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Barry Firby Retirement Roast 2017

The Barry Firby Charity Retirement Roast

Saturday June 17, 2017
Kenaston Place

The evening includes wine tasting, dinner, live and silent auctions & more!

All proceeds will be donated to Kenaston Recreation Board & Senator Doug Finley Memorial Fund.

For more information, or to purchase individual or group tables please visit www.barryfirbyroast.com.

Local residents can purchase tickes from Mackenzie Firby at 306-221-2553 or mfirby@sasktel.net, or Barry: 306-229-1720.

Come out to support Kenaston and raise funds for the Pool, Rink & Kenaston Place!!

Canada 150th Birthday

Canada Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Confederation

June 28th 3:00—7:00 pm

The Chamber will sponsor a community Street Fun Day and BBQ on 3rd Street by the Adam's Center.
The Co-Op will be offering snow cones, pop-corn, cotton candy and a bounce castle for kids. The Adams Center is supplying the Cake.
Affinity will have helium balloons, a raffle, and raffle prize for kids.
Ruby Powder will be doing Face Painting.
Entertainment: The Kenaston School kids will perform circus acts along the street.
BBQ: 4:40—6:30.
Prices: All newcomers arriving since last year's BBQ - FREE.

  • Adults— $5.00
  • Students—$3.00
  • Pre-School-Free
  • Family Rate—$15.

Fund Raising?

There are openings in July, August and September for organizations to host a Wednesday BBQ from the Co-Op this summer.

Contact the Riverbend Co-Op to arrange your date.

Village News:

1) A reminder to Village of Kenaston residents that the village has a bylaw that requires a building permit for any new building 100 square feet or more or a deck construction. The permit is then forwarded to the building inspector for inspection of the structure or deck. Please contact the office for more information.

2) The dump hours for June to September will be every Wednesday from 5 to 8 and Saturday 1 to 4.

3) Please have your trees & grass trimmed on a regular basis this summer. The Village has a nuisance bylaw for anyone who does not comply with volunteer maintenance to their yards. The bylaw is found on the website.

Thank you - Carman Fowler Administrator

School Dates:
  • June 1st-3rd - Provincial Track and Field Meet in Saskatoon.
  • June 7th - Variety Night - Music, Skits and A Circus! 7:00 p.m.
  • June 13th - Elementary Track and Field
  • June 15th - Awards Program - 10:45 a.m.
  • June 23rd-28th - Final Exams
  • June 29th - Graduation - Exercises - 7:00 p.m.

Variety Night

Kenaston Library

The Kenaston Library:

The Kenaston Wheatland library is under-going a much needed "facelift" with new windows and siding. Our new steps and wheel chair ramp will be installed to enable all library users to once again access the building.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation, and the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) for grant money towards the new windows and building siding, and the Affinity Credit Union Community Grant for a donation toward the new wheel chair ramp. Our library building was in poor shape and without these grants our major renovations would not have been possible. We appreciate the financial assistant to enable us to keep the library a viable part of the community.

We would also like to thank the Riverbend Co-op for supporting the library through a monthly BBQ, also those who attended our Movie night and Paint night, bought Vessey seeds, ordered a Community Calendars or gave a financial donation. The library is very appreciative of all the support we have gotten on our renovation project and we look forward to starting on the inside of the building once the outside is complete.

The library hosted "Munsch Mania" for approximately 150 students from both Kenaston and Hanley schools; the elementary age students enjoyed the Munsch story told by the puppets.

With the provincial budget back we are "back to business" and ordering approx. 300 or more new books each week. The Clearspring Hutterite Colony, the Kenaston School, Distant Learning Center and our regular library patrons can continue to order books and E-Books from all over the province. Stop by and check out our many display changes, items of interest and use a free access computer.

Wheatland is celebrating 50 years of service and we invite the public to drop by and see our display. We will join in to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with the community on June 28th. Our summer reading Program will start at the end of June and run all summer long, with plenty of prizes and fun.

Submitted by Faye McVeigh

August Long Weekend

Silver Bullet Contracting will sponsor the Annual Flea Market on Sunday August 6 and Monday August 7.

Tables will be open from 9 to 5.

We are hoping to have the William Holder Memorial Show 'n Shine again on the Monday; we need volunteers to hold this show so if you can volunteer, we need to hear from you.

The Kenaston Community Recreation Committee will again provide food services and proceeds will be directed to the operation of the swimming pool and skating rink.

In order to make this event a success, volunteers are welcomed and can contact either Denis or Tammy (Denis: 306-491-6066 or Tammy: 306-230-2261).

