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6. Health and Medical Services

Kenaston has access to Medical Services through a variety of locations. The nearest hospital and doctor is in Davidson 20 minutes south on Highway #11. Major hospitals are in Saskatoon about 45 minutes away. Alternatively Outlook has at hospital and doctor, about 30 minutes to the West on Hwy #15.

Davidson EMS provides basic life support service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, using 2 ambulance units. EMS is dispatched by MD ambulance in Saskatoon through 911 using fleetnet portable radios.

There are four Emergency Medical Responders, four Emergency Medical Technicians, and one Paramedic. All are registered with Saskatchewan Health.

The EMS coordinator works at the Davidson Health Centre and is part of the health care team at the centre. EMS responds to an average of 200 calls per year.

Fire Department


The Kenaston Volunteer Fire Department responds to fires and emergencies in the Village of Kenaston and the surrounding Rural Municipalities of McCraney and Willner. The fire department consists of the fire chief, 2 deputy chiefs and 5 firefighters. A number of our firefighters are cross-trained to provide emergency medical care. The department responds to an average of 25 calls per year. We have a newly constructed, and geothermally heated Fire Hall, which was completed in 2003.

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Kenaston's Emergency Plan