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Candidate Forum

Kenaston Town Council - A Mayor and 4 Councilors will be elected.

The Candidates for Mayor are Michael Menzies and M.L. Whittles; the candidates for Councillor are Florence Greke, Michael Hertz, Don Matzner, Bradley Owen and Leon Tomlenovich.

  • Advance Poll - October 17, 2016, Village Office, 3pm — 8pm.
  • Election - October 26, 2016, Village Office 9am — 8pm.

Forum Sponsor—Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce.

Independent Moderator - Candidate Statements - Questions from the Floor - Each candidate will have the opportunity to answer every Question - Candidates will have equal time for responses - Community members may ask questions at the forum or pre-submit them to:kenastonchamber@gmail.com.

Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2016
2016 Theme: "Don't Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years."

Fire Prevention Week

Most fatal fires occur in residential settings where people feel safest. Fire can spread quickly through your home, leaving only precious minutes to escape. Your ability to get out fast depends on advanced warning from smoke alarms and advanced planning – creating a home fire escape plan. Reduce your family’s risk from fire by following the tips:

Smoke Alarms 

  • Make sure everyone in your home can recognise the sound of the smoke alarm and knows exactly what to do when it sounds.
  • Install working smoke alarms near sleeping areas and on every level of your home. For maximum protection also install smoke alarms in bedrooms.
  • Smoke alarms should be tested and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Alarms should be tested once a month by pushing the test button and listening for the alarm.
  • For battery operated smoke alarms, replace batteries at least once a year or for extended life batteries, refer to manufacturer’s instructions. Batteries should also be replaced when the smoke alarm makes a chirping sound.
  • Smoke alarms should be cleaned at least every 6 months by gently vacuuming the exterior.
  • Smoke alarms do wear out and should be replaced at least every 10 years.
  • To find out how old a smoke alarm is, look at the date of manufacture on the back of the alarm; the alarm should be replaced 10 years from that date.

Home Fire Escape Plans

  • Create a home fire escape plan showing 2 ways out of every room. Practise your plan with your entire family by having a home fire drill at least twice a year.
  • Choose a Family Meeting Place a safe distance away from your home. All family members should be taught to report to the family meeting place after leaving the home.
  • One person should then go to a neighbour’s house or the nearest phone in a safe location to contact 9-1-1 or your local emergency number.

Kenaston Rural Fire District Members will be making themselves available to help you check your smoke alarms during Fire Prevention Week on October 13 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Or call Gene Whitehead or Ken Remmen to make an alternative appointment with a fire department member.

Kenaston Fire Department Logo

Thank you for making fire safety your priority in your home!
Jeff Austman – Kenaston & Rural District Fire Chief
Gene Whitehead - Kenaston – McCraney EMO

DLC Spreads the Word about Online Learning: Over the past two weeks, a team of DLC teachers have been on the road, visiting with Grade 9-12 students across Sun West School Division.   We talked to them about online learning in general as well as introducing them to the DLC experience and our unique, high school electives.   In addition to the student audience, we are also committed to reaching out to parents and communities so that they too have accurate and timely information about distance learning and the choices that are available to Saskatchewan students.

To complement these face-to-face activities, we also hope to use technology to help spread the word about our school.   In the next two weeks, watch our website, Facebook and Twitter for the opportunity to comment on a proposed open house. Tell us when, where and how you want to see our school and meet our staff and we will do our best to accommodate.


Submitted by Tanya Ringdal

Kenaston Swimming Pool: Hooray for another fantastic season at the Kenaston Swimming Pool!!! For the first time in several years, the Kenaston Swimming Pool came remarkably close to breaking even, as opposed to running a substantial deficit. In previous years we were running between $25,000 - $30,000 in the red, leaving the Kenaston Lions to cover all deficits. The amount of revenue generated from donations, passes and lessons, significantly improved our bottom line.  We had a tremendous number of people register in swimming lessons and private lessons. The rentals for birthdays and reunions, as well as individuals who participated in aquacise, lane swim, and public swim all contributed to our facilities success!

Thank you Eve Ulmer and Sam Guy for taking on the responsibility of management, and having a truly successful first season! You promoted great community events and ensured a safe and fun place for people of all ages to enjoy!  Thanks for organizing six sets of lessons, planning late swims, lane swim, fun days and and other fun activities throughout the summer. Thank you Rachel Matovich, Jadelyn McClean and Jessica Zdunich for all your hard work this season and for making the pool the best and safest it could be! Without these young women this facility would not be open!!  

A successful season cannot be accomplished without the volunteerism from some pretty amazing people that worked extremely hard throughout the season! Neal Sanderson, Brad Owen and Sheldon Modien all deserve a huge pat on the back for getting the pool open in June, shutting it down in September, installing the new chlorine system, fixing anything and everything, being on call when problems arise, and making sure the facility ran the best it possibly could! Thank you for your dedication to our community, and all the time you put into the pool! Thank you to Julia Martin, Stephanie Saundh and Brittany Bieberdorf for promoting, volunteering, and giving up your time to help with staff, fundraisers and facility operation! 