The location of the event is under negotiation, and will be posted on the Kenaston Community page once confirmed.

As always, yard sales are welcome during the weekend. Contact Glen Pavelich if you want your location posted on our FB page.

More updates will be posted in the August newsletter.

Thank you to our Crossroads sponsors: (PDF Version)

Hoffmann Holder and Kenaston Lions Club

Kenaston Place

Kenaston Mayor and Council:

The Village of Kenaston has exciting news. As this is written, Roy & Sons of Regina are at our lagoon dredging the primary cell which is quite an interesting process to watch. The dredging uses an advanced process that can go down into the lagoon fifteen feet and suction the sludge into the drying bed by moving it through a system of pipes on the lagoon's surface. The final results are not in but the dredging will give residents of Kenaston like-new capacity in the lagoon which will alleviate concern from the Water Security Agency.

Roy and Sons Lagood Dredging 2017

As Village Council and Administration has learnt from other communities, the specific enzyme product we purchased in 2015 will aid in liquefying the material that enters the lagoon. In the future these enzymes will be used on an ongoing basis to keep the sludge from building up.

Village Residents/Property Owners will be receiving their tax notices shortly. Residents will notice an increase to taxes ranging between $20 - $60 per month. Increases to the Education Mill Rate and the Assessment done by SAMA (Saskatchewan Asset Management Agency) have increased house values.

The Village Council has reduced the Mill rate from previous years to make the increase reasonable for residents. However, in some cases home owners will have improved their house or built a garage and this is the first time these improvements have been accounted for by SAMA making the assessment higher.

A special mention goes out to the Chamber of Commerce in Kenaston who are making arrangements to Celebrate Canada 150.

On behalf of the Village of Kenaston Mayor and Council

Lions Club Kenaston

In 2016 Brian and Elaina Guilmette and Matt Yelich made an agreement to provide a quarter section of land to be farmed with net crop proceeds donated towards our community recreation facilities. Jon Zdunich generously farmed the land donating his time, fuel and equipment. The Lions Club got involved as the financial backer for this project. Jon and his crew of Ryan Matovich, Chance Krueger, Joe Matovich, Steve Zdunich and Dave Cooper did a great job of producing a 40 plus bushel crop of wheat which also graded very well considering many of the quality issues that occurred in 2016. This project will continue in 2017.

The project was supported by several other individuals and companies. Our thanks and recognition are extended to Seed Master Industries, Jake Zdunich and Richardson Pioneer Grain, Blair's Fertilizer, Leon Tomlenovich and TLC Trucking, Mark Zdunich and McQueen Hail Insurance, Gardiner Dam Terminal, Dupont Chemicals, and Rob Warkingham with Western Sales. We are thankful for the generous attitudes of these people and organizations that continue to make our community a good place to live and raise our families!

Submitted by Lorne Anholt,
Treasurer / Kenaston Lions Club


DLC logo
As the days get longer and the school year draws to a close, everybody is antsy to get out of the classroom and into their beach wear. But before we do that, we thought we'd take a minute to reflect on a pretty exciting year at the DLC. As Saskatchewan's largest online school, we strive to empower every learner. With the delivery of more than 3,500 online courses, as well as the school tours and the field trips that we hosted for current and prospective DLC families, we have worked very hard to accomplish that goal.

Persephone Theatre's Baobob production, a trades-based student tour of Sask Polytechnic campus tours and a trip to Regina's Canada Wide Science Fair are just some of the exciting opportunities that DLC students had to expand their learning over the year. And on May 31st, 12 of our home-based learners joined Kenaston School's Expert Fair to showcase their areas of expertise. It was an amazing display of colour, activity and enthusiasm.

At the end of June, we say thank you and good luck to two members of our leadership team that have captained this ship in the past few years. Jade Ballek will be taking her insight, experience and exceptional organizational skills to Dinsmore School where she will assume the Principalship in September. And Kim Johnson, who joined us from Kenaston School a few years ago, is retiring after 32 years of teaching and administration in Sun West School Division. We wish them both a wonderful summer and wish them every happiness in this new chapter of their lives.

Joining our current VPs - Aaron Biberdorf and Kurtis Heath - will be Craig VanThyne as the new principal. Craig comes from Eaton School in Eatonia where he has been the Principal for the past several years. Watch for coming editions of Crossroads for words of greeting from Craig.

We wish every one of our learners good luck as they work to wrap up their studies in time to enjoy the summer months. Remember that if you are choosing to work through the summer months, our teachers will be enjoying a little sun of their own and will not be available for support until September.

