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4. Community Planning - Chamber of Commerce

Kenston Slogan



About the Kenaston Chamber

The Kenaston Chamber is an active and highly motivated organization with a strong membership from the business community. Meetings are held monthly to discuss on-going objectives and projects, and to receive updates from the various committees established to spearhead the goal listed below. The Chamber also sponsors an annual trade show event, Autumn Action Day, officially welcomes new members to town, and maintains our community theme park.


Kenaston: "A beautiful, resilient, and thriving prairie community that encourages an active business climate while embracing the values of rural life."


The Kenaston community will create a positive business climate that improves community prosperity and sustainability by acting to attract new enterprises and services while maintaining existing businesses.

The Kenaston community will improve our quality of life by acting to encourage positive attitudes and increase community pride; promote growth options that favour harmony and protection of our natural environment; enhance the beauty and image of the community; and encourage community participation and involvement.


Goal #1 - The Kenaston and District Chamber of Commerce will maintain an economic development focus.

Goal #2 - Expand Tourism Opportunities

Goal #3 - Foster Community Spirit

Goal #4 - Enhance the Community's Image Through Beautification

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