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Kenaston Recreation and Sports


Change Rooms Renovation

Thanks to Bryan Guilmette, Jen Millsap, Dean Blenkinsop, Jon Zdunich, Butch Millsap, and Lori Gasper for volunteering their time to painting the Kenaston Rink change rooms, entrance, and walls. They were in rough shape, so thank you for taking the initiative, and time to keep our rec facilities looking the best they can!

Christmas Gala

Thanks to everyone that attended, supported, bought tickets, donated, volunteered and sponsored the event!!! So many fabulous people and businesses to thank!! Heather Louise Dahms Mills, Reagan Cline-Prpich, Vickie Holder, Theresa Owen, Jen Millsap, Rachel Kroeger, Chance Kroeger, Bryan Guilmette, Lori Gasper, Marla Richey, Joni Westman Zdunich, Reg Zdunich, Elizabeth Zdunich, Tara Rink, Tara George, Michelle Ringdal, Cindy Menzies, Sue Mills, Gene Pavelich, Brayden Fowler, Carman Fowler, Julia Martin, Julie Lowdermilk, Leah Pople, Janelle Englesman, Josh Kerpan, Cory Oulette, Carla Chomyshen, Amanda Larson, Lannah Betnesky-Matovich, Florence Greke, Ivana Yelich, Dean Blenkinsop and Deanna Modien!!! Thank you Arlo and Dee Guy, Hoffman and Holder Insurance, FWS, Avon Shirley Hartman, Kenaston Co-op, Kenaston Super Draft, Lutz Electric, and MP Tom Lukiwski for sponsoring the 2016 Christmas Gala! Thank you to the kids at Kenaston School for setting up the chairs and tables! Numerous amazing donations were made to the auction from generous and talented community members! These donations raised a significant amount of profit from generous bidders! Sally Siroski donated 3 amazing cakes, which each went for $150.00, a steak supper for $300.00, and a baking tray for $110! She definitely brought in the most money for our silent auction! All the profit from the evening will go towards the maintenance and operation of the pool, rink and hall.


What a great success. Thank you to all the vendors and everyone who came to the supper to support Kenaston Parks and Rec. Thank you to the Kenaston Small Businesses and residents that purchased Co-op gift cards to help purchase the turkeys, hams and other groceries. A big thank you to the wonderful residents that donated buns, salads, potatoes, pickles and the delicious desserts. You made the meal very special with your generous homemade donations. A very special thank you to everyone that helped set up, cook the meal, carve turkeys, and clean up. A event can not happen without people like all of you and I truly thank you for all your help.

Michelle Zdunich-Blenkinsop Michelle Blenkinsop, Michelle Ringdal, Joni Westman Zdunich, Elaina Guilmette, Janelle Englesman, Dean Blenkinsop, Cindy Tomlenovich, Leon Tomlenovich, Tim Holder, Bonetta Sorensen Beck, Ivana Yelich, Mackenzie Beck, Theresa Owen, Raleen Cline-Bowles, Joan Tait-Cline, Cindy Menzies, Crystal Zdunich. Could not have done the day without you guys. Thank you again!! Thank yous.

Kenaston Swimming Pool:

Hooray for another fantastic season at the Kenaston Swimming Pool!!! For the first time in several years, the Kenaston Swimming Pool came remarkably close to breaking even, as opposed to running a substantial deficit. In previous years we were running between $25,000 - $30,000 in the red, leaving the Kenaston Lions to cover all deficits. The amount of revenue generated from donations, passes and lessons, significantly improved our bottom line. ?We had a tremendous number of people register in swimming lessons and private lessons. The rentals for birthdays and reunions, as well as individuals who participated in aquacise, lane swim, and public swim all contributed to our facilities success!

