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Village of Kenaston Bylaws

Bylaws: (Viewable at Village Office)

  • Animal Control Bylaw - 4/11
    The Village of Kenaston has a dangerous dog bylaw in effect. Please contact the village office for more information on both dog and cat licenses.
  • ATV Bylaw - 7/01
  • Business Bylaw - 4/95
  • Building Bylaw - 1/12
  • Burning Bylaw - 4/93
  • Snowmobile Bylaw - 12/91
  • Tax Discounts Bylaw - 6/12
  • Traffic Bylaw - 4/12
  • Traffic Bylaw Update - 5/12
  • Nuisance Bylaw - 3/11
  • Protective Services Cost Recovery Bylaw - 4/13
  • Zoning Bylaw


  • ATV Bylaw: A reminder to all residents that the Village of Kenaston has an ATV Bylaw which requires any person operating an ATV to have auto insurance and must comply with the ATV Act and the Highway Traffic Act. These acts include the requirement of a helmet and a driver's license to operate a vehicle on public roadway. The ATV Bylaw also states that no person shall operate an ATV on private land without permission from the owner. If anyone would like more information, please contact the Village office.

  • The Village of Kenaston has an Animal Bylaw. This bylaw requires animals to be licensed annually. It also stipulates that owners clean up after their animals. The Village office has received complaints regarding pet feces being left on public property. Please respect the property of the Village and other residents.
  • Dog and Cat License Fees are now due for 2017.
    Contact - Village Office and see The Animal Control Bylaw which states licensing fees and information.
  • Please also be reminded that all dogs are required to be leashed at all times.
  • Village Notice: Please have your trees & grass trimmed on a regular basis this summer. The Village has a nuisance bylaw for anyone who does not comply with volunteer maintenance to their yards. The bylaw is found on the website.
  • Building Permits are required for any structural construction, alteration, repair, renovation, placement or reconstruction of a building larger than 100 square feet or a deck. If a building is going to be removed, demolished or removed from one location and moved to another location, a demolition or removal permit is required. If you have any concerns whether a permit is required, please contact the village office at 306-252-2211.