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Raise a Reader

Kenaston Community Recreation Board

Community Pancake Breakfast & Family Literacy Party
Sunday, March 6 - Kenaston Place

Pancake Breakfast: 10:00am-1:00pm - $5.00

Story-Time & Crafts: 12:00-1:30 - FREE

Gift of a BOOK FOR Each Child.

Come dressed as your favorite storybook character!

For more info contact:
Elaina Guilmette (306) 252-1001

Funds raised go towards supporting Kenaston community facilities.

Swimming Pool Library Cookbook

Kenaston Swimming Pool/ Library Cookbook
is coming along wonderfully but we still need your recipes! Send us 1 or 2 tried and true of your favorite recipes! We will also have harvest meals and kids cooking sections. Deadline is absolutely Feb 15th! Email cythia.guytrucking@sasktel.net or drop off at Adams Centre, Library, Affinity Credit Union, Riverbend Co-op.

Kenaston Community Recreation Board

Recreation is the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community wellbeing.

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board exists as an umbrella organization and defers programming decisions of the facilities to specific boards. Chair: Elaina Guilmette, Co-Chair: Neal Sanderson, Treasurer/Secretary, Carman Fowler.

The facility boards include the Kenaston Swimming Pool, Kenaston Rink and Kenaston Place. These boards are made up of volunteers that give of their time and energy to each of the three facility boards to maintain, repair, fundraise and operate.

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board Needs Your Help!!
We have been extremely fortunate to have The Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft provide funding for these 3 facilities. In 2015 the Kenaston Lions Club provided $85,263.00. The reality is that we may not have the generous funding that we have always had from these 2 valued organizations. This year, Super Draft saw a decline in entries for the regular season draft. Reflecting a smaller revenue amount. It has also been noted that there are fewer participants from Kenaston and surrounding R.M.'s.

This community needs to look at raising a minimum of $100,000 a year just to keep these facilities standing, and this number does not include any unexpected repairs or upgrades. As a community, we have to start looking at the money that comes from the Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft as an incredible BONUS rather than a reliance.

Everyone in our town is a valuable member and has qualities and skills that can only enhance our fundraising and facility maintenance efforts. We are trying to reach out to everyone, involve everyone and make everyone aware of how important your volunteer services are to our community. If you are willing to help in some capacity, please email kenaston@sasktel.net so we can start to organize our volunteers according to their interests, availability and skills. You can also call 306-252-2211. Please be specific on your availability, time commitment and the area you would like to help with. Every bit helps and every effort will be greatly appreciated!

Examples of volunteering would be:

• Cooking/baking (rink kitchen, wing nights, steak nights, pancake breakfast, fall supper, soup/chili sales and other major community fundraisers)
• Repairs and maintenance of our recreational facilities (electrical, plumbing, start up, closing, painting, cleaning etc.).
• Assisting with fundraisers (recruiting, calling, sitting at the door, 50/50's, getting entertainment, entertaining, advertising, decorating, marketing, recruiting, organizing)


Please Promote and Purchase a Super Draft to support the continued operation of the Swimming Pool, Rink and Town Hall

. PLEASE See Full Rec Newsletter PDF

Submitted by Elaina Guilmette



Easter Services:

Friday March 25 Good Friday Community Services:

  • St. Andrew's @ 3pm (Cross Procession beginning at St. Columba @ 2:45pm)
  • Calvary Evangelical @10:30 am

March 27, Easter Sunday Services:

  • Calvary Evangelical – 11am.
  • St. Andrew's – TBA.
  • St. Columba – 10am

DLC Grand Opeing - February 26th: 10am
See PDF For Larger View


The Kenaston Library

has been a busy place with brand new displays of Winter and Valentine's Day.

We announced our fall raffle winners: Heather Lowdermilk, Bev George, and Mary Anne Santha. For the kids at Christmas time we put on a coloring contest and our winners were: Ian Biberdorf and Emily Menzies for the Crayola sets and the following won a coloring book; Brady Menzies, Mason Pavelich, Justin Zdunich, Dakota Saundh, Matt Zdunich and Shannyn Zdunich. Congratulations to all our winners.

The library was able to get a new furnace installed due in January and would like to encourage the community to continue using the "Used book sale room".

We thank everyone for their support of our sale of the community calendar.


This Issue has been sponsored by:
Kenaston EMO and Kenaston Seniors Club

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

2016! Let's Make It A Great Year!!

The Distance Learning Centre has been completed and staff have moved in.

A group of our young people are showing leadership and volunteering through the Rec Board to invigorate and manage our facilities.

The Library Board has had an influx of new leaders and are busy fund raising for needed renovations to the library building itself together with the expansion of library programs. As you are aware, the Library is partnering with the Pool Board and a new recipe book, all with our local favorites, will be for sale in 2016. I can hardly wait.