Thank you Eve Ulmer and Sam Guy for taking on the responsibility of management, and having a truly successful first season! You promoted great community events and ensured a safe and fun place for people of all ages to enjoy! ?Thanks for organizing six sets of lessons, planning late swims, lane swim, fun days and and other fun activities throughout the summer. Thank you Rachel Matovich, Jadelyn McClean and Jessica Zdunich for all your hard work this season and for making the pool the best and safest it could be! Without these young women this facility would not be open!!??

A successful season cannot be accomplished without the volunteerism from some pretty amazing people that worked extremely hard throughout the season! Neal Sanderson, Brad Owen and Sheldon Modien all deserve a huge pat on the back for getting the pool open in June, shutting it down in September, installing the new chlorine system, fixing anything and everything, being on call when problems arise, and making sure the facility ran the best it possibly could! Thank you for your dedication to our community, and all the time you put into the pool! Thank you to Julia Martin, Stephanie Saundh and Brittany Bieberdorf for promoting, volunteering, and giving up your time to help with staff, fundraisers and facility operation!?

Fundraisers such as the kitchen at Ole Den Antiques Auction, the annual Flea Market pancake breakfast, hamburger sales and canteen all contributed towards offsetting our operational costs. Thank you to Cynthia Guy for all your hard work and organization in that area- you dedicate a lot of time to the fundraisers! Thanks to Butch and Yvonne Millsap for always volunteering to cook! Thank you to the Powder family for always contributing generously to the facility! Thank you to Kenaston Co-Op for always helping us with our fundraisers, donating to the events and providing us with supplies! We are so lucky to have a generous business like this in our community! Thank you Carman Fowler for being our treasurer, and all the behind the scenes work you do that never gets recognized.?

Thank you Greg McJanet, principal of Kenaston School, for the significant donation and encouragement to use the facility for Physical Education and class parties. We also ran two sets of lessons in June which brought in significant revenue, and encouraged more people to buy season passes! Thank you to everyone in our community and the surrounding communities that supported our pool! Thank you for believing in the importance of teaching your kids life skills!

Pancake Breakfast and Hamburger sale at Ole'Den Antique Flea Market:

Thank you to Cynthia Guy for organizing, getting the supplies, and cooking at the amazing Kenaston Swimming Pool Annual Pancake Breakfast and Hamburger Sale. Cynthia puts in a lot of time, energy, effort and dedication to this event, and every year the pool raises a significant amount of money for new equipment, and covering operational costs. We are so lucky to have you in our community to put on this fantastic event for our community and swimming pool. On behalf of the Kenaston Community Recreation Board, we would like to thank the following for making this weekend a HUGE Success! $1410.75 profit was made from the hamburger sales, $1330.00 profit was made from the pancakes sales. Cervus Peterbilt for sponsoring the event with a $1500.00 donation. Thank you to the anonymous person that donated their winnings from the 50/50 back to the pool, helping us gain another $361.00! Arlo and Dee Guy for their donation of $50.00. Tammy and Dennis Powder for providing the location for out fundraiser, and donating the registration money, which is $490.00!!!!! Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated by our community!!!!! . Thank you to Ella Powder who donated her birthday money in the sum of $130.00 towards the pool. You must get your sincerity and generosity from your fabulous parents!!!

We would like to thank the following for all of their hard work over the August long weekend: Butch and Yvonne Millsap for cooking, Jim Benko for cooking and setting up the coffee, Dean Blenkinsop for cooking, Brent Guy for pre cooking the sausage, and cooking at the event, as well as, setting up and taking back the chairs and tables, Brandon Powder for helping return the tables and chairs, Florence Greke at the Kenaston Co-op for opening on Sunday and Monday and going to the store and getting supplies when she gets a text, Samantha, Eve, Rachel and Jessica for running the 50/50, assisting the young and elderly, and cleaning and setting up. Also a GIGANTIC thank you to everyone that came out and supported the event! Without your generosity this event would never be this successful!!!