Fundraisers such as the kitchen at Ole Den Antiques Auction, the annual Flea Market pancake breakfast, hamburger sales and canteen all contributed towards offsetting our operational costs. Thank you to Cynthia Guy for all your hard work and organization in that area- you dedicate a lot of time to the fundraisers! Thanks to Butch and Yvonne Millsap for always volunteering to cook! Thank you to the Powder family for always contributing generously to the facility! Thank you to Kenaston Co-Op for always helping us with our fundraisers, donating to the events and providing us with supplies! We are so lucky to have a generous business like this in our community! Thank you Carman Fowler for being our treasurer, and all the behind the scenes work you do that never gets recognized. 

Thank you Greg McJanet, principal of Kenaston School, for the significant donation and encouragement to use the facility for Physical Education and class parties. We also ran two sets of lessons in June which brought in significant revenue, and encouraged more people to buy season passes! Thank you to everyone in our community and the surrounding communities that supported our pool! Thank you for believing in the importance of teaching your kids life skills!

Submitted by Elaina Guilmette

Kenaston Cookbook

Kenaston Swimming Pool
/ Library Cookbook

On sale at the Co-Op and Kenaston Library.

Revenue goes to the Library and Pool renovation projects. Be sure to pick one up for yourself, and also use them as gifts. Pass one along to visiting firends and family.

Thank you to our Crossroads sponsors:
TLC trucking - Riverbend Coop - Sponsors

Big Daddy Tazz in Kenaston

Harvest Wind-Up: Tickets $30 each. Tables may be reserved for groups of 8 or 9.
Tickets available from: Kenaston branches of Riverbend Co-Op and Affinity Credit Union,
or call 306-252-2131. Proceeds to Kenaston Place.


Kenaston Parks and Recreation
Trade Show and Fall Supper 

Saturday November 12th, Kenaston Place. 
A wonderful new Kenaston event to support


Trade Show 1-5pm
Supper 5-7pm
Contact Reagan Prpich for vendor
table and food donations.  306-252-2525

Credit Union Staff

Appreciation goes to Affinity Credit Union
for the funds donated towards the 2 new picnic tables placed at Veterans Park in June.
The staff of Affinity also took responsibility for park maintenance over the summer.


Remembrance Day Service
on Nov 11th at 10:30am Kenaston Place.

Kenaston Wheatland Library The Kenaston Wheatland Library at the top of the hill on 3rd Street has been a busy place. The summer reading program just came to a close with 57 people taking part. Congratulations to all the prize winners.

The back-to-school teachers have been ordering books on their upcoming units, and the Kenaston Book Club is going strong with the new title for September. All displays have been changed again—stop by and take a look at all the new books. The new ramp construction out front will be starting soon.  The back room “book sale” is ongoing with many good books to choose from and the 2017 Community calendar order has already been sent away.

Library hours: Monday 7-9pm. Wednesday & Friday: 11-5pm.

Submitted by Faye McVeigh



Terry Fox Run in Kenaston: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 was a cooler, but pleasant day to hold the Terry Fox Walk in Kenaston. Students and staff left the school to meet the rest of the community at the Veteran's Park in downtown Kenaston for a group picture. There the journey began for about 175 people, down to the town's famous Snowman, then over to Mick's Way – The Kenaston Walking Trail. After turning at the skating rink, the group continued to walk towards Kenaston School where students and staff stayed to enjoy their barbecue burger lunch and drink supplied by the Riverbend Coop and Affinity Credit Union, while the rest of the community members continued on to the Coop. Upon arrival back downtown, the staff from the Coop and Credit Union, prepared and served more delicious burgers for all community members.

A big thank-you goes out to the Affinity Credit Union, Kenaston Branch and the Riverbend Coop, Kenaston Store for sponsoring the burger lunch with all proceeds going back to the Terry Fox Foundation. Also a big thank-you to all generous community members, families, and businesses for their support and donations towards cancer research that reached well over $5500.00! About a week prior to the walk, a kick-off was held in Kenaston School Gym. At that time, a Terry Fox video was shown and Mrs. Farrell had a Trivia Contest about Terry Fox for the students to participate in. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Submitted by Matthew Dao and Mrs. Remmen on behalf of Kenaston School. See more images here.

Canada Post
Canada Post: Potential closure on Saturdays only at the Kenaston Post Office. “A careful review has determined that we have a very small number of local customers on Saturdays.  Canada Post is therefore considering closing the Kenaston location of Saturdays only.  We will be holding discussions with the local representative of our employees’ association, the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association, and will communicate with you (to Village Office) once these discussions have occurred.”  You may communicate your concerns or opinions to the Village Office. 

school kids
School Dates:
  • Monday Oct 10th - Thanksgiving - no classes
  • Friday Oct 21st - School Pictures
  • Monday Oct 24th - School-based In-Service - no classes
  • Friday - Saturday Nov 4-5 - Girls' Volleyball Conferences, Kenaston Hosting
  • Friday Nov 11th - Remembrance Day - no classes
  • Monday Nov 14th - Time in Lieu - no classes
  • Monday Nov 28 - School-based In-service - no classes

Preserve our Heritage: The "Saskatchewan Valley Land Company" sign has now be restored and is displayed at the Kenaston Water Tower. Restoration compliments of Mike and Jody Schwab; erected by Lorne Anholt and Ken Remmen.

Click here for close up of the sign.

The Village of Kenaston would like to thank the Affinity Credit Union for their generous funding towards our new sidewalk on 3rd Street from the Co-op to the Post Office. We are happy to have a smoother surface for all residents to enjoy. Our Affinity Credit Union board representative is Colleen Sekulich.

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Kenaston Place

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Group Insurance for your Business and Farm Employees

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