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April / May 2013

Dinner Theatre

2013 Kenaston Dinner Theatre
April 12 & 13

Remaining Tickets available at
4C’s Confectionary
$30.00 per person.
There are about 10 tables remaining on Friday night.
Friday & Saturday Cocktails 6pm, Dinner @ 7pm

Wrestling fans are thrilled when local boy Wynn Fairly wins the regional tournament and is set to compete for the state title.
Our cast: Ryley Enns, Kent Anholt, Sue Mills, Stefanie Kerpan, Jenna Zdunich, Nancy Carlson, Brittany Carlson, Julie Lowdermilk, Lorne Anholt,  Kelsey Enns,  Amy Lafontaine,  Linda Purves,  Rosemary O'Handley, Aaron Biberdorf, Don George & Kate Zdunich.
The 2013 Dinner Theatre is chaired by Melanie Kerpan and
Rosemary O’Handley is coordinating volunteers.

Hall Committee:

 The Kenaston Place Committee consists of a team of hard-working volunteers.  Evelyn Mills, Jeanette Holder, Gus Millsap, and Marlene Millsap have served on the committee since Kenaston Place was opened in 1996 and continue to provide some insight for the newer members:  Heather Jewell, Cory Ouellette, Gene Pavelich, Eileen Zdunich, Rosemary O’Handley, Deanne Bleackley, Gene Whitehead, Anna Whitehead, Don George and Tammy Owen.

Dinner Theatre has been an ongoing source of funds for the maintenance of Kenaston Place, but after 17 years in operation, some major upgrades were needed. We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Western Economic Diversification Development Fund and with the belief that we could raise the required half of the costs over the next few years, we were able to have the interior of Kenaston Place painted and new carpeting installed. 

The project is now completed and we would like to acknowledge the Kenaston School grade 11/12 Phys Ed class who helped put everything back in place.  With the goal of raising funds the committee held a successful Harvest Wind-Up last October, featuring Metro (the late Les Pavelick) and Freddie and Sheila Pelletier.  Another fundraiser is planned for October 26 with entertainment by Brad Johner and the Johner Boys. Another goal of the committee is to have Kenaston Place utilized more effectively as a central meeting location for provincial organizations. Permanent WiFi is now available and we are looking at the installation of an overhead projector.  The committee is also in the process of designing a brochure to promote the facility.  Rosemary O’Handley

School of Dance:

Our dancers are going to two dance competitions this year— Aberdeen (held in Saskatoon) on April 5th-7th, and Watrous on April 19-21 at Winston High School. Our recital this year is April 28. The intended time is 3pm but we may have to bump this up.  Watch for posters around town. Bonetta Beck

Kenaston School SCC AGM. 

Monday April 22 @ 7pm. Elections will be taking place for new members, so if you are interested in joining the SCC (School Committee Council) please come to this meeting. Any adult who resides in the Kenaston School attendance area is eligible. The SCC consists of Principal, Teacher(s), parents and community members. Meetings are held once a month to discuss and plan items such as activities, functions, school trips, etc. and to receive updates from our principal on the Distant Learning Centre and other areas of our school.

Library News

  • Winner of Children’s Easter Bunny Draw is Brady Menzies.
  • Patrons who have not picked up & paid for their 2013 community calendars, please do so. Thanks to all who support this Library fundraiser.
  • Wheatland Branch Annual General Meeting
    10:00 am. Wednesday April 3rd, 2013

Kenaston March Seniors News

  • 55 Alive, a refresher course for drivers, was held on
    February 28.  16 people attended the course and received certificates for their participation.
  • Several members of the Kenaston Seniors attended the Winter Games at Young and Davidson. 
  • A Kaiser Tournament was held at the Centre on March 27.
  • On March 28, Agatha Rupcich, Colleen Sekulich and
    Jeanette Holder helped out at Kenaston School with
    students while they decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs. 
  • The Seniors’ Walkaton takes place from April 1 to May 15.  Members are asked to fill in physical activities participation sheets during this time.
  • The Annual Meeting will be held on April 16 at 4:30 p.m. followed by a pot luck  supper.

Don’t just hang a poster.

If you have an event be sure to contact Glen or Susan to have your event posted on the Kenaston website and community calendar.  Our website is used by a wide sector of the community who also use kenaston.ca as their default browser page.  Therefore this and the Kenaston FB page are main communication tools and we invite you to take advantage of them. You can always find contact info from the contact page tab at www.kenaston.ca


Crossroads Distribution:


Our growing list of email addresses helps us reach more of the rural and village residents who do not receive the newsletter.  We are hoping to continue with this expanded email list so the Crossroads and other important notices can be sent to more homes over the internet. Those not on our list can send their email address to Glen at gene.glen@sasktel.net

Contributing to the Crossroads:

As space allows and content deemed appropriate, community members are welcomed and encouraged to contribute information or suggestions for articles to the Crossroads. Send your suggestion and contributions to Glen: 252-2711. Issue are published every 2 months. To sponsor ($60) or co-sponsor ($30) an issue contact Susan Anholt: 252-2769

Lynn Yelich
A Kenaston Crossroads supporter
1-800-263-6071, or 252-6100


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Kenaston Korner
Village Updates

Kenaston Place

The end of March!  Spring has sprung!  Soon our world will be green and full of color.  A BIG shout out to all those who participated in keeping our roads as clear as they have been this winter.  Good job and I am sure appreciated by all.

Over the past few weeks, Administration and council have been taking a close look at how better to serve you with an eye to finding efficiencies and cost savings.  Our last Village meeting showed where our village budget stands.  Service fees for garbage pickup, recycle etc is costing the Village an extra $10,000 over and above what residents are paying for now.  After discussions with Lorras, you will start noticing a few changes.  One of these changes is that if you are sharing a bin, you will be receiving your own in the next few weeks.  The garbage fee will increase from $9.00/month to $12.00/month.  With this and the other changes we hope to reduce our deficit substantially.