A Night of Music, Wings and Nachos: Friday June 24th was a successful, and fun filled community event that raised close to $4000.00 towards the operation, and maintenance of our recreational facilities. Your generosity and support for community fundraisers is greatly appreciated! We need our community to attend events such as these, to keep our pool, rink and hall operating so please try to support them.
So many people helped to make this night successful!!! Thank you to the entertainers that generously donated their music and talent to the event! K-Rock, Mandy Ringdal and Will Ardell all put on an incredible show for the community to enjoy! Each artist brought a unique and powerful performance to the stage that captured the audience, and created a fun and memorable experience!
Thank you to Dean and Michelle Blenkinsop, and Jody and Tara George for cooking all the wings at the rink. Bryan Guilmette and Landin Mills for transporting the wings from the rink to the hall. Cory Oulette, Carla Chomyshen, Denise Sanderson, Cindy Menzies, Stacey Hertz, Shauna George, Michelle Ringdal and Joni Zdunich for cooking the nachos and serving! Mike Hertz for introducing the artists. Kevin Mills for setting up, running the bar, and doing behind the scenes work. Bryce Mills for helping set up. Crystal Zdunich for helping in the bar. Jon Zdunich for getting all the beer. Liz Zdunich for designing and making the posters. Kenaston Co-op for donating the nachos, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and green onions. Also for all the wonderful Kenaston Co-op staff that helped with organizing the food, liqour and supplies, you make fundraisers so much easier!!! Ashton Mills and Skye Griffith for taking orders and money. Joanne Hoffman and Rosemary O'Handley for running the door. Gene Pavelich and Braeden Fowler for helping with music and sound. Greg McJanet, Chuck Irven, Rob Holder, Sheldon Modien, and Shaun Smith for keeping the party and the music going! Sheldon Modien for playing music during intermission and until the end of the night! And last but definitely not least Heather Mills and Janelle Englesman for helping organize, prepare, get supplies, work from start to finish, run the bar, and clean up after the night! Everyone's and time and generosity to the event is greatly appreciated!

Gravel: Thank you to Dallas Pavelich for giving the Pool an incredible deal on gravel to put in front to eliminate the amount of mud and dirt that was being tracked into our pool. Also, thank you Mark Asbjornhus for leveling it for us!

Flier Drop: Thank you to the volunteers that dropped flyers on Saturday for a $250.00 donation to the recreational facilities! Your effort and time is greatly appreciated!

Ladies Nite Out: Thank You! Thank you to each woman who purchased a ticket to Ladies Night Out and to all who donated their time and talent. Your generous contributions raised $15,000 for our hall!
Affinity Credit Union, Susan Anholt, Cargill Crop Production Services, Chelsea Remmen, Davidson Golf & Country Club, Dee Guy, Fit Chick, Dutch Growers, Prairie Centre Credit Union, Holland Greenhouse, Flaman Sales, FWS, Hoffman Holder Insurance, Tammy Powder Denis Powder, Viterra, Gene Pavelich Photography, Mutt Hutt, Shirley Hartman, Kelly Seib, Lucky Bastard Distillery, Sunset Rose, Millsap Fuels, Watrous New Holland, Prairie Sunset Yoga, Redhead, Richardson Pioneer, Michelle Ringdal, Prairie Centre Credit Union, Riverbend Co-o,p Riverview Golf, Della Siroski, Sally Siroski, Sarah McVeigh Photography, Sagen Transport, TLC Trucking, Symmetree Salon & Esthetics, TwoFifty Two Boutique, Western Sales.

