50/50 Win from Affinity Credit Union. $300 Prize Package from Molson

Super Draft is a community based NHL Hockey Pool created in 1984 as a Lion's Club initiative to help fund key infrastructure projects in Kenaston, Saskatchewan. It provides all of the funding for the operation and maintenance of Kenaston Place, Kenaston Rink, and Kenaston Swimming Pool. Without Super Draft and local fundraisers, our facilities will not be able to sustain. By purchasing a $40 super draft, we can keep our facilities operating and continue to keep low recreational fees.

Your donation helps keep Super Draft in our community and in turn supports our local recreational facilities. We need everyone in our community to participate in Super Draft by purchasing and promoting the 2016 Draft. There is $80,000 in prize money to be won.

Kenaston Lions Club
To celebrate the success of Super Draft
and show our appreciation for all that it provides us, we are having a Super Draft Appreciation Night. Local hockey experts will be available to help you fill out a Super Draft and pick your best team. See Poster

Please Promote and Purchase a Super Draft to support the continued operation of the Swimming Pool, Rink and Town Hall.

Submitted by Elaina Guilmette


THANK YOU!: Kudos to the Credit Union for taking on the park beautification again this year. This involves both transplant purchases and summer care of the park and greens. Your community spirit is greatly appreciated by all.

Affininty General Meeting 2016

Annual General Meeting: Join us on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016. The AGM will be broadcast live at 7pm from the Affinity Campus Bldg. (902 7th Ave, North, Saskatoon) to Kenaston Place. Registration: 5:30-7:00 pm. 6:00 pm supper or refreshments. 7:00 pm. meeting. If you can't make the meeting watch live online. Details at http://affinitycu.ca/


The Kenaston Library

Thank you to Kenaston Riverbend Co-op for designating the library to receive funds from their We Care Program. Every time a customer refuses a plastic bag for their co-op purchases 3 cents is put into the fund.

The library appreciates all the great support from the community that is helping with our goal to improve our building.

Concrete Table

Community Spaces:

The Chamber is actively planning the installation of cement picnic tables to enhance our parks. Two will be placed in Veteran's Centennial Park, and two in the Snowman Park. All tables and benches will have a permanent cement base to ensure that they will not need to be moved during grass cutting. If you want to order additional tables, sponsor or donate a table, contact Vicki Holder-306-252-2282. Deadline May 1st.


This offer is not available.
The conrete company informed us
this is not a good option to ensure
quality grade concrete for all

Do you need a small concrete job done? The chamber will be ordering cement for the concrete pads under the picnic tables. We will not require a full load, so if you need cement for a small job at your residence or business, you may wish to order your cement in our load. Please contact Vicki Holder The Kenaston Chamber will gratefully accept donations from the community towards this project. Those wishing a tax-deductible receipt can direct their donations through the "Village of Kenaston".

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

The Village Council wishes to thank all who were able to attend the Public Consultation on March 2nd. There were a great deal of questions, suggestions and discussion and we felt that it might be helpful to the community to provide a written response.

The Municipalities Act reinforces the concept that councils are accountable to their electorate and have a responsibility and duty to encourage and enable public participation in the governance process. As your Mayor, I believe in this process and am thrilled with the outcomes of our meeting. With 55 people in attendance; and, with the message further communicated by the article in the Davidson Leader, we believe we were successful in getting our message out. The suggestions and offers of help that have been received have made us total believers. Our most important asset is 'We the People', and the knowledge and talents we hold make us capable of anything thrown our way. Thank you to our Kenaston residents and our R.M. community.

We hope to better explain some of the issues presented at the consultation and attempt to answer some of the questions we were unable to answer that evening. If I miss your question, let me know.

Q#1 Dredging The Lagoon was answered by Greg Brkich, Administrator here from the '80s, who advised that the lagoon has never been dredged.

