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Why Live in or near Kenaston

Kenaston is inviting new families. Here you can be part of a community which has a spirit for growth and which welcomes new enterprises. If you are presently from a large center and would prefer a rural setting where you can get involved and live amongst great people and reconnect with family life, then look around at the Kenaston and surrounding area.

Kenaston is tranquil: Tucked into the Saskatchewan countryside, amidst rolling prairie hills.

Kenaston is central: Here you have the best of both worlds. You have the tranquility of the prairies all around you yet you are only 45 minutes from Saskatoon. You can enjoy the lifestyle of small town living and commute to work via a well maintained 4 lane highway with no traffic jams, ever.

Kenaston is beautiful: See our CommunityTour
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Kenaston is inexpensive: As homes and lots in the village become available they are posted on our real estate page, and our homes do sell. More and more farms of all sizes, and farm lands, are becoming available for purchase as well. Saskatchewan still offers land and housing at affordable prices. You can potentially live here on an expansive home quarter with room to build the quality of life you desire...gardens, stables, small hobby or mixed farming, or to develop your unique idea that, if ecologically sound, will be welcomed by all. In today's world with the increasing value being placed on living rurally, away from a major center, and with the ability to be self sufficient in a sustainable way, Saskatchewan should be considered by as a top first choice.

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