With the collaboration and leadership of Elaina Guilmette, Rec Board Chair, and Carman Fowler, Rec Board Secretary-Treasurer, all boards are being notified and taking advantage of grants and financial assistance available to them.

One of the most important assets a community has is it's combined knowledge and talents of those that make up the community. I would say 2016 is off to a very good start indeed.

Super Draft, the brain child of the Kenaston Lions, has been an invaluable resource to this community for many, many years. I am embarrassed to admit that I have never participated in the draft. I always appreciated the Lions' for what they did for us' but, well, there it ended. I pledge to enter the 2016 draft and every draft there-ever and I challenge all those in the community who can, to enter as well. I'm counting on 'beginner's luck'. Any and all hockey tips will be appreciated.

January 28 Council met with our regional representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, Water Security Agency, together with the community Engineer. It proved to be a highly educational and productive meeting.

Council will call a public meeting in the next few weeks with a report on our findings with respect to lagoon issues and our plan forward; lot development; water and sewer rates, for example. We hope as much of the community as possible will attend. We look to answer questions, address concerns, listen to your opinions and constructive in-put. Watch the Kenaston web page, facebook, posters and word-of-mouth for the date of the public meeting.

It is with regret that Council accepted the resignation of Councilor Kevin Mills at the January meeting. On behalf of the community I wish to thank Kevin for his many years of public service. As much as it can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a very thankless job. Kevin not only rarely missed a meeting but he was available at all times for cheque signing, lending of equipment, physically helping with water breaks, etc. He made himself available to the community day and night, often taking late nite phone call from an upset resident. So Kevin, when we say THANK YOU, we do mean THANK YOU. You will be missed.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Village News:

Dog and Cat licenses are due for 2016 for $8.00 per animal

Please be reminded to keep your sidewalks cleaned after it snows.

Save the Date:

Saturday, October 22 Harvest Wind-Up 2016
Entertainment: Comedian Big Daddy Tazz

Kenaston Adams Center
Kenaston Seniors News

Kenaston Seniors club members will again be participating in Seniors Winter Games. We'll be visiting clubs in the region & hosting March 10th.

Our Annual General Meeting is 4pm Tues Mar15th 2016 followed by a pot luck supper.

Submitted by Colleen Sekulich

Kenaston Blizzards: are hosting Kerrobert Tigers Saturday Feb 6 for the 1st game of SHA Provincial play. Puck drops at 7:00

FamilyDay at the arena

Family Day—Sunday January 24th was a great day at the Rink.

Riverbend Co-op sponsored a family day which was kicked off by the Kenaston/Loreburn 8's hosting Kyle. Kenaston came out on top but it was fair game for all the kids who received popcorn, candy floss and thunder sticks after the game compliments of and served by the Riverbend Co-op staff.

The thunder sticks came in handy as the Kenaston Blizzards senior team hosted Central Butte which also resulted in a win! The 50/50 had an extra element added with the chance for 3 lucky people to play plinko for a chance to win up to $250.00 In Co-op gift cards plus 2 $50.00 gift cards were drawn for. After the game kids were invited to join the Sr. team to "Skate with the Blizzards".

Everyone had a great time as they skated, took shots on the Blizzard goalie or just looked up to their favorite player. Riverbend Co-op staff is awesome! Thanks to each and everyone for making this day so much fun!

Submitted byJoni Zdunich


School Dates:

  • February 2 - First Day of Semester II.
  • February 5 - Report Cards - Gr 10, 11, & 12
  • February 15 - February 19 - February Break - no school.
  • February 24 - Anti-Bullying Pink T-shirt Day.
  • March 25 - April 1 - Easter Break -no school.

Kenaston Businesses: Be sure to check out the on-line Kenaston Business Directory for a complete list of Kenaston businesses. We like to keep this list updated as much as possible. Contact Glen if you would like your commercial or home business information added. Services are listed separately.


Heartland Health Region and Kenaston Volunteers continue to offer volunteer driving service to clients who 'need a lift'. A driver would take those unable to drive themselves to appointments or errands, on request. The service has a 40cent/km cost attached to it, and includes door to door service on your schedule. If anyone would like more information please call Susanna at Volunteer Services (Davidson) 306.567.2303


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Kenaston Chamber Meetings

Kenaston Chamber meets the 4th Monday of the month, for a one hour lunch meeting, at the Kenaston Hotel. Everyone is welcome to attend, and join the Chamber. Membership is $25. a year. Lunch is pay for your own, off the menu. Come see what it's about!

Chamber Group Plan

Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

Special Program for farmers! If you operate a farm, large or small, look into the Group Insurance plan for employee benefits. Benefit programs help to retain employees.

Go to http://www.kenaston.ca/pages/chamber.htm and click the easy icon to request a quote.


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