Saskatchewan adopts the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) by regulation under provisions of The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act (the UBAS Act) with few amendments as the minimum standard for building and accessibility. The NBC establishes provisions to address the following four core objectives.

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities
  • Fire and structural protection of buildings.

Kenaston's Building Bylaw can be found on our website http://www.kenaston.ca/pages/council.htm or by attending at the office where a copy will be made available to you.  Any new building, home renovations, garages, etc. need to following this Bylaw, starting with obtaining a Building Permit from the Administrator and following the prescribed procedure.

I will close with a reminder that Council meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m.  If you wish to bring up any issues to us, please request a spot on the agenda through Carman at least a week in advance of the meeting.  If you want to just come observe, the meetings are open.

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor


Snow shovel

Special Thank youPat Pavelich would like to thank Leon Tomlenovich, Bill Humilowich an Michael Pavelich for digging her out after the storm and for pulling out her car.  Other residents join in this thank-you in appreciation for the community kindness.

School News:

  • kidsFriday, March 29 - Sunday, April 7 - Easter Break No Classes
  • Friday, April 26 - World Class Tour to Medievil Times
  • Friday, May 17 - No Classes - Professional Development Day.
  • Monday, May 20 - Victoria Day Holiday

Kodiacs Provincial Champions

Hoopla:  Kenaston Kodiaks win Gold and take the Provincial Championship.

On March 22nd and 23rd the Kenaston Kodiaks Sr. Girls Basketball team were playing at Hoopla in Saskatoon - the Provincial Championships for High Schools. The Kodiaks went in as the #2 ranked team in the 1A category. On Friday, they matched up with the #3 ranked Lake Lenore Lancers, who they had played twice this season, splitting both of the games which were one point differences. The game was very tight again and the score was tied at the end of each of the first 3 quarters. Going into the last 2 minutes of the game, the Kodiaks were down by four but grade 10 point guard Eve Ulmer sank a crucial three-pointer to bring it to within one. The Kodiaks had a stop on defense and then Ulmer was fouled on their next offensive possession. She calmly sank both free throws to put Kenaston in the lead by one. Lake Lenore had one more opportunity to score but a late try was swatted away by Maria Matovich to secure the win. The top scorer for the Kodiaks was grade 12 player, Shae-Lynn Evans with 17 points.

In the final on Saturday, Kenaston faced the Middle Lake Avengers who had also scored a close victory in their semi-final. It was a very full and loud gym for this matchup. The Kodiaks played tough defense all game and Middle Lake had trouble scoring or maintaining any offensive momentum. The Kodiaks controlled most of the game and led for almost the entire contest. They were led by grade 11 post player Maria Matovich with 20 points and grade 8 wing, Ann Ulmer with 15. As the final buzzer sounded and the cheers heightened, the Kenaston Kodiaks had secured their 4th Provincial title with a 51-38 victory. This is the school’s first basketball Championship since 1999. Phil Guebert


Every now and again some catastrophic event occurs and we are reminded that life is fragile and we live on borrowed time.  In the blink of an eye life as we know it can change, and change perhaps forever.  A violent accident or a debilitating illness can suddenly leave us incapable of looking after our personal affairs.  It can leave our families and loved ones in a serious and onerous position of having to navigate legal hoops in order to appoint someone as your personal and property guardian.  The person who ends up making decisions on your behalf may not be the person you would necessarily appoint if you had a voice.  Under some circumstances, it could even be the government that is appointed to look after your interests. .A Power of Attorney is a document in which you appoint someone to look after your affairs should you become unable to.  With a Power of Attorney that person (or persons) you named can pay your bills, do any banking or financial transactions on your behalf, and can even sell any property you own if required to look after your needs. 

A Health Directive (often called a Living Will) is a document advising as to your health wishes and appoints the person/or persons who/whom you wish to speak on your behalf should you become incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself.  Whether you are single, married, common-law, old or young – please give this some thought and make sure your affairs are in order.

2013 - Dinner Theatre Production - April 12th and 13th
Wynn Fairly Champeen Rassler!!

Wrestling fans are thrilled when local boy Wynn Fairly (Ryley Enns) wins the regional tournament and is set to compete for the state title. Little do they know that Wynn's opponent, Rowdy Ruthless (Kent Anholt), has an unscrupulous, greedy manager, Tara Boneaparte (Sue Mills). She'll stop at nothing to ensure her wrestler's victory! Tara's plan is to have Rowdy's seductive sister, Evileen (Stefanie Kerpan), entice Wynn so that he falls head over heels for her (figuratively speaking, of course!) and loses his focus on the big match. Tara's plan gets knocked for a loop when Wynn meets and falls in love with Doe Ramey (Jenna Zdunich), a jingle singer at Cityville's all-girl radio station (Nancy Carlson, Brittany Carlson, Julie Lowdermilk). In desperation, Tara and her crooked cohorts kidnap the innocent Doe. To save her, Wynn must lose the championship! Set in the roaring 20s, Billy St. John has a ring full of wacky characters: manager Jim Locker (Lorne Anholt), referee Squinty Peepers (Kelsey Enns), timekeeper Belle Boynker (Amy Lafontaine), radio station owner Hedda Fuller-Eyre (Linda Purves) and indecisive Mayor Mae Bea Knott (Rosemary O'Handley). As if that's not enough, there are also mortician Mort Ripley (Aaron Biberdorf) , banker Buck N. Vestor (Don George), lovesick Bertha de Blooze (Kate Zdunich) and a special guest appearance. Who could it be? Don't miss the action!