Have a great summer!

Submitted by Tanya Ringdal
Marketing and Business Development


Adams Center

Seniors News:

Kenaston Seniors hosted the Grades 5 & 6 students on May 26th to do straw weaving. They enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did.

Wellness Clinic at Adams Centre Monday June 5th, 9am to noon

Best Wishes to the Graduates of 2017!!

New club members are always welcome. Coffee's on at the Centre every Monday morning and every Monday & Thursday afternoon.

Submitted by Kenaston Seniors

Kenaston Recreation Board

The Blizzard Auction supper catered by numerous community volunteers, made a profit of $1,800.00. That revenue goes towards operating and maintaining the pool, rink and hall; each running a major deficit every year.  I would like to thank the many volunteers that prepped, cooked, served and cleaned up the meal.

Thank you Janelle Englesman, Debbie Ouellette, Michelle & Dean Blenkinsop, Tammy Powder, Lynne Yelich, Dee Guy, Renee Zdunich, Darlene & Ole Remmen, Allan Kerpan, Tara Rink, Ellen Fischl, Lacey Zdunich and Carman Fowler. Thank you Jen Millsap for baking the buns, Reagan Prpich for organizing the desserts donated by Deanne Bleakley, Joni Zdunich, Jackie Jewell, Julia Martin, Tammy Owen and Jenn Zacharias. Huge shout out to Cindy Menzies and her PAA class for making the carrot and chocolate cakes as well as the cakes in the auction. Thank you Riverbend Co-op and Florence Greke for generously donating and bringing in supplies for the meal. 

The Pool:

The Kenaston Swimming Pool is excited for the upcoming season!  The board and staff have been working hard to get the facility ready for the summer of 2017! The pool provides so many opportunities to get active and be healthy, so join us for public swim, child and adult lessons, aquacise, mom and tot fitness class, teen swim, adult swim, lane swim and numerous fun days! 

We have made some significant upgrades and improvements to the facility due to multiple grants and donations!

The Western Economic Diversification Canada, on behalf of the Government of Canada, delivered the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program in Western Canada and invested $24,772.00 for the improved staff, seating and canteen area! Arlo and Dee Guy also contributed $300.00 to the area. Thank you to Jon Sagen, Ryan Matovich, Bryan Guilmette, Brandon Stone and IVE Mechanical for completing the project! Thank you to Dakota Dunes for $5000.00 towards the facilities entire electrical upgrade done by Lutz Electric. Thank you Affinity Credit Union for $873.84 towards landscaping around the pool, and $2500.00 towards a new pool pump. Thank you Brad Owen for the donation of $442.00 towards operation of the pool. The Ouellette Family Foundation has set up an annual donation to the pool. This year we received $1960.00 from them and we are very greatful! This will go towards operating and maintaining the pool!

The pool is always looking for donations to improve the facility, purchase new supplies for lessons and public swim, and improvements to landscaping. You can get a tax receipt for your donation.

As a way to ensure we have lifeguards in the future, Kenaston Swimming Pool will be offering both Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. You must be 13 to take Medallion and you do not need to have any other prerequisites. With Medallion you can junior life guard, and with Bronze Cross (prerequisite is Bronze Medallion and 14 years of age), you can officially lifeguard on your own! Life guarding is a valuable life skill that will enhance your resume, learn new and lifesaving skills, and have a great summer job!

Pool rental for birthdays, family reunions and other special occasions are available any day of the week. $200.00 for two guards, use of the BBQ, and three hours of swim time!!

Last year we tried one week lessons, but the swimming instructors felt they needed more instruction time and that a weekend between lessons gave kids the opportunity for more practice time. We have decided to try Monday - Thursday for 2 weeks, giving families their summer weekends. 

Lesson Sets:

  • Set 1: June 19-29 (after school-evening)
  • Set 2: July 3-13 (morning)
  • Set 3: July 24-Aug 3 (morning)
  • Set 4: Aug 14-24 (morning). 

Lessons prices:

  • Pre-school: $60.00
  • Levels 1-6: $75.00
  • Levels 7-10: $90.00
  • Private Adult: $90.00
  • Aquacise: $7.00
  • Lane Swim: $5.00

Registration will start June 1st. Call 306-252-2216!

Please follow the Kenaston Swimming Pool on Facebook and on Kenaston Home Page for the summer swimming schedule and upcoming pool events!

Have a great summer EVERYONE!!!

(For more info and prices—see online pool page.)               

Submitted by Elaina

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