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Kenaston Recreation and Sports

Recreation in Kenaston

Six and Under 2017

Thank you Millsap Fuels and Affinity Credit Union for the generous donation to the Blizzard Hockey club!!! Kenaston is so fortunate to have you continual support and sponsorship!!!

Six and Under 2017

We have captured and saved all the wonderful
comments and images about the Kenaton Pool posted so far
on the Heinz-Craft Project Challenge
See them here

Fund-raising events (so far for 2016):

  • January 24th - Family Day at the Rink, sponsored by the Coop
    Tuesday January 26th - Homemade soup and bun sale
  • Saturday February 27th - Beef on the Bun and Senior Hockey Provincial Game
  • March 1-10th - Go Out and Play Challenge for 10,000
  • March 6th - 10-2 - Pancake Breakfast/Literacy Day Sunday
  • Thursday March 24th - Wing Night - In the Senior Lounge at the Rink
  • Saturday April 9th 6:30-10pm - Super Draft Appreciation Night
  • April 16th - Blizzard Auction
  • April 30th - Ladies Night Saturday
  • May/June - Heinz-Craft Project
  • October 22nd - Harvest Wind-up
  • December - Christmas Gala

Kenaston Community Recreation Board:

  • Chair: Elaina Guilmette - 306-252-2791
    Email: recreation@kenaston.ca
  • Co-Chair: Neal Sanderson - 306-252-2032
  • Treasurer/Secretary, Carman Fowler - 306-252-2211

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board Needs Your Help!!

This community needs to look at raising a minimum of $100,000 a year just to keep these facilities standing, and this number does not include any unexpected repairs or upgrades. As a community, we have to start looking at the money that comes from the Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft as an incredible BONUS rather than a reliance. See Full Rec Newsletter PDF


Please Promote and Purchase a Super Draft Entry to support the continued operation of the Swimming Pool, Rink and Kenaston Place

The Kenaston Community Recreation Board exists as an umbrella organization and defers programming decisions of the facilities to specific boards. The facility boards include the Kenaston Swimming Pool, Kenaston Rink and Kenaston Place. These boards are made up of volunteers that give of their time and energy to each of the three facility boards to maintain, repair, fundraise and operate.

We have been extremely fortunate to have The Kenaston Lions and Kenaston Super Draft provide funding for these 3 facilities. In 2015 the Kenaston Lions Club provided $85,263.00. The reality is that we may not have the generous funding that we have always had from these 2 valued organizations. This year, Super Draft saw a decline in entries for the regular season draft. Reflecting a smaller revenue amount. It has also been noted that there are fewer participants from Kenaston and surrounding R.M.'s.

Super Draft donates the money they raise to keep our facilities functioning. We need everyone in town to purchase, promote, sell and work both the Regular and spring playoff season. Our community has become complacent with purchasing drafts and this needs to change if we want to maintain having a pool, rink and hall. With less revenue from Super Draft, we need to start planning for the future, and come together as a community to organize major fundraisers that will help sustain these facilities for our future generations.

Current recreational activities that the community of Kenaston offers: Senior Hockey, 6 & Under Hockey, Novice/Atom (w/ Loreburn), Yoga, Dance, Soccer, Moms & Tots, Christmas Lights, Adult Rec Volleyball, Adult Rec Basketball, Pilates, Ladies Night Out, Harvest Wind-Up, Pancake Breakfast, Swimming Lessons, Aqua-cise, Public Swimming, Play Day, s Trade Show, Soup and Chili sales, Learn to Skate, Public Skating, Family Skate.

Change Rooms Renovation

Thanks to Bryan Guilmette, Jen Millsap, Dean Blenkinsop, Jon Zdunich, Butch Millsap, and Lori Gasper for volunteering their time to painting the Kenaston Rink change rooms, entrance, and walls. They were in rough shape, so thank you for taking the initiative, and time to keep our rec facilities looking the best they can!

Christmas Gala

Thanks to everyone that attended, supported, bought tickets, donated, volunteered and sponsored the event!!! So many fabulous people and businesses to thank!! Heather Louise Dahms Mills, Reagan Cline-Prpich, Vickie Holder, Theresa Owen, Jen Millsap, Rachel Kroeger, Chance Kroeger, Bryan Guilmette, Lori Gasper, Marla Richey, Joni Westman Zdunich, Reg Zdunich, Elizabeth Zdunich, Tara Rink, Tara George, Michelle Ringdal, Cindy Menzies, Sue Mills, Gene Pavelich, Brayden Fowler, Carman Fowler, Julia Martin, Julie Lowdermilk, Leah Pople, Janelle Englesman, Josh Kerpan, Cory Oulette, Carla Chomyshen, Amanda Larson, Lannah Betnesky-Matovich, Florence Greke, Ivana Yelich, Dean Blenkinsop and Deanna Modien!!! Thank you Arlo and Dee Guy, Hoffman and Holder Insurance, FWS, Avon Shirley Hartman, Kenaston Co-op, Kenaston Super Draft, Lutz Electric, and MP Tom Lukiwski for sponsoring the 2016 Christmas Gala! Thank you to the kids at Kenaston School for setting up the chairs and tables! Numerous amazing donations were made to the auction from generous and talented community members! These donations raised a significant amount of profit from generous bidders! Sally Siroski donated 3 amazing cakes, which each went for $150.00, a steak supper for $300.00, and a baking tray for $110! She definitely brought in the most money for our silent auction! All the profit from the evening will go towards the maintenance and operation of the pool, rink and hall.


What a great success. Thank you to all the vendors and everyone who came to the supper to support Kenaston Parks and Rec. Thank you to the Kenaston Small Businesses and residents that purchased Co-op gift cards to help purchase the turkeys, hams and other groceries. A big thank you to the wonderful residents that donated buns, salads, potatoes, pickles and the delicious desserts. You made the meal very special with your generous homemade donations. A very special thank you to everyone that helped set up, cook the meal, carve turkeys, and clean up. A event can not happen without people like all of you and I truly thank you for all your help.

Michelle Zdunich-Blenkinsop Michelle Blenkinsop, Michelle Ringdal, Joni Westman Zdunich, Elaina Guilmette, Janelle Englesman, Dean Blenkinsop, Cindy Tomlenovich, Leon Tomlenovich, Tim Holder, Bonetta Sorensen Beck, Ivana Yelich, Mackenzie Beck, Theresa Owen, Raleen Cline-Bowles, Joan Tait-Cline, Cindy Menzies, Crystal Zdunich. Could not have done the day without you guys. Thank you again!! Thank yous.