The Blizzard Auction Supper was a huge success! We earned a significant amount of money from the auction, as well as, on the meal towards our recreational facilities. I want to thank all the volunteers that donated their day and night to the meal. Thank you Debbie Oulette for preparing, cooking and monitoring the amazing pork loin. You seasoned and cooked it to perfection!!! Thank you Dee Guy, Patti Hertz, Regan Firby, Lynne Yelich, Melanie Kerpan, Carla Chomyshen and Cindy Stacowhich for washing, cutting and preparing the salads, washing and preparing the potatoes, setting up the serving stations, monitoring the food, cleaning the kitchen and doing anything else that was needed to prepare for the meal.
Thank you RiverBend Co-op for ordering all the food and supplies for us, as well as, giving us a deal on the food so we could make as much profit as possible. Thank you Janelle Englesman for shopping and picking up the supplies I needed from Saskatoon. Thank you Jen Millsap for the delicious buns, as always they were fantastic!!! Thank you Paula Kerpan for getting the donated potatoes from Barrich Farms. Thank you, Tara Rink, Darlene Remmen, Marla Richey and Melanie Kerpan for making the ceaser salad and corn, serving the food, cutting the desserts, getting everything ready for the meal, and staying after to clean up the kitchen! Thank you Allan Kerpan and Ole Remmen for cutting and serving the meat! Thank you Reagan Prpich for organizing the dessert station! The cakes donated from Cindy Menzie's grade 8 class were delicious!!! We were able to make an even larger profit than we anticipated by auctioning and selling them off after supper!!! Thank you Joni Zdunich, Jackie Jewell, Rennee Zdunich and Paula Kerpan for donating amazing desserts to the table!
Thank you to everyone that attended and supported the event! A portion of the proceeds at the door went to the recreational facilities, so it was great to see people out and supporting our community. It takes a lot of people to put on such as successful night, and we are so lucky to have all of these amazing people in our community willing to generously give up their time, use their talents and work together to sustain our fantastic Pool, Rink and Hall!! Next up...LADIES NIGHT!!!!

2017 Thank Yous

Kenaston Community Recreation Board August Long Weekend Extravaganza

On August 6th and 7th, the Kenaston Community Recreation Board together with Cynthia and Brent Guy, as well as Tammy and Denis Powder organized, promoted and volunteered at the annual pancake breakfast, BBQ hamburger lunch, Annual William Holder Memorial Show 'n Shine, Antique and Collectible Flea market, vendor trade show and beer gardens as well as an exciting children's bike parade. It was a huge success and we hope it will only get bigger and better in years to come. The weekend raised close to $10,000 for our recreational facilities. This money will go towards the $70,000 deficit that our facilities cost to operate.

We are very sad to announce that Cynthia and Brent Guy are stepping down after this year however have graciously agreed to help mentor whomever will take over their amazing efforts for next year. Together they ordered, organized, promoted and obtained sponsorship for all of the food for both days. Your hard work, dedication and organization will be greatly missed. We cannot thank you enough for everything. Thank you Denis and Tammy Powder for continuing on with this event and helping us organize it by the Swimming Pool. Your family's generosity and commitment to the community is greatly appreciated.

There are a lot of people to thank for this weekend's success; Riverbend Co-op for all the help purchasing, ordering, sponsoring and organizing the weekend. Florence, you and your staff are AMAZING! Guy Farms for helping set up and take down the tables, chairs and beer garden tent. Our wonderful cooking staff; Cynthia and Brent Guy, Butch and Yvonne Millsap, Dean and Michelle Blenkinsop and Courtney and Johnny Ouellette. Thank you to the DLC and Kenaston School for letting us use the facilities, and to Darren Gasper, Carol and Garth Lewis for helping us during the weekend. So many people helped through donations, volunteerism and promotion of the event; Thank you, Arlo and Dee Guy, Bill and Erna Hannah, Braeden Fowler, Kurt Pavelich, Elizabeth Zdunich, Lannah Betnesky-Matovich, Mackenzie Nizinkevich, Lacey Zdunich, Lori Gasper, Ellen Fischl, Julia Prpich, Steve and Adrienne Prpich, Sonia Howells, Brian Didur, Kevin Mills, Brandan Powder, Ruby Powder, Tim Holder, Matt Yelich, and the Kenaston Swimming Pool board and staff. Thanks to everyone that donated cans and bottles towards our new pool toys fundraiser- your efforts and generosity were greatly appreciated.

