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August Long Weekend in Kenaston
Sunday, August 6th and Monday, August 7th


Proceeds going to the Kenaston Recretion Boad.
For info on Show 'N shine or Flea Market contact Tammy (306) 252-1240.
For info on other events contact: Elaina (306) 222-7856

Yard Sales: If you are holding a yard sale on the August long weekend please let Glen know. The list will be posted on the Kenaston Community home page, Facebook page and the Buy/Sell Facebook Page. Email Glen at glenpavelich@gmail.com with name, street address and the days of your sale.

Yard Sale list so far: (On-Line Map)

1) Lorraine Firby - 309, 3rd Street. Yard Sale Sunday and Monday 9am to 5pm.

2) Alice Hill - 315, 3rd Street - Yard and Bake Sale on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 9am to 5pm.

3) Elaine Haduik - 310, 3rd Street. Yard sale on Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 5pm.

4) Pavelich Farm BnB - Garage and pre-move sale ...set up in the quonset at the farm rain or shine. Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 5pm.

5) Mary Ann Santha - 510, 1st Street - Yard sale on Saturday and Sunday - 9am - 5pm.

6) Violet Greek - 303, 3rd Street - Yard Sale on Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.

Check for updates and map on-line: www.kenaston.ca

New Pool Toy Fundraiser!

Bottle driveBake Sale

The staff and board at the Kenaston Swimming Pool will be having a baking, canning, preserve and fresh produce table at the August Long Weekend Extravaganza, to raise money for new toys and lesson equipment!

We are also going to have a can/bottle drive, we can pick up or you can drop off any time that weekend! If you can donate, help or support either of these events please contact Julia Prpich, Elaina Guilmette or Samantha Guy!

Fund Raising?

There are openings in August and September for organizations to host a Wednesday BBQ from the Co-Op this summer.

Contact the Riverbend Co-Op to arrange your date.

Village News:

The dump hours for August to September will be every Wednesday from 5 to 8 and Saturday 1 to 4. Please watch the website for any updates to hours at the dump or contact the Village office at 306-252-2211.

Please have your trees & grass trimmed on a regular basis this summer. The Village has a nuisance bylaw for anyone who does not comply with volunteer maintenance to their yards. The bylaw is found on website.

Bylaws Officer. The Village of Kenaston has bylaws in place to maintain the integrity, onus of liability, and structure within the Village. Examples of these Bylaws include the Animal Bylaw (licensing your pet), the Building Bylaw (Building Inspector), the Water and Sewer Bylaw (payment of water & sewer), the Nuisance Bylaw (which includes yard maintenance) and the ATV Bylaw (helmet use/rules of the road).

Village Council has discussed hiring a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to enforce the bylaws of the Village. A Bylaw Enforcement Officer would contact residents regarding non-compliance to our bylaws and issue the fines accordingly. The Village Council would prefer that residents voluntarily follow the bylaws, but will review this option at the next couple of council meetings and make a decision in the future.

Thank you - Carman Fowler Administrator


The Kenaston Recreation Board

Since our opening for the 2017 season in June, there have been lots of exciting things going on at the Kenaston Swimming Pool! First and foremost, we have gained so many new guards! They are all hard working and friendly people who have been working tirelessly to create a fun, safe and hospitable environment for the pool. Our new guards include Melissa Jones, Teryn Simonson, Eve Matovich, Nathan Chomyshen, Ronin Iron, Jade Koch, Brooke Villeneuve, Kaylan Fowler, and Ethan Owen. Melissa also ran a Bronze Medallion and Cross course in June and will be offering another set of them in August. If anyone is interested please contact the pool at 306-252-2216!


We are all very excited for the August long weekend to come. The weekend will include pancake breakfasts on Sunday and Monday, a kids bike parade, beer gardens, burgers, and the annual Show 'n' Shine car show.



This year all the festivities will be going on in the DLC parking lot across from the Kenaston Swimming Pool.

