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Waterworks Reports

Public Drinking Water Advisory
and Boiled Water Information:

Bylaws Officer.

The Village of Kenaston has bylaws in place to maintain the integrity, onus of liability, and structure within the Village. Examples of these Bylaws include the Animal Bylaw (licensing your pet), the Building Bylaw (Building Inspector), the Water and Sewer Bylaw (payment of water & sewer), the Nuisance Bylaw (which includes yard maintenance) and the ATV Bylaw (helmet use/rules of the road).

Village Council has discussed hiring a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to enforce the bylaws of the Village. A Bylaw Enforcement Officer would contact residents regarding non-compliance to our bylaws and issue the fines accordingly. The Village Council would prefer that residents voluntarily follow the bylaws, but will review this option at the next couple of council meetings and make a decision in the future.


The Village has been experiencing an increase buildup of grease in our lift station located at 1st Street and Central Avenue. Please refrain from disposing of any grease or oil in your sewer drains. This build up causes the lift station to malfunction and can result in sewer backup for some residents.

The red garbage bins located at businesses and the recreation facilities are not for resident use as they are paid for by those individuals. These bins are unlocked to be dumped on garbage day and people have decided to use for their personal use. If anyone has noticed or notice people in the future using these bins that are not authorized, please contact the village office at 252-2211.

Dog and Cat License Fees

*All DOGS and CATS within the Village of Kenaston are required to be licensed with the Village of Kenaston office. All dogs are required to be leashed on public property and feces cleaned up after them. Our Animal Bylaw is posted on kenaston.ca or you can contact the office for a copy.

Please obtain an $8.00 per animal license at the Village office as soon as possible. Payment can be made at the Affinity Credit Union or by etransfer to kenaston@sasktel.net with description of the animal to be licensed.*

Contact - Village Office.

See The Animal Control under bylaws which states licensing fees and information.

The Village of Kenaston has a dangerous dog bylaw in effect. Please contact the village office for more information

West Nile Virus - 2014

Positive Mosquitoes now Circulating in the Province - See PDF

Vehicles, Campers, Boats, Trailers

The Village Office would like to remind residents that alleys should remain free of
vehicles, campers, boats, trailers etc. for utility company vehicles and emergency vehicle access.  These service people require access to alleys and are unable to contact owners of these items in an emergency case.  Utility companies also often trim trees in the alleys to access their services.  A note to owners of trees that hang in the back alley, they may not trim them the way you may want them. Please keep them trimmed the way you would like them.  Please respect the requirements of the utility and emergency service representatives. 
Carman Fowler - Administrator

Tick News

Tick News Release - June 2011. The Ministry of Health is currently seeking a number of motivated, professional individuals to fill several important public representative positions on health professional councils in Saskatchewan


Change in Recycling

Due to changes in the recycling program Loraas is no longer accepting plastic film products. Plastic film includes: plastic grocery bags, ziploc bags, saran wrap, plastic garbage bags, bread bags or bubble wrap. There is one exception: all shredded paper must be in a plastic bag and tied. No glass is accepted in recycle bins outside the city of Saskatoon.

Door to Door

If residents have someone come to their door selling their products, please ask them if they have purchased a business license at the village office.  This will weed out the bad salesman that are not permitted to sell in the Village of Kenaston. 


There is a company that goes by the name of Modern Water Solutions or Natural Visions that has visited residents in the Village of Kenaston.  This company has told the homeowners that after testing the water that it does not meet government regulations, and they closed the residents water valve which slowed down the flow of the water to their home having them believe they had no water pressure.

I was given the numbers of the test they performed and they all are well below the government regulations.  We have our water tested every two years for water quality and every week for E.coli and coliform.  We have never failed a test that would provide poor quality of water to our residents.  If you have someone or a company that gives you information of concern, please contact the office for clarification of the information you have received from them.

Foreman: The Village of Kenaston would like to introduce Jamie Young as the foreman for the village.  You may have seen him out around town.  Please contact the office for any information as an alternative to Jamie as he is learning many new things with the village and isn’t aware of all the current procedures at this time.  Thank you.

Village Snow Removal: Please refrain from pushing snow from your property onto the village streets. When there is an abundance of snow adding piles to what the staff needs to move makes their job bigger and prevents them from getting the village done efficiently. Thank you.

Tree Trimming: Please have your trees & grass trimmed on a regular basis this summer. The Village has a nuisance bylaw for anyone who does not comply with volunteer maintenance to their yards. The bylaw is found on the website.

A reminder to everyone in the village to provide an email address or cell phone number to the village office for an emergency contact regarding water or sewer disturbances. If a boil water advisory is issued it is faster to contact people with a mass email or text as we want to ensure everyone is contacted in these cases.

Answer to a question that arose at the January 2015 Village Meeting:

Information Regarding Sending RO Waste Water to Nearby Creek

The issue here is that RO systems concentrate all of the contaminants from the source water into a much smaller volume. In some cases you can end up with over 3 times the concentration of contaminants in the wastewater as there was in the raw water. When you send this wastewater to the sewer system and out to a lagoon, the water blends back together with the high quality treated drinking water and you basically end up with similar contaminant concentration as you would have in the raw water (I'm talking about things like uranium here that wouldn't normally be found in sewage). What we don't want is a very concentrated stream of wastewater being discharged directly to the environment. In a lot of cases, depending on the raw water, the wastewater from an RO plant will have contaminants in concentrations above our Surface Water Quality Objectives.

You could treat the wastewater stream before discharge, however at this point, we would expect the village to hire an engineer to perform a Downstream Use and Impact Study to evaluate the users and uses downstream from the proposed discharge to evaluate what effluent limits would need to be met to protect those downstream users/uses. It's likely that the waste stream would require expensive treatment since it will likely be high in TDS and other contaminants such as uranium. Also, since this is going to a creek, there may need to be First Nations consultation if there could be an impact to treaty rights.

So, it is possible to treat the RO wastewater and discharge it to a creek, but it is definitely simpler to send it to the wastewater system and likely less expensive in the long run.

Gary Papic
Senior Environmental Project Officer,
Environmental and Municipal Management Services Division
Water Security Agency

Department of Highways

Planning a "food" event? 

All public events must be licensed by the Health District. 
Information and application forms are posted to be downloaded for your use.

Highway #15 Junction

Kenaston highway junction will stay unchanged for now - Davidson Leader Article

Disposal of CFL Light Bulbs

CFL Bulb Disposal

The amount of mercury in one bulb is enough to contaminate up to 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe drinking levels. These bulbs need to be disposed of very carefully, and in most cases this means the inconvenience of taking them to a recycling center.

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