We had an amazing amount of sponsorship for the weekend; Thank you, Rob from Ardent Mills for donating the pancake mix for the pancake breakfast, Cervus Peterbilt donated $1500.00 to use towards the BBQ burger lunch, Shirley Sanderson donated the profit from her garage sale and Jon Shultz from Ritchie Bros Auctioneers for $250.00 towards the children's bike parade prizes. Thank you to the following who generously donated; The R. M. of McCraney for $1000.00, Affinity Credit Union for $500.00, Millsap Fuel for $500.00, Silver Bullet Contracting for $500.00, Hoffmann Holder Insurance for $500.00, Hanley RBC for $300.00, Village of Kenaston for $300.00, SaskTel for $250.00, Sagen Transport for $200.00, Brent and Shirley Hartman for $200.00 and Karpan LTD for $100.00.

Thanks to everyone in our community and surrounding communities that supported our event! Make sure to mark your calendars for the Sunday and Monday of the August long weekend next year. If you can help in any way, please contact Tammy Powder or Elaina Guilmette.

Barry Firby Roast

Wow!!!!! Pretty amazing that Barry Firby's retirement roast raised $5,600 for the Kenaston Community Recreation Board! This outstanding donation will go towards the operation and maintenance of the hall, rink and swimming pool. Thank you to Alice Hill for selling drink tickets all night long, Joni Zdunich and Faye McVeigh for sitting at the door, Carman Fowler, Bryan Guilmette, Neal Sanderson, Chase Zdunich and Ivana Yelich for running the bar! Finally and most importantly, thank you to the Firby family for supporting and giving back to this village we call home. You hosted an incredible evening and our community is extremely fortunate to have generous people like you support our recreational facilities.

Blizzards Senior Hockey:

BIG THANK YOU to the Kenaston Blizzards Senior Hockey team for donating $7,500 of their auction earnings to our recreational facilities last night! There was a great energy in the room, and the auction profit significantly exceeded what the executive had hoped to make! Thanks to everyone that helped make the night successful, and to the members of our community who came and supported an incredible event! This event supports the entire hockey season and operation of the rink! The auction and hockey season takes an incredible amount of work, dedication and volunteerism! We are very fortunate to have such a giving and appreciative group of people in our community! Thank you!!!


Thank you to everyone that supported and gave generously to our community's largest fundraiser. We definitely saw more local support this year, which is something we need to continue to maintain and promote. Super Draft is what keeps our recreational facilities operating, and by volunteering, donating and participating in Super Draft, our facilities will continue to thrive. There are so many people that give their time and energy to Super Draft, answering phones, entering data and putting in extremely long and tiring hours, and our community owes you a great deal of appreciation and recognition!!! Thank you to everyone that helps out with Super Draft!

Super Draft Appreciation Night:

This was a FUN night and so many people to thank!!! Adrienne Prpich, Deanne Bleackley and Gloria George for helping take money, bringing supplies and assisting in every way! Barry Firby, Don George and Dallas Pavelich for giving your time and energy to educating and assisting people fill out a Super Draft! Janelle Englesman and Cindy Stacowhich- for helping set up, selling and promoting the 50/50 and Door Prizes, and closing the place down!
Jacob Zdunich, Tony Zdunich and Sheldon Modien for running the bar! Jon Zdunich for stocking the bar! Krista Roy, Joni Zdunich, Amanda Larson, Deanne Bleackley, Gloria George, Joanne Hoffman, Karinne Lewis, Rosemary O'Handley, Stephanie Saundh, Tara Rink, Michelle Ringdal and Kenaston Co-op for the delicious appetizers and snacks!!
Ken Remmen for the $100.00 Donation and Mark Zdunich for the $95.00 Donation.
Brad Hoffmann and ProPrint for printing and donating the Kenaston Blizzards Senior Hockey season passes!!