Throughout August the pool will be offering another set of swimming lessons from August 14-18, aqua size classes, family fun days, lane swims, teen swims and much more! All the staff and volunteers at the Kenaston Swimming Pool would like to thank everyone in the community and surrounding areas for giving us so much support this season. Our profit has been through the roof this year due to season swimming pass purchases, swimming lessons or simply from those who came to public swims! Every bit helps and we would not be able to run without it. Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped build our lounge upstairs! It looks absolutely spectacular and has provided us with a space for a canteen, as well as a great area for parents and children to watch the kids during their swimming lessons. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!


If there is anyone who is interested in certifying as a Lifeguard for next summer, we are going to run another set of Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses in August!

There are no prerequisites for Bronze Medallion; you just have to be 13 years old when you take the course. To take Bronze Cross, you must complete Bronze Medallion first and be 14 years old.

We hope to run Bronze Medallion from Thursday Aug.10th to Sunday Aug 13th, from 9am-2pm every day. Bronze Cross will then follow from Mon. Aug. 14th to Fri.18th, from 12-5pm. The cost will be $160 per course. Each person will need a copy of the Canadian Lifesaving Manual from the Lifesaving Society which is around $40 from the U of S bookstore.

Lifeguarding is a fantastic job to have on your resume. It teaches great skills in team building, cooperation, independence & self-confidence. Many universities and employers in a variety of fields esteem these skills in potential employees!

Please message Julia Prpich or call 306-252-2216 if you or your child is interested in taking the course!

Barry Firby Roast

Wow!!!!! Pretty amazing that Barry Firby's retirement roast raised $5,600 for the Kenaston Community Recreation Board! Thank you Ken & Dorothy McKnight for the $250.00 additional donation to the Kenaston Swimming Pool, and Rosholts and Blakley's for the incredible $500.00 US donation to the Kenaston Community Recreation Board. These outstanding donations will go towards the operation and maintenance of the hall, rink and swimming pool.

Thank you to Alice Hill for selling drink tickets all night long, Joni Zdunich and Faye McVeigh for sitting at the door, Carman Fowler, Bryan Guilmette, Neal Sanderson, Chase Zdunich and Ivana Yelich for running the bar!

Finally and most importantly, thank you to the Firby family for supporting and giving back to this village we call home. You hosted an incredible evening and our community is extremely fortunate to have generous people like you to support our recreational facilities.

Thank you to our Crossroads sponsors: (PDF Version)

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Mayor and Council:

Village of Kenaston: The Mayor and Village Councillors are pleased to announce they have received approval for a Federal and Provincial Government Grant that will provide funding for a new well and upgrades to a lift station. The cost of these upgrades will be 75% covered meaning only 25% of the funds will be paid by the Village of Kenaston.

The Village will work with a Hydrogeologist from an Engineering firm to accept Tenders for the job to be done. The new well will complete the Ground under Direct Influence (GUDI) concern that was outlined by the Water Security Agencies Report. This coupled with the success of the recent dredging leaves the Village in a very good position with the Water Security Agency.

On a separate note it is nice to see the completion of a new house and the start of another.

On behalf of the Village of Kenaston Mayor and Council


New Life for the Kenaston Cenotaph

Our cenotaph memorializing WWI and WW2 was constructed in 1961. After 56 years, it was showing definite signs of wear. In 2016 the Kenaston & District Chamber of Commerce decided it was time to make a restoration plan and were able to contract a stone mason to take the project on. Over the years we have discovered that nothing is easy, and this project was proof again. We had hoped to complete this in 2016 but a very rainy fall ensured that plan would fail. Spring 2017 and we began again. There was some paint on the cenotaph that needed to be removed which proved to be a much bigger project than anticipated. Fortunately, we were able to contract Clearspring Colony to take on the project and the sandblasting happened. David Decker did a superlative job of cleaning up the monument. This of course, would have been impossible without Kevin Mills and FWS equipment making themselves available to unload and load sandblasting equipment and load the sand in the container. Once the cenotaph was cleaned Kevin O'Regan of KOR Woodworks was ready to repair the mortar binding the stones. Kevin learned masonry at the side of his father in Australia and proved to be a skilled craftsman. Just in time for Canada Day, our cenotaph is again gracing Veteran's Centennial Park.