Q#2 How often should we dredge? Our Administrator called a few of our neighboring communities and only one has ever dredged since their lagoon was built. One very important piece of information garnered from these calls is that for some 30 years now, an actizyme has not been part of the lagoon maintenance. The actizyme helps the lagoon do what a lagoon does. It was a budgetary decision at the time but we believe it is something that needs to be revisited. Maybe by dredging and incorporating this actizyme we will have added time to budget and plan for Phase II and III of the lagoon requirements we need to meet in order that growth and/or sustainability can be in our future.

Q#3 How much money are we losing on water and sewer? At the meeting we presented the losses on water and sewer over 5 years. The questions caused us to look a little further. The administrator compiled the revenue and expenses for our water & sewer system over the last 10 years. In short, from 2006 our taxes have supplemented the water & sewer to the tune of $271,203.00. That is $271,203.00 that was NOT available for use on roads, or sidewalks for that matter. We did however, have cheap water. Unfortunately, we also have no money put aside for our water & sewer systems which are now in need of upgrading.

Q#4 Are the water and sewer rates now sufficient to sustain the systems? Simply put, NO. We will still have a deficit of approximately $30,000.00 per year. The last of the water meters will be installed this spring which we hope will make a difference. Council will look at lowering the amount of water allotted before overages are charged rather than raising rates at this time. By doing this only high water consumers will be affected.

Q#5 What road maintenance is planned? The roads are of extreme importance and routine maintenance will continue but no major projects will be undertaken. As we are in a crisis situation with the lagoon, we are required to fulfill our municipal responsibilities to the province (and ultimately you) first.

Q#6 Are there lots for sale? All empty lots available are for sale, whether they are serviced or not. Until the lagoon issue has been resolved the sale of the unserviced lots will be at the discretion of council. We hope to have this lifted this year. Q#7 What have the engineers proposed relative to the lagoon? Phase I – dredging; Phase II – combining the 2 cells; Phase III – adding another cell. There is more I know but my space is swiftly coming to an end. Any and all questions are welcome at any time.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Village News:

Beginning April 20, 2016 the Village of Kenaston dump will be open 2 days a week, under supervision. The hours will be Wednesday from 5 pm to 8 pm and Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm.


We would like to remind residents that cat and dog licenses are due for 2016 and also that any liability issue caused by an animal is the responsibility of the owner of that animal.


We have been experiencing an increased buildup of grease in our lift station located at 1st Street and Central Avenue. Please refrain from disposing of any grease or oil in your sewer drains. This build up causes the lift station to malfunction and can result in sewer backup for some residents.

PART TIME CAREER OPPORTUNITY: The Village of Kenaston is currently accepting applications for the position of Part Time Backup Foreman. The successful applicant will have a great work ethic, ability to work independently and as part of a team. Good public relations are essential. See more info on the kenaston.ca homepage.

Kenaston Adams Center
Kenaston Seniors News

We are looking forward to the return of our Snowbird members.

Remember that the Adams Centre is ''Coffee Row'' on Mondays when the cafe is closed, as well as on Thursday afternoons.

Check the Centre for Wellness Clinic dates.

Submitted by Colleen Sekulich

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Place now has its own domain name: kenastonplace.ca and has a group of pages on the kenaston website. Feel free to pass this along as promotion to anyone interested in renting the facility.
A full color brochure is also available from Village Office.

School Dates:

  • April 22 - No School
  • April 25 - Professional Development (Staff Only) - No Classes for Students.
  • April 29 - World Class Tour - Scotland

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Kenaston Chamber Meetings

Kenaston Chamber meets the 4th Monday of the month, for a one hour lunch meeting, at the Kenaston Hotel. Everyone is welcome to attend, and join the Chamber. Membership is $25. a year. Lunch is pay for your own, off the menu. Come see what it's about!

Chamber Group Plan

Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

Special Program for farmers! If you operate a farm, large or small, look into the Group Insurance plan for employee benefits. Benefit programs help to retain employees.

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