Prize Winners: 5 Free Pool Passes (made by Glen Pavelich) - Barry Firby
2 9-Hole Golf Passes (donated by Davidson Golf Course) - Dallas Pavelich
2 Blizzard Season Passes (donated by the Kenaston Blizzards)- M.L. Whittles, Logan McVeigh's
Hockey Stick (donated by Logan McVeigh) - Neal Sanderson
$100.00 Liquor Basket (donated by Lynne Yelich) - Reg Zdunich
$300.00 Molson Package (donated by Molson) - Adrienne Prpich
$500.00 50/00 ($300 donated by Affinity Credit Union) - Dallas Pavelich

Kitchen at Auction for Ole Den Antiques

Thank you to Cynthia Guy for organizing a fabulous fundraiser on April 2nd, where the proceeds of $1700.00 will be going to the Kenaston Swimming Pool! Thank you to all those that were involved in making it a HUGE success; Butch and Yvonne Millsap, John and Anne Marie Collins, Dean and Michelle Blenkinsop, Leon and Cindy Tomlenovich and Jen Millsap. Your time, generosity and dedication to the continual operation of our recreational facilities is greatly appreciated!!!!

What a fabulous and successful first Wing Night!

Thank you Jody George, Tara George, Dean Blenkinsop, Michelle Zdunich-Blenkinsop, and Cindy Stacowhich for picking up the wings, and cooking, serving and selling them!! The flavours and variety was amazing for our little community! Everyone commented on how good they were! I honestly think they were the best I've ever had! Thank you Heather Louise Dahms Mills and Kevin Mills for running the bar-the Ceaser bar with spicy beans were a hit! Thank you Jon Zdunich for getting the bar stocked and starting the evening! Thanks to the Hanley group for supporting our event! Finally, thank you to everyone in the community that came and enjoyed the night! Thanks Dean for shutting it down, sorry that my cold got the best of me!

Pancake Breakfast and Family Literacy Party!

We have such a great community! Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in this day!

Elizabeth Zdunich Stephanie Saundh , Samantha Jane Guy , Haley Firby, Brooke Villeneuve, Ruby Powder, Danica Lorer, Melanie Kerpan, Linda Purves, Paula Kerpan, Mike Hertz, Stacey Hertz, Jon Zdunich, Theresa Owen, Butch and Yvonne Millsap, Colleen Sekulich, Ellen Fischl, Sandra Den Dunnen, Andrew Lutz, Nicole Forseille, Mike Menzies, Gina Zdunich, Florence Greke, Crystal Zdunich, Faye McVeigh, Sarah Martin! River bend Coop for donating the pancake mix and syrup and for the staff for getting us all the supplies with a discount!

Beef-On-A-Bun: Thank you to Dean and Michelle Blenkinsop for preparing the delicious beef that I know took all day!!! Your time and generosity to our community is greatly appreciated!!! Also, thank you for all your help cleaning up the next day! Thank you to Heather Mills and Cory Oulette for donating their time preparing, setting up, and serving the baked beans, cabbage salad, broccoli and tortellini salad, onions, pickles and fantastic ice cream bar. Your donation of supplies, food and time was extremely generous!!!!Sorry if I left anyone out! - Elaina

  • Thank you to Andrew Lutz for replacing the damaged front outdoor light fixture at the arena with a new LED yard lamp! Your donation of labor and material is greatly appreciated!
  • The Distance Learning Center raised $49, for the recreational facilities through 2 dress down Friday's!
  • Frank Nizinkevich $100.00 January 2016

  • Tyler Pisiak and the Affinity Credit Union 200.00 January 2016
  • Thank you to everyone that supported the Soup and Chili sale! It was a huge success bringing in $340!!! All proceeds go to the Kenaston Community Recreation Facilities. Thank you Reagan Prpich, Michelle Ringdal, Regan Firby, Brittany Biberdorf, Carolyn Zdunich, Liz Zdunich, Cindy Menzies, Lori Gasper and Jen Millsap for donating the food, your time and energy to a great cause!
    See Davidson Leader Article

March 13, 2018

Go Out and Play - WE did it!!!!! We won the challenge and $10,000!!!!!