Canada 150 Event:

2017 Canada Day in Kenaston

Third Street was filled to capacity on June 28 as we celebrated Canada's 150th birthday. We were pleased and only a bit amazed by the number of Kenastonites that came out to join the fun. We appear to have a Village full of youngsters and it is phenomenal to see them all in one place. Thank you to all who came out to take part in the event! We need to thank the Riverbend Co-Operative and their amazing staff for arranging the bouncy castle and fun food items. Thank you to the Affinity Credit Union staff for manning the many snack stations. Thank you to Brad and Eldon Owen for the blast from the past in Eldon's Model T. Thank you to the Adam's Centre for the use of their building as well as supplying birthday cake. Thank you to the Village of Kenaston staff and Kenaston Fire Department and First Responders for blocking the street. The Circus kids and balloon animals offered Tami Owen as well as face painting by Tami and Ruby Powder added to the entertainment. Current and past member of the Village Council capably manned the barbeque serving more than 300 people. The Rink Board brought their donut machine and Dean Blinkensop's popcorn machine. As well, Chamber members were everywhere filling in where needed. When we list all of these names it is very apparent that we have an amazing base of volunteers in our community who are willing to take part in creating a very special community event.

Chamber News:

Thank you to Michael Pavelich who kindly dug out the unsightly honeysuckle bushes on the east side of the Veteran's Park. Thanks to our hero Brayden Fowler who cleaned up all the trees. There are lots of roots to pick, clean up and landscaping that is required. We are hopeful that we can organize a crew for some evening in the near future to get this cleaned up. Please reply with your suggestions/availability and we can see what we can work out. The tree line will need to be cultivated for a couple of seasons to ensure that the honeysuckles are gone and we will need someone with a good garden tractor/cultivator to take on this task. If you have a proposal for this, please contact Tim Holder. Thank you to Ken Remmen for repairing the downtown picnic tables and park benches in the park and downtown.

Submitted by Susan Anholt


Hillbilly Boogie 2017: August 4th to 6th. Visit our website. Tickets can be purchased at the gate. Weekend rate - $60. Day rates also available. MC: Reg Wilke. Music: Youth Country Jamboree, Aaron Zip, Malcolm Foster & Co, Alternate Rhythm, Neon Blue, Steve Gibson, Will Ardel, Stephanie Rose, Lisa Moen and many other performances. Camping all weekend. Food Available.

Adams Center

Seniors News:

Our summer has been windy, hot and very dry, and we wish our farmer friends all the best and a safe harvest. We hosted the Co-Op BBQ on July 19th. Thank you for coming out to support us. Join us on August 23rd when we will host the BBQ again.

The next Seniors meeting is August 23rd at 2pm. The wellness clinic is August 28th from 9 am to noon.

Seniors week in Canada is October 1st to 7th. Come out to the center and try some new activities.

The seniors continue to host coffee on Mondays at 9am and 3pm. Come out to join in with the laughs and comradery.


Submitted by Kenaston Seniors

The Kenaston Library:

The Kenaston Wheatland Library is hosting the TD Bank summer reading program again this summer. We are well underway and it runs till August 23rd. You can sign up any time and enter your name for a chance to win a prize.

We currently have displays on "Summer Fun" and "Croatia" as well has an interesting table with the archives of formal paperwork on the startup of our Kenaston Library. We also have a "Canada 150" prize draw for all library patrons to enter their name each time they take out books.

With the help of our local Riverbend Co-Op the library has a BBQ on the first Wednesday noon on each summer month. Proceeds go towards the construction of our new wheelchair ramp and steps for which we are patiently waiting the contractor to start. We are planning to have another "Paint Night" this fall so watch for the date to be announced. The last one was a sellout so get your name down early.

Submitted by Faye McVeigh


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