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Village Residential Services

  • Meeting Facilities - See Kenaston Place
  • High Speed Internet
  • Cable Television

  • Water & Sewage Rates:
    Water $135.00 for 3 months for 60 m3 and 0.30 for each cubic meter after that.
    Sewer $66.00 for 3 months
    Waste $57.00 for 3 months.
    Total of $86.00 per month.

  • Garbage Pickup: Monday AM. - Alternating weeks.
    $19.00 per month.
  • Loraas Recycling Pickup - Monday AM - Alternate weeks
  • Red Loraas Bulk Disposal Bins located beside the Water Treatment Plant
    • Usage: $5.00 per use.
    • ½ bin $17.50
    • Full bin $35.00
    • These bins are for village taxpayers
  • RM Loraas Bins: Located beside the RM Facility across from Kenaston Place. These bins are for RM rate payers only.
  • Dump: Large Loraas bin for oversized items.

The Village of Kenaston Dump

  • The Village of Kenaston Dump
    Dump Hours for May, June, July and August 2019 will be every Wednesday 4pm-7pm and Saturday 1pm - 4pm

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 306-252-2211 during regular business hours.

    • $10.00 per use
    • or $25.00 per truckload.
    • There is no longer an option to pick up a key at the office.
  • Note: The Village nuisance ground is available for village residents to use for trees and leaves and any metal items at no cost. The red bin is used for any other items at a cost of $25.00 per truck load. People will be invoiced after they have used the bin.
  • SARCAN RECYCLING 306-567-4708



Blue Bin

Loraas Disposal Pick Up
Schedule for 2019

  • Recycle pick-up will be alternate weeks
    to regular garbage pick-up.



Prohibited Garbage Dumping

Garbage bags have been left in front of the Kenaston Arena garbage bin. THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC GARBAGE. It is for rink use only as the Kenaston Community Recreation Board pays for the use of the bin.

If anyone is noticed dumping garbage by this bin, they may be fined by the RCMP for littering.

  • The blue and red bins by the school and pool are for the school and pool only as they pay for the usage of them.
  • The red bin at rink is used by the campground in summer and the rink in winter only.
  • Several businesses have their own designated bins and they pay for the usage of them. Two are located between the hall and hotel, one at the cafe, one at PetroCanada and one at school, etc.
  • Residents are not permitted to use these privately rented bins and should understand that there is a cost incurred by the businesses who rent them every time they are dumped.
  • These private bins are usually locked. Do not leave your disposal items beside them. When this occurs the Village has to have the items hauled to the dump and must pay the fee. Abuse of these regulations will not be tolerated.
Improper use of Bins

An example of improper disposal.

These items were left beside the Dump Loraas Bin. The owners should have paid the disposal fee to Village Office.