Kenaston accumulated 419,764 minutes of physical activity!!! Stockholm came in second with 381, 214 minutes!!!

Thank you to my amazing staff at the DLC, the incredible Kenaston Staff and Students, and everyone else that played a valuable part in this 10-day adventure!! Thank you to all those that don't live in Kenaston and took the time to support our community!! It really will be a fantastic space that everyone and anyone can enjoy!!!! My heart is full- thank you to everyone that supported, promoted and logged minutes!!
Elaina Guilmette

Kenaston Community Recreation Board

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board works hard to raise money for the operational and maintenance costs of Kenaston Place, Kenaston Rink and the Kenaston Swimming Pool. The board also applies for grants and seeks sponsorship to upgrade and repair the facilities. Money that is raised by the board, goes towards paying the costs, of insurance, phone, chemicals, cleaning supplies, water, power, energy, management/janitorial and staff wages, as well as, unforeseen repairs to plumbing, electrical and infrastructure to the hall, rink and pool. Grants and sponsorship do not cover the operational and maintenance costs of the facilities, so fundraisers have to be held to cover these costs In the past, Kenaston community people volunteered with the Kenaston Superdraft so the money raised could cover the cost of the facilities operations. Over time, people have moved away from volunteering with busy lives which makes it challenging when the three facilities deficits cost close to $70,000 a year to operate and less revenue available from the SuperDraft over the last few years. There is a board for every facility which works to find ways to make their facility as self-sufficient as possible through grants, fundraisers and innovative projects. If we want these facilities to be around for our children and grandchildren, we need to work together and help these boards to raise money as community members like other rural communities around us. We are an extremely fortunate community to have a hall, pool and rink for our residents to enjoy. If you are interested in sponsoring an event or donating to the Kenaston Community Recreation Board, we will provide a tax receipt!

Huge thank you to Carman Fowler who volunteers countless hours as our treasurer and secretary for all three facilities. It is a time consuming position that she does for our community and recreational facilities.

Kenaston Pool
Photo by Lannah B. Photography

Kenaston Community Recreation Board

Our annual pancake breakfast and flea market will take place on August 6th and 7th in Kenaston, Saskatchewan. We have a fun filled weekend planned with a parade to showcase the annual Show and Shine Car Show. Pancake breakfast, BBQ lunch, flea market, trade show, antiquesand baking tables highlight some of the this years activities.

Our communities' goal is to raise enough money to help operate and maintain the local recreation facilities in Kenaston. Every year our hockey rink, swimming pool,and community hall run a major deficit. Fundraisers such as this help keep our facilities operating so that children and adults can enjoy recreation and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

By generously donating to this event you will be supporting the Kenaston Community Recreation Board. Our board encourages healthy and active living in people of all ages. We ask that you will consider a sponsorship donation to the event. Your donation will be recognized on our website, community newsletter and on a sign in our local recreational facilities. Bronze Sponsorship: $100.00 and up, Silver Sponsorship: $300.00 and up, Gold Sponsorship: $500.00 and up and Platinum Sponsorship: $1000.00 and up.

We hope that we can count on your support! If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at elaina.yelich@gmail.com or phone 306-222-7856. Thank you for your support to this fabulous event!!

Elaina Guilmette Chair of The Kenaston Community Recreation Board

Flea Market and Trade Show August 6th and 7th, 2017

We have a fabulous weekend planned of shopping, swimming, and enjoying the summer weather! All proceeds will go to operating and maintaining the recreational facilities! The Kenaston Community Recreation Board will have a table with baking, canning and any other donations with all proceeds going to the rink, pool and hall.

If you are able to donate to the table it would be greatly appreciated! Also, we are looking for volunteers to help set up/clean-up, sit at the gate, assist with the bike parade and kids area, and bartend the beer gardens. If you can assist in any way, we would really appreciate the help!!!!

Also, if you know of any companies or corporations that would want to donate or sponsor this event please let us know, and we will contact them! Thank you!!! Elaina Guilmette, Tammy Powder, Cynthia Guy

Thank you Millsap Fuels and Affinity Credit Union for the generous donation to the Blizzard Hockey club!!! Kenaston is so fortunate to have you continual support and sponsorship!!!

We have captured and saved all the wonderful
comments and images about the Kenaton Pool posted so far
on the Heinz-Craft Project Challenge
See them here

Fund-raising events (so far for 2016):

  • January 24th - Family Day at the Rink, sponsored by the Coop
    Tuesday January 26th - Homemade soup and bun sale
  • Saturday February 27th - Beef on the Bun and Senior Hockey Provincial Game
  • March 1-10th - Go Out and Play Challenge for 10,000
  • March 6th - 10-2 - Pancake Breakfast/Literacy Day Sunday
  • Thursday March 24th - Wing Night - In the Senior Lounge at the Rink
  • Saturday April 9th 6:30-10pm - Super Draft Appreciation Night
  • April 16th - Blizzard Auction
  • April 30th - Ladies Night Saturday
  • May/June - Heinz-Craft Project
  • October 22nd - Harvest Wind-up
  • December - Christmas Gala

Kenaston Community Recreation Board:

  • Chair: Elaina Guilmette - 306-252-2791
    Email: recreation@kenaston.ca
  • Co-Chair: Neal Sanderson - 306-252-2032
  • Treasurer/Secretary, Carman Fowler - 306-252-2211

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board Needs Your Help!!

This community needs to look at raising a minimum of $100,000 a year just to keep these facilities standing, and this number does not include any unexpected repairs or upgrades. As a community, we have to start looking at the money that comes from the Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft as an incredible BONUS rather than a reliance. See Full Rec Newsletter PDF


Please Promote and Purchase a Super Draft Entry to support the continued operation of the Swimming Pool, Rink and Kenaston Place

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board exists as an umbrella organization and defers programming decisions of the facilities to specific boards. The facility boards include the Kenaston Swimming Pool, Kenaston Rink and Kenaston Place. These boards are made up of volunteers that give of their time and energy to each of the three facility boards to maintain, repair, fundraise and operate.

We have been extremely fortunate to have The Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft provide funding for these 3 facilities. In 2015 the Kenaston Lions Club provided $85,263.00. The reality is that we may not have the generous funding that we have always had from these 2 valued organizations. This year, Super Draft saw a decline in entries for the regular season draft. Reflecting a smaller revenue amount. It has also been noted that there are fewer participants from Kenaston and surrounding R.M.'s.

Super Draft donates the money they raise to keep our facilities functioning. We need everyone in town to purchase, promote, sell and work both the Regular and spring playoff season. Our community has become complacent with purchasing drafts and this needs to change if we want to maintain having a pool, rink and hall. With less revenue from Super Draft, we need to start planning for the future, and come together as a community to organize major fundraisers that will help sustain these facilities for our future generations.

Current recreational activities that the community of Kenaston offers: Senior Hockey, 6 & Under Hockey, Novice/Atom (w/ Loreburn), Yoga, Dance, Soccer, Moms & Tots, Christmas Lights, Adult Rec Volleyball, Adult Rec Basketball, Pilates, Ladies Night Out, Harvest Wind-Up, Pancake Breakfast, Swimming Lessons, Aqua-cise, Public Swimming, Play Day, s Trade Show, Soup and Chili sales, Learn to Skate, Public Skating